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Lyn Randal has written an incredible historical novel set in both England and Spain. The book is full of mystery, intrigue, action, temptation, love, lust......just about everything a reader could desire. For me it was a new beginning as I don't usually read historical books and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed one!

Pirates, high sea adventure, forbidden love, good twin/evil twin, a priest fighting for control of love and lust for his brother's future bride? All of these and more are captured in Tempted by Innocence. The Castillo twins are as different as night and day; Diego has left his former country and has become a priest because of his past sin against his twin Damien. In his youth, Diego bedded his twins promised bride, and she died because she aborted the child a result of their union. Now Damien is engaged to be married a second time to the lovely English Celeste, an alliance for England and Spain and to provide an heir to the Castillo family.

Damien is abducted and his father sends Celeste to find his long departed twin Diego and to bring him back to Spain and stand in for his twin in a proxy marriage. Because Celeste needs this marriage to not only help the King of England and her ill brother, she adores the Castillo family and only wants to help all involved. Never does she count on nearly drowning and being saved by a strong and handsome man who she later learns is not only a priest but also her soon to be husbands long lost twin, Diego!

Lyn Randal weaves an intriguing and very powerful love story, set aboard the high seas. Pirates, lots of adventure, the forbidden, and heartbreaking all in one! Besides the Castillo family, you'll meet a warm and amazing African bodyguard, a Spanish priest, Diego's long time friend Ricardo, her lady in waiting Hattie an amazing cast of characters. I certainly look forward to reading more of Lyn's books as this one was extremely entertaining.

Book Description:

Diego Castillo was a man born to power and wealth. But he had left the things of the world behind. Truly repentant of the sins of his past, he dedicated his life to God and prayed for forgiveness.

He had found a measure of peace in a tropical paradise, until Lady Celeste Rochester arrived! Her beauty ravaged his dreams and tormented his waking hours.
Diego would escort the lady back to Spain, and to all the grandeur of his former life. How hard would it be to resist her captivating charms?

Author Info from her website:

By 2006, she’d finished four complete novels, made a host of new friends, won numerous awards on the RWA contest circuit, and gotten “the call” from Harlequin Mills and Boon.

“Writing is lonely work,” she says, “full of anxiety, and often frustrating. But I’d rather be doing that than anything else I know.”

She loves happy endings, and enjoys hearing from readers who can contact her through her website –


"Early Bird" said...

I just want you to know I love this blog and actually am thinking on doing one simular to it!
I picked this book up recently but did not buy it, now I wish I had...

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

I read a lot and love to share and give something back to the author.

Lyn Randal said...

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks so much for the kind words about TEMPTED BY INNOCENCE. More than anything else, I truly want to give a great reading experience and have readers feel like they were THERE in another place and time. That you enjoyed a historical made me smile, too! I really appreciate the time you spent reading my work--thanks so much!
Lyn Randal

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Lyn, it was a wonderful book, I sincerely enjoyed it and look forward to reading many more!


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