Monday, January 01, 2007


Just a short note to wish you all peace, joy and harmony in your lives and many blessings. I have been so blessed this year with family and friends especially my author friends.

So to Roxanne St. Claire, Susan Mallery, Kate Walker, Lucy Monroe, Sandra Marton, Jane Porter, Linda Francis Lee, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Barbara McCauley, Annie West, Trish Morey, Abby Green thanks so much for your love and support through my year without my wonderful husband. And to Trish Wylie, many thanks for the Pink Heart Society and allowing me to's brought such joy.

Happy New Year all!


Roxanne St. Claire said...

Happy New Year, Marilyn! You do so much for so many people, it's no wonder we all love you. You've been a pillar of strength and dignity this year, and we all know that it's been painful without your dear husband. I wish you and your family a bright and peaceful 2007, full of good friends, good books and good times! xoxoxo

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Thanks for the kind words. You know how much your friendship has meant to us. I wish you, Rich and the kids a prosperous New Year full of love and blessings.



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