Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SUMMER LOVIN' - Ann Roth, Marin Thomas & Marie Altom

With college and high school graduations just around the corner and alums planning reunions for the year, this book is perfect and also a great summer read! The Novella is set in the Colorado Rockies and all three stories center on coming back home, to the high school and friends they all grew up with and how they would deal and face their past loves? Would they be married, would they still feel the same? Would the spark or the attraction still there?

All three heroes were well portrayed……bad boys, strong, sexy and a hidden tender side and all came to this reunion not knowing what to expect and in the end found love, peace and a place to call home.

The heroines, definitely lovely, strong, smart and spirited and brought out the best in their “men”……..made me remember my first crush, my first high school boyfriend and brought back a flood of beautiful memories, especially that “first kiss”

In the Preacher’s Daughter, Jake is the true bad boy in every sense. Left his hometown in the dust, only to return a successful millionaire and never forgetting for one moment the only woman who ever took a chance on him, of course, the preacher’s daughter, Amanda. Neither had ever married and their story is sweet and gives the reader hope, that in the end, all can be overcome.

A Baby on the Way addresses other issues. India is seeking to establish roots as she’s never really had a home. She arrives in town to start a new job and settle down with a baby on the way and no husband. Upon arriving she discovers a reunion going on at the hotel she will soon be working at and meets the strong and sexy snowboarder, Graydon. Of course, he has a lot to prove, his ex-wife is there with another man and he, well let’s say, approaches India and plants one hot kiss on her lips. From then on, they are attracted to each other, a friendship begins and then romance takes over leaving them both to discover the meaning love, home and future.

A Reunion Romance was just that for Brady and Holly who just before high school graduation had broken up, never to see each other again. Now Brady returns to his home town and because he is part of a team to take over a building which will displace Holly’s gift shop their journey begins on rocky ground. I particularly loved this story, it reminded me of a similar situation I once faced and of course, everyone loves happy ever after. Lots of lessons in this story but the most important one was finding what’s important life……respect, making the right decision and most important the meaning of love.

Book Description:

The Preacher's Daughter by Marin Thomas - When Silver Cliff bad boy Jake Turner roars into town on his Harley for the high school reunion, it's to see Amanda “Ms. Brain” Winslow, his classmate and tutor, who gave him the means to leave his miserable boyhood behind. Now he's his own boss—and ready to teach her all the pleasurable facts of life!

A Baby on the Way by Laura Marie Altom - Pregnant and alone, event planner India Foster is happy to be mistaken for a member of the Silver Cliff high school class of '04. Especially when the Fourth of July fireworks pale in comparison to former student Graydon Johnson and the explosive attraction she feels for him.

A Reunion Romance by Ann Roth - Brady Cornell and Holly Stevens had been teenage sweethearts until they'd quarreled and broken it off. She's even more unforgiving now because he's in charge of the renovation project that will put her out of a job. But they still feel the temptation. And this time they just might give in….

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