Sunday, August 05, 2007


Trish Morey amazes me each time I read one of her stories and this time is no exception. The Spaniard’s Blackmailed Bride is full of punch, power and passion and will have you reaching for a box of tissues.

Briar Davenport has no choice but to marry Diablo Barrentes to save her parents dignity, status and fortune. For if she does not marry Diablo, they will all be living on the streets, no longer living in Sydney’s elite society and the life they’ve been accustom to having for generations.

At times, this was a difficult book to read as you could not miss the attraction Briar felt for Diablo, how he could with just one look or slight touch ignite and melt her heart. But even more so was the inner fight Diablo felt each time he was near Briar and how he tried to shield himself from the emotion she stirred in him.

Briar’s feelings and honour bound behaviour for family was extremely moving. However, as she gets to truly know Diablo those feelings and conflicting emotions for her new husband and then her feelings for her family……well let’s just say you will feel the power of it all!

A marriage of convenience through blackmail? You’ll just have to read it to find out! Lust, attraction, all rolled into one and two unforgettable personalities….the devil himself, Diablo and the proud and stubborn Briar. Thanks Trish Morey for this story so full of attraction and passion.

Book Description:

Blackmailed into marriage to save her family, Briar Davenport aims to remain a virgin bride - for she despises her husband, Diablo Barrentes! But the sexy Spaniard's possessive touch sets her body on fire, making Briar abandon all her resolve and reason!

Despite the pleasure Diablo brings to her in the bedroom, theirs can never be anything but a marriage of convenience born out of revenge - or can it? As secrets are gradually revealed, Briar may come to realize that with Diablo it is better the devil you know...

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