Saturday, July 21, 2007


This is one 'hot' read and the first book in The Garrison series.

Again, Roxanne St. Claire delivers a powerful punch to her readers. Full of steamy attraction, powerful family with many secrets and set the hospitality industry in South Beach, Miami. You won't be sorry to read this wonderful book and continue on the journey with the Garrison's.

As usuual, the cast of characters Roxanne creates will want you begging for more. She always manages to insert one memorabble scene and this time it involves the corporate shower located in the CEO's office!

Let's just say this reader was extremely entertained with this first book in the series. As the back cover states "The Garrison's....Unlimited power.....unforseen pleasure and Roxanne St. Claire captured all of this and more in The Ceo's Scandalous Affair

Book Description:

Miami millionaire Parker Garrison had dated his way through most every eligible woman in the city. So when he needed a last-minute escort he turned to his ever efficient assistant. Who knew unpretentious Anna Cross would turn into such a beauty and make the business mogul rethink his policy on intraoffice affairs.—

No strings. No emotions. Both agreed they would keep their liaison simple. But when Parker discovered someone within the company was leaking information to the competition, he knew he had to discover more about his new lover. And that meant breaking down all Anna's barriers, the way only he could.

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