Monday, October 22, 2007

The Kouros Marriage Revenge - Abby Green

The Kouros Marriage Revenge will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with a box of tissues burning the midnight oil. You absolutely will not want to put this book down until you have finished this powerful and moving journey in forgiveness and love.

It’s seven years later and Alexandros Kurous and Kallie Demarchis run into each other at a party in Paris. At first, he does not recognize Kallie but is definitely attracted to her in ways no other woman has touched him. When he realizes who she is and that he has the power in his hands to ruin her family he eventually comes up with a plan of revenge……she will wed him, he will take what he can physically from her and then turn her out, exacting seven years of revenge.

Seven long years ago, his young friend betrayed Alexandros for on the eve of his engagement to a shipping magnates daughter, Kallie declared her love for him, kissed him and he rejected her. The every next morning pictures appeared in the paper of them kissing sent by per personal email and his engagement was called off. If this was not bad enough her family who he adored told him they never wanted to see him again. His shipping deal fell through, his inner most secrets revealed and only through hard work was he about to get his shipping business back on track becoming one of the most successful in the world.

Abby Green has portrayed a dark “alpha” in Greek Alexandros Kouros. There are times you will want to slap him for his desire not only for revenge but also because he is using his newly acquired wife of convenience in the most hurtful of ways, strictly for his pleasure. Therefore, in the end when the tables are turned and he actually begins to “feel” you pray for them it is not too late.

Kallie Demarchis has blossomed into a beautiful and talented businesswoman. When she literally bumps into Alexandros her world tilts; all she can think of it getting away. However, she learns her Uncle needs Alexandros financial help and is blackmailed into marrying him, knowing that he plans to take his revenge physically and in the end, cast her off and divorce her. At times, this story was painful to read, to watch and feel her suffer, unable to control her love and physical desire for him. And in the end feel her need to end the marriage before she shattered!

I congratulate Abby Green on this extremely moving, intense and powerful love story……Alexandros and Kallie will long be remembered by this reader

Book Description:

He would take revenge by taking her as his bride…

It was the society wedding of the year! When Greek shipping magnate Alexandros Kouros wed Kallie Demarchis, press pictures showed a couple who were madly in love – but behind the glamorous, happy scenes lay a very different story…

Love had nothing to do with it; Kallie knew she had no choice if she wanted to save her family’s business. She also knew that Alex would have sweet revenge for the mistake that had shattered both their pasts when he took her as his arranged bride…

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