Sunday, August 12, 2007

THE BOSS'S DEMAND - Jennifer Lewis

If you like reading “boardroom” stories with happy endings then this is the book for you. The Boss's Demand is a simmering and at times, painful love story which will take you on a steamy and sensual journey.

The book begins on a sour note as Elan Al Mansur is telling his Human Resource Director that she must fire his newly hired personal assistant. And why one might ask? Because she is young, attractive and he only wants an older PA because the young women he has employed in the past are after him and his millions.

Sara Daly has a lot to prove to herself and her family. She has taken the responsibility to pay off the hospital debt her mother’s illness strapped her family with and she’s determined to become a success in the oil industry. She has worked long a hard to get her degree in business and geology and no stubborn boss is going to take that away from her let alone fire her on her first day of the job.

You will witness this stubborn woman proving herself not only to her boss, but to the entire company. However, she is strongly attracted to Elan and one evening she succumbs to his charm and charisma and becomes intimate with him. They both realize the mistake and try to get back to business on a professional level. Sara pushes herself to “painful” lengths to prove she is worthy and a professional in the industry.

What Sara is not aware of in the beginning is that Elan needs no one due to his past life with his family. At a young age he is cruelly removed from his family by a heartless and cruel father. What Elan does not like are his feelings of protectiveness and lust for Sara.

Jennifer's characters are both strong in similar yet different ways. The Boss’s Demand was a very enjoyable read and yet sad at times as Elan was an extremely lonely man and it took Sara’s gentleness to heal him because she saw the man himself, not the man of wealth and power.

Book Description:

Powerful oil tycoon Elan Al Mansur never wanted Sara Daly as his new assistant. Her lush curves and alluring scent would only prove a distraction to what mattered most to him: business. But one night in the desert Elan gave in to his desires, seducing the woman he'd sworn never to touch.

Four months later, his secretary revealed she was carrying his baby. Suddenly the stern businessman discovered he didn't want Sara gone at all. But would she agree to her boss's demand that she become his wife?


Anonymous said...

Just found this on Amazon:

Romantic Times Book Reviews
****1/2 stars TOP PICK
"Elan Al Mansur doesn't want Sara Daly to be his personal assistant. His specific request was for an older woman, preferably with gray hair, who would not pursue him or his money. Sara is insistent, however, and he's impressed by her intelligence and her work ethic--and she isn't hard to look at either. What he doesn't expect is a chance encounter in a moonlit desert, a surprise pregnancy or falling hard for what he considers the wrong woman. Jennifer Lewis's delightful, romantic and charming The Boss's Demand has unforgettable characters that capture your attention from page one."

Online Review Sites
"A beautiful, touching story of love that cannot be denied. ...The interaction between these two was priceless and fun to read...a delightful story from beginning to end." Cataromance

"Jennifer Lewis is a talented writer who gives her characters depth and feelings...the pages sizzle with tension and desire." Love Romances and More

"This is a wonderful debut novel and I'll look forward to reading more from this author in the future." Romance Junkies

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Thanks for sharing. I think this author has a great career ahead.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Desert Prince is coming out February 2010 due to this book.


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