Saturday, January 27, 2007


I can't wait to get my hands on this February 2007 release.

Trish is such a talented author and has become a friend through the romance genre and The Pink Heart Society which she helped to begin with some other talented UK authors.

So please go check out The Pink Heart Society and Trish's newly updated website plus get your copy of BREATHLESS.

From Trish's website:

"Just one night would take her breath away!

Rory Flanaghan is every girl's dream: tall, toned and so, so sexy.
On leave from his dangerous overseas job, he's helping out at the gym he owns.
When writer Cara Sheehan starts one-to-one sessions with Rory, exercise takes on
a whole new meaning! He leaves her with a sensual awareness she's never let
herself feel before...

Rory can't understand why this beautiful, feisty woman has a
problem with her image, and he knows he can teach Cara what she's capable of...
As things get really personal, Rory shows Cara that just one kiss, just one
touch...just one night... will leave her breathless!"

Trish Wylie

BREATHLESS! - Modern Extra - February 2007

RESCUED: MOTHER TO BE - Romance - April 2007

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