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To quote Romantic Times......"Mallery scores a solid hit with this Laugh-out-loud funny tale."

THE UNEXPECTED MILLIONAIRE is the second book in Susan Mallery’s “The Million Dollar Catch”. It’s not only a passionate love story, it’s full of family dynamics and captivating…..due to Willow and powerful, strong and untouchable Kane.

Kane Dennison was handsome, strong and hard. But most important he didn’t do relationships nor did he ever want to become involved with a woman! All he has ever wanted was solitude and to someday retire to a secluded island. Kane felt to care about someone meant risking his heart…..that a woman might destroy him.

This sexy man is in charge of security for Todd Ashton III and his cousin Ryan, who are both millionaires many times over. What these three men share in common is a meddling woman by the name of Ruth (Todd and Ryan’s aunt and Ryan’s finance’s Julie’s grandmother)…..very complicated! Ruth’s mission in life is to marry off Todd and she offers her granddaughter’s one million dollars.

In the first book in the series, Ryan substitutes himself for Todd and Julie and Ryan fall in love. Now in the second book, there is no chance for Todd……because Willow tries to confront Todd but that doesn’t happen and the result…….Willow and Kane meet and what a mess. So what’s left? The last sister Marina and the Mr. $$$ Todd III; that will be addressed in the last book of the series. So where does this leave us? Willow and Kane’s story.

Enter Willow….caring, sweet, soft, and loveable. She arrives at Todd Ashton’s mansion to tell him off because he has tried to meddle in her sister’s relationship with Ryan. Instead of meeting Todd, she meets his security guard Kane. They argue, tussle and she ends up at his home with the result…..a sprained ankle. Poor Kane, he doesn’t know what’s hit him. During the passing weeks, he mellows and softens and adjusts to having Willow around, when had he ever needed anyone? And then he starts to wonder!

This is a very good read, but also emotional and sweet at the same time. It makes you believe in love and happy every after. Again Susan Mallery has delivered a very powerful romantic read full of love and family dynamics and emotion!

Book Description

Millionaire Kane Dennison's first mistake had been carrying an injured Willow Nelson inside his home, which, as a rule, was off-limits. Of course, she'd needed his help, but his one kind gesture had her believing he was a nice man. He wasn't.

His second mistake had been surrendering to passion after warning Willow to run away. Because a woman like her deserved better than a one-night stand. She believed in soul mates. He trusted no one--needed no one. And not even Willow was going to change him!

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