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All I can say is that author, Annie West has a brilliant career ahead of her if A Mistress for the Taking is any indication. This is Marina and Ronan's story set in beautiful Australia and full of passion, I guarantee!

Marina has taken care of her family for most of her life. Over the past year she and her father were in an accident, one in which she injures her leg and her father dies. This leaves Marina and her brother to run the family business in which her brother makes very bad choices and they stand to loose it because he gambled it away. Marina confronts the ruthless Mr. Wakefield, the man who has stolen it only to be embarrassed at a cocktail party attended by the rich and famous.

However, she is rescued by the tall, dark and very mysterious Ronan. Ronan has a plan, a plan to help Marina and gain revenge on the man who has brought pain to one of his family. He is also very drawn and attracted to Marina and talks her into portraying his mistress. However, the tables are turned on both Marina and Ronan as neither of them counts on their own attraction for each other.

Their journey in finding each other and love will absolutely take your breath away. Congratulations to Ms. Annie west on her first Modern Romance, it was a fabulous read!

Book Description:

How far will a woman go to save her family’s future? Marina Lucchesi must choose between preserving her dignity and securing her father’s legacy by the only means possible: masquerading as a rich man’s mistress.

Ronan Carlisle is a man with a mission: to put an end to the sick games played by a rival tycoon. Ronan’s own sister was his victim and Ronan is determined that no more innocents will be hurt the way she was. In Marina he finds the perfect decoy to ensure his strategy’s success and he makes her an outrageous proposition.

But soon he realises he wants far more. Can he persuade her to become more than a mistress in name only? Will she trust him, and herself, enough to believe in love?

Release Dates:
Mills & Boon Modern Romance - UK September 2006 (h/back); November 2006 (p/back)
Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy - Australia/NZ December 2006
Harlequin Presents - North America January 2007

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