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Again, Anne McAllister has penned a wonderful story, the second in a Greek Family series; however, The Santorini Bride is a stand alone book. It's a passionate and a very sweet journey in finding love by two strong and spirited people, Theo and Martha.

In April 2006 Anne's book The Antonides Marriage Deal debuted and the reader is introduced to the Antonides and Savas family. The head of the Antonides family has not only wagered his Santorini family home in Greece but also a share of his ship building business.

In the Santorini Bride, you are introduced to Martha Antonides who is running away from her cheating boyfriend to Greece to heal her wounds. Then throw into the mix, sexy Theo Savas who is hiding out at his newly family acquired Greek retreat to hide from women and the press as he was named the world's sexist sailor. Want sparks, well you'll get them and then some!

Book Description:

Billionaire Theo Savas didn't need marriage. He'd been there, done that and he wasn't doing it again. Not that it stopped nearly every single woman on the planet trying. Theo wanted space, maybe even a bit of celibacy. So he was furious when he'd just got himself settled in an isolated house on a Greek island--and came downstairs to discover Martha Antonides letting herself in! But forced together, passion overcame them. Eventually, of course, Theo went back to his bachelor lifestyle├é…and Martha discovered she was pregnant. She knew she couldn't turn to Theo--he was strictly a no-strings man.

The UK version which I like better than the US Harlequin cover:


Anne McAllister said...

Thank you, Marilyn, for your wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Theo and Martha' story.

And yes, I hope to feature more of their family in upcoming books. Spence, whom you met in Theo and Martha's book, is up next, though.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...
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Marilyn Shoemaker said... dear friend Kate WALKER....SORRY....The contest is sooooo much fun!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Anne your blog, Kate's blog and the contests have been such fun!


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