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I can't wait to get my hands on this February 2007 release.

Trish is such a talented author and has become a friend through the romance genre and The Pink Heart Society which she helped to begin with some other talented UK authors.

So please go check out The Pink Heart Society and Trish's newly updated website plus get your copy of BREATHLESS.

From Trish's website:

"Just one night would take her breath away!

Rory Flanaghan is every girl's dream: tall, toned and so, so sexy.
On leave from his dangerous overseas job, he's helping out at the gym he owns.
When writer Cara Sheehan starts one-to-one sessions with Rory, exercise takes on
a whole new meaning! He leaves her with a sensual awareness she's never let
herself feel before...

Rory can't understand why this beautiful, feisty woman has a
problem with her image, and he knows he can teach Cara what she's capable of...
As things get really personal, Rory shows Cara that just one kiss, just one
touch...just one night... will leave her breathless!"

Trish Wylie

BREATHLESS! - Modern Extra - February 2007

RESCUED: MOTHER TO BE - Romance - April 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007



This book absolutely consumed me from the very beginning to the end……. that’s how incredible it was…….powerful, so intense it absolutely made me breathless. Riveting, emotional, sad, just a wonderful story, not only about love, but also about healing hearts, healing an extremely ill child and mending family hurts and old wounds. But most important about finding peace, joy and love!

Costa’s made Sophie feel like a tart. He didn’t want nor need her, well he actually did need her, and he needed her bone marrow for a transplant in order to heal his sick child. However, this beautiful young woman was related to his deceased wife and reminded him of her and her inability to be a good wife and mother. Despite all of this, both Costa’s and Sophie were attracted to each other both by body and soul. Whenever he was near, she felt alive and despite herself, she still wanted him. Lust and Sex? Of course and Sophie knew where she stood and in the end could not resist him.

For Costa’s he fought his attraction for Sophie every inch of the way. He was always in control and tried not to weaken. In the end, he acts on his attraction and does he feel he’s taking advantage of her? Absolutely not! He can’t help himself, can’t trust himself and his attraction. He’s afraid to trust, to believe.
To say anymore would ruin the story for the reader. But let me just say this, first and foremost, Annie West again pens another wonderful love story set on a lovely isle in Greece. She again delivers and entertains her reader’s with a powerful and intense reading experience. I promise, you won’t be sorry reading the Greek’s Convenient Mistress


The Greek's Convenient Mistress

Costas Palamidis is a desperate man - desperate to save his daughter. He seeks out the only person in the world who can help her: Sophie Paterson. But their meeting is an explosive confrontation between two people shattered by grief. Costas comes face to face with a woman who embodies every haunted memory of his past yet presents an inescapable temptation. Can he trust her to help him, and trust himself to resist her?

When a furious Greek tycoon bursts into her home, Sophie’s anguish turns to outrage. She wants nothing to do with any man as callous and hard as this one. Yet she discovers a reluctant bond of understanding with this arrogant stranger. To help him she must return to Greece, face the family that disowned her and lay herself open to the shattering attraction between her and Costas. She can’t walk away, but will she survive the experience?

Release Dates:

Mills & Boon Modern Romance - UK November 2006 (h/back); January 2007 (p/back)
Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy - Australia/NZ February 2007
Harlequin Presents - North America (not announced)

Per author Annie West:

This book was so intense that writing it was exhausting – and exhilarating. Costas and Sophie deserved the happiness they finally discover together.

It was a delight to write this story as it took me back to beautiful Crete (not in person, unfortunately – maybe another time). I could smell the wild herbs in the fields and the salty tang of the waves washing in to shore. I could feel the dappled sunlight filtering through the ancient olive trees and see the bright wildflowers beneath them. (Readers of this book will discover I’m rather fond of Greek olive groves). And in the background were the stark White Mountains of Crete. Yes, I’ve decided. It’s time for another trip to Crete."

Friday, January 19, 2007


I can't begin to tell you how moved I was by this book. It was intense, passionate and I cried for days!

THE ITALIAN’S FORCED BRIDE by Kate Walker is magnificent; a stunning and powerful love story that I immediately had to read from cover to cover. This love story of Dom and Alice had me in tears, angry and sighing all at once.

Alice who has been Domenico’s Parrisi’s lover for months realizes that she loves him but he is incapable of returning that love. She also overhears gossip one evening that points to him having a mistress so she flees and moves back to England. However, life sometimes plays tricks and for Alice that’s the case when she finds out that she is carrying Dom’s child. She feels she needs to tell Dom of her pregnancy so she writes him a letter asking him to come to her so she can tell him the truth.

