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This final book in the Million Dollar Catch series was the perfect ending to the Nelson sisters and the three strong, handsome and sexy men they fell in love with. Their long lost grandmother Ruth, wealthy in her own right decided she wanted her nephew Todd Ashton III to be married to one of her granddaughter’s. With only one being left, Marina, since her other sisters had found their own fabulous husbands, would there be the possibility for Marina and Todd to become attracted to each other?

In the first book you meet Ryan and Julie. They are about to be married but have a business planned trip in China so that leaves them asking Julie’s sister Marina and Ryan’s cousin Todd to help them plan the wedding in their absence. Marina has already told her Grandmother she will have one date with Ryan and so they meet to discuss the wedding and agree their first date will actually take place on the wedding day. In the meantime they have a wedding to plan, so what’s so difficult about that? Well, for one, they are both immediately attracted to each other not only sexually but by each other’s intelligence, wit, charm, and agree to enjoy planning this wedding for the family members they both love.

Marina found Todd charming, sexy and definitely a challenge and thought he probably had no depth. She usually dated “safe” men and was afraid to risk her heart and terrified she’d end up like her mother. Her mother had only loved one man and had risked loosing her own parents when ran off and married him. Throughout their growing up years and three Nelson sisters had watched their father come and go and Marina was especially afraid if she fell in love he would break her heart.

Todd on the other hand, grew up wealthy and found at an early age women only wanted him for his money, lied to him and tried to trick him. So he had been burned enough times not to trust. However, upon meeting Marina he took a step back and asked himself when was the last time he had enjoyed a woman’s company?

What neither of them counted on was enjoying each other’s company and finally they shared a week of passion like no other with some humour thrown in for good measure…….food poisoning. Leave it to Susan Mallery to throw in this bit of humour as she’s so well know for in her books…….and passion on top of it all? The chemistry and passion between this couple will just plain blow you away.
In the end, Marina falls hard for Todd. She realizes that in order to find perfect happiness she must risk the pain. For Todd, there is still the trust issue and when he believes that Marina has betrayed him instead of trust he’s angry and cruel. Fear not, Todd Ashton III wakes up and is brought to his knees when he realizes how important this woman has become to him.

In closing, this made me weep……’s the wedding toast written by this man who never trusted…….and the lesson he learned
…….”The Bible tells us that love is kind. Scholars tell us that love can change the course of history. Scientists tell us that love is chemical. Poets tell us that love is eternal. But true love is so much more than that, it’s about believing and risking. It’s about believing in that one person and that one person believing in you. Love is about hanging on the roller-coaster ride of life. Love is about having faith in yourself and the person you love.”
Again, Susan’s gives her readers another valuable lesson and this time about believing in your self and taking a chance…..a chance on love.

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