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Jack Howington III is sexy as sin, handsome as the Devil, and determined not to let any woman get to him let alone the sister of his departed best friend. He has come to Lake Tahoe to stay for a month at Hunter’s Landing. If he stays the entire time, the property along with the home will go to charity and help families.

Jack feels he let his friend down and was the cause of his death. He promised to watch over his sister Meredith upon his death but Jack watches from a far because there are too many memories, memories of a genius young teenager who loved and adored him. Therefore, when he arrives at the Tahoe home and finds Meri there he is speechless.

Meri has an axe to grind, she wants to seduce Jack and then walk away because she felt abandoned when her brother Hunter passed away and was left with no mother, no friends, no family and most of all no Jack. As a teen, Meri was over weight, thought her nose too big, had the IQ of a genius and no one other than her brother so when she sees Hunter she becomes determined to make him pay and seduces him.

At first, Jack is not game but she wears him down. She desires to rid herself of her feelings for Jack so she can move on to her boyfriend Andrew. Therefore, when Andrew appears on the doorstop, she is doubly confused and then becomes irate when Jack has Andrew investigated and exposes the snake for what he is…….a lying and conniving con man.

However, what hurts Meri even more is to find out that Jack never took his promise to her brother Hunter seriously and instead of taking some time to see if she’s was ok after Hunter died, he just had his team and some investigators watch her to make sure she was ok and that men were not using her for her wealth. She expected more of him and he let her down.

Readers will grow to love Meri…..her strength and determination to make a new life, to loose those pounds, have a little surgery to give her some confidence, reach out and make friends and most of all take care of her “nerdy” team of scientists. You’ll also learn to appreciate her “nerdy” team, how she takes care of them and how they respond when Jack spills the beans about Andrew. As for Jack, you’ll want to reach out and love him and make him see the light. Your heart will break for Jack because he can’t let anyone see the “truth about him, not the emptiness of his heart nor the darkness of his soul.”

In Bed with the Devil was the last story in Millionaire of the Month…."bound by the terms of a will, six wealthy bachelors discover the ultimate inheritance”. Again, Susan Mallery delivers an extremely entertaining, sensitive and at times humorous read. Even though I have not read the entire series, I think In Bed with the Devil tied all of the seven “Samuari” brothers into one final and neat package.

Book Description:

Millionaire of the Month: Jack Howington III
Source of Fortune: International Security Corporation
The woman he can never have: Meredith Palmer

When he arrived at Hunter's Landing, Jack got the surprise of his life. His best friend's shy little sister had become a breathtaking young woman—with an ax to grind. Still smarting over Jack's long- ago rejection, Meredith was now intent on luring the mogul into her bed…and her bed was right across the hall. At what cost would Jack keep a decade-old promise?

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