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Is it possible to lead a double life? After reading Ann Roth's debut into women's fiction, I actually think reads about it all of the time, a man who travels, has wealth, prestige, and comes with a "Knob Hill pedigree"? It makes a believer out of me!

Picture this, a hospital waiting live in San Francisco and think your international lawyer husband is in China on business and you get a call he's suffered a heart attack. How would you react? So you make arrangements for your teenage daughter and fly to his bedside in Seattle. While in the waiting room this lovely woman feel frumpy as she's dressed in evening wear, is younger and seems to have it "together" but she's distressed as well. You both talk about your husbands, your family and feel a bond due to the fact that the "men" you both love are in critical care. Then the doctor comes and says "Mrs. Mason and both of you answer "yes"? "I'm sorry but your husband has passed"......and the nightmare begins.

Another Life, what an appropriate title, is a wonderful book and I honestly could not put it down once I began reading the story of Beth and Caroline. Even though in the beginning they bonded at the hospital, they both have a lot to loose......not just the man they both loved, but two girls from each marriage could be badly hurt, their finances in serious trouble, reputations marred and gossip a plenty!

Were they both angry? Of course, did they resent each other? Yes! But who would think that months later they would turn to each other because they were both going through the same thing and could relate to their horrible loss and financial situation! What a message this book gives the reader. I suggest you read the book and learn from the experience and you might ask what that would be? If you're married, in a relationship, take the time to get involved, ask questions of your partner, plan ahead and protect your family. Being a partner is just that, an equal in all aspects of your relationship.

I'm very passionate about this as I was blessed with a wonderful marriage and it ended suddenly with my husband's unexpected passing. Thank God we had incredible years together, shared everything in our marriage and planned ahead. If you haven't or even if you single, take a look at Ann's website. She has a guide for women that is so worth taking a look at, I promise.

And if you want an entertaining read, one that delves into who you are, what you can be, how to make lemonade out of lemons and most importantly friendship and understanding, then Another Life is for you! Ann Roth, excellent and entertaining book!

Book Description:

Sometimes Losing Everything…
Learning of her husband Stephen’s fatal heart attack is the worst thing Mary Beth Mason can imagine--until she learns about the other family he left behind. Another wife, another daughter, another home hundreds of miles away in Seattle. For twenty years, Mary Beth’s life centered around pleasing and loving Stephen, socializing with his lawyer friends, taking part in the exclusive San Francisco clubs and guilds he prized, and raising their daughter Aurora while he was away on “business.” Having promised to take care of her forever, he left her instead with mountains of debt and a house mortgaged to the hilt.

Is The Only Way To Find Yourself…
But amidst the piles of unpaid bills, Mary Beth discovers some unexpected gifts—a fierce determination to begin again, a strength she never knew she possessed, and a most unlikely ally. Out of the ashes of a lie, she starts to create the life—and the family—she’s always wanted. A life built on trust, honesty, and perhaps even love…

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