Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've never read a paranormal let alone a werewolf book but after reading Come Moonrise I realized what I've been missing or maybe it's that because Lucy Monroe is an auto-buy for me, I loved it! Loved it doesn't describe this decadent story. This book is part of UNLEASHED, a paranormal anthology and Lucy's first contemporary werewolf story. This book takes passion to a higher level and Ty and Frankie's journey to finding love and understanding.

I found this book to be interesting as the reader learns about werewolf's, fernwolfs, the "laws of the pack", and just what mating means to a wolf, that once they mate, they mate for life and marriage must occur.

Ty and Frankie have been friends since she was twelve. There is a scene when Frankie was younger at the fishing hole and is crying, missing her parents who had perished. A wolf comes to her and licks her tears away. The wolf reminds her of her bestfriend Ty and the love of her life. Frankie has loved Ty for years and returns home to put an end to this torture by trying to find out if they have a chance. She forces the issue, but due to pack laws Ty wants to be with one of his own and tries to push Frankie away. They get stranded, she forces the issue by seducing him and let me just say their passion is so strong and forceful it will just plain take your breath away. It's their journey to finding love and is one you will long remember. I congratulate Lucy Monroe as she has again written a very powerful story with Come Moonrise.

Book Description

Ty MacAnlup has seen the tragedy that a mating between a werewolf and a human can bring and he wants no part of it, no matter how much his body and heart ache for a taste of Frankie's softness. Frankie has loved Ty for years and while she doesn't know he's a werewolf, or even that such things exist...she does know that to her, he's always been more than a mere man. Ty's hidden beast wreaks havoc with his determination to stay away from Frankie when they are trapped together in a small cabin in the snow bound wilderness

Come Moonrise
Berkley Tradesize
ISBN 0425212114 ~
December 2006

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