Upon Dom’s arrival in England, this story takes on emotions so powerful it leaves the reader sitting on edge. Upon hearing the news, Dom demands marriage and takes Alice back with him to Italy. All I can say so as not to give the story away, is that there are scenes which will take your breath away, secrets and tragedy and in the end a love so sweet and tender it will leave you laughing and crying at the same time.

Congratulations to Kate Walker on yet another magical love story.

Book Summary:

As long as I want you, you stay – and you only leave when I give you permission to go.’
Alice spent six passionate months as Domenico’s mistress – until she made the worst mistake of all: falling in love. She knew he would never love her back, would soon discard her – so she left him.
But now the fiercely attractive Italian is demanding her back in his bed. And this time, when Domenico finds out she’s carrying his child; he may never let her go…

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Again, Anne McAllister has penned a wonderful story, the second in a Greek Family series; however, The Santorini Bride is a stand alone book. It's a passionate and a very sweet journey in finding love by two strong and spirited people, Theo and Martha.

In April 2006 Anne's book The Antonides Marriage Deal debuted and the reader is introduced to the Antonides and Savas family. The head of the Antonides family has not only wagered his Santorini family home in Greece but also a share of his ship building business.

In the Santorini Bride, you are introduced to Martha Antonides who is running away from her cheating boyfriend to Greece to heal her wounds. Then throw into the mix, sexy Theo Savas who is hiding out at his newly family acquired Greek retreat to hide from women and the press as he was named the world's sexist sailor. Want sparks, well you'll get them and then some!

Book Description:

Billionaire Theo Savas didn't need marriage. He'd been there, done that and he wasn't doing it again. Not that it stopped nearly every single woman on the planet trying. Theo wanted space, maybe even a bit of celibacy. So he was furious when he'd just got himself settled in an isolated house on a Greek island--and came downstairs to discover Martha Antonides letting herself in! But forced together, passion overcame them. Eventually, of course, Theo went back to his bachelor lifestyle├é…and Martha discovered she was pregnant. She knew she couldn't turn to Theo--he was strictly a no-strings man.

The UK version which I like better than the US Harlequin cover:


<strong>Again, Trish Morey has written an incredible love story. It's passionate, hot, intense and extremely entertaining. There are absolutely no words to describe how emotional and fabulous this story has been penned by this author.

How can one man be so stubborn? How can one jump to conclusions and not know the facts? Well one hot Greek by the name of Alex has played havoc with the beautiful and talented Saskia and on top of everything, he has taken her virginity.

As one begins their journey, you will learn that this couple not only have a business and family history, but a personal history… that was ended abruptly 10 years earlier when Alex’s emotion and revenge were directed at Saskia for transgressions he believed her father enacted against his sister, Marla.

Now years later, Saskia is trying to take care of her father who is ill and short of funds. To do this she must earn a promotion by doing a profile on Alex Koutoufides and compete against a fellow co-worker. Will Alex comply? Only if he gets his way and can save his sister Marla from the press and the spotlight and Alex will do anything to protect her……even agreeing to the profile and using Saskia to divert the press. Yes and Alex, this stubborn and blind Alpha surprises everyone by announcing that they are getting married in order to divert the press from his sister…..hoping that she’ll get her act together, heal and find herself.

As their story enfolds you will find yourself weeping, clenching your fists, wanting to throw items, shake the handsome Alex, yell……it’s so full of emotion and such a wonderful storyline, you won’t be able to put this particular book down…..I promise! You will absolutely adore and weep both for Sasika and Marla. I’m hopeful that Trish will write Marla and Jake’s book…..please?

Since Trish began writing, I’ve enjoyed every book written but this one is exceptional and a real winner!

Book Description:

When Alexander Koutoufides seduced the young Saskia Prentice it was for revenge! Now she is back and Alex decides to finish what he started…for pleasure!

Saskia cannot forgive the sexy Greek who nearly stole her innocence, or forget the stormy passion they shared! She knows Alex wants her, his ruthless reputation confirms that he will have her. The only uncertainty is…how long can she resist him?

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Just a short note to wish you all peace, joy and harmony in your lives and many blessings. I have been so blessed this year with family and friends especially my author friends.

So to Roxanne St. Claire, Susan Mallery, Kate Walker, Lucy Monroe, Sandra Marton, Jane Porter, Linda Francis Lee, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Barbara McCauley, Annie West, Trish Morey, Abby Green thanks so much for your love and support through my year without my wonderful husband. And to Trish Wylie, many thanks for the Pink Heart Society and allowing me to's brought such joy.

Happy New Year all!

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