Friday, March 02, 2007


Roxanne is very modest but I'll be Home for Christmas earned all authors NYT status so I don't feel guilty mentioning the fact!

My Review:

Whatever this New York Times Bestseller author writes is guaranteed to "thrill" her readers. This book is no exception and a tribuite to the author and NASCAR.

I realize there have been articles written about Harlequin and this NASCAR series. Would the series be a success? If this is any indication, then yes but I sincerely believe her contribution to the series and her other book Tis the Silly Season from NASCAR HOLIDAY, are a wonderful addition.

Book Description

If Mick Churchill thinks he can buy out half of Shelby Jackson's family-owned race team, she's got news for him. So what if Mick's the most famous soccer star on the globe--with cash, connections and charisma? Fuel line? Finish line? Shelby doubts the Brit knows the difference.

Superstar Mick knew buying a NASCAR team was going to be tricky. The truth is the struggling team needs Mick's media savvy and team-building skills--even if Shelby can't admit it. Now, with Daytona just days away, Mick won't quit until he changes Shelby's mind. Any way he can.

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