Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bedded by the Desert King - Susan Stephens

This is absolutely a fantastic read. It's emotional, warm, spirited and a very sensual journey in finding love. It's a story of survival for them both with a peaceful ending full of joy!

Susan Stephen's characters Zara and Shahin sizzled and their attraction and passion was instant. This is a story I will long remember and will enjoy reading again and again.

Book Description:

She yearns for the Sheikh's touch...

Zara Kingston has gone to the desert city of Kaddara for justice - to confront the man she believes ruined her childhood. But when, during a sandstorm, she's protected by a dark, brooding stranger, she finds that the desert holds hidden treasures...!

Then reality intrudes, and Zara realises that the man whose touch she yearned for is none other than desert king Sheikh Shahin... the thief of her happy youth!

Shahin knows that Zara is a virgin- forbidden, no matter how strong his desire...
But it's the forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest...

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