Sunday, November 19, 2006


This is Elisa and Salvatore’s story… full of passion, pain and will, in the end, warm your heart.

All of Elisa’s life she just wanted to belong and she felt she belonged to no one, not her lover nor her parents. She craved acceptance from her American mother who chose not to marry her Italian father. Throughout her life she spent time in Sicily with her father and his wife and their sweet, traditional Sicilian daughter.

However, Elisa always felt somewhat like an outsider. Her lover, Salvatore had shown her such passion but when she told him she was pregnant, he didn’t believe the baby was his and in the end left her after their child perished. She felt such pain and became a truly lost and broken woman.

Now a year later, Elisa is faced with seeing Salvatore and this is where the story takes off on a roller coaster ride, and seductive journey, one the reader will long remember. Lucy Monroe is a master at depicting strong passion between her two main characters, and again in Pregnancy of Passion she has delivered a powerful punch. Be prepared for sorrow and pain but also a passion not to be denied.


So why was he back? Elisa trusted Salvatore di Vitale about as far as she could throw him. And, as the Sicilian security expert was over six feet of pure muscle, that wasn’t very far.

Salvatore told Elisa he had come to protect her, and that much was true. But if their close proximity led to passion he wouldn’t exactly be complaining. And if passion should lead to pregnancy…so much the better! Because then Elisa would have to marry him – which was Salvatore’s plan all along…

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