Thursday, October 18, 2007


Six years ago, Kate Hayden left Australia and came to Los Angeles, California to get to know her grandparents and what should happen? She meets a sexy Navy Seal, Tyler James and falls in love, so much in love that she proposes in fun! They are both so young, have dreams, careers just beginning so they decide to go their separate ways.

Now Kate is a successful journalist, Tyler is in town for two reasons, primarily to see about his injured leg that might cause him to retire, and he has agreed to appear in an auction and go to the highest bidder. The proceeds from his purchase as an “Odd Bod” will go to The Ramirez Orphanage. The reader will learn that Tyler grew up at the orphanage so saving it means everything to him. Never does Tyler dream that Kate will attend, win the bid and he will have see and do whatever she wishes…can his heart take it?

Kate’s character is smart, sexy, charming and very spirited. She gives as good as she gets but she does not want to loose her heart again. She decides winning Tyler at the auction might cause her heart to break so she is determined to play out the week. They both come to terms and agreements that Kate will write an article about the orphanage and Tyler’s time as an Odd Bod but what Kate does not count on is falling in love again. Have a box of tissues ready, there are times you will need them. However, this charming couple will have you laughing with their banter, sexy smiles and their journey at rekindling their love; it is absolutely an incredible love story, one you will not want to miss!

Tyler James has two secrets you will learn and they both will tug at your heart. This sexy Seal loves to tease but underneath, he is tough and does not want to loose his heart again to Kate. She is like a magnet but he is determined to leave at the weeks end and not break Kate’s heart…….wrong, he shatters it!

Kate and Tyler’s journey is up and down and at times you will want to knock their heads together. However, you will come away realizing what a talent Nicola Marsh has with spinning and weaving her sensual story in such a way, you will want to read more. Personally, I cannot wait for Nicola’s next book!

Book Description:

He’ll fulfil her every fantasy…
Kate Hayden has lost her mind. It’s the only explanation. Otherwise, why would she have purchased a week with her old flame Tyler at a charity auction? Now the thought of sharing space with the hot Navy officer is making Kate lose her cool.

Tyler James is six foot four of well-muscled Navy SEAL. It’s his job to stay in control. But something about Kate and the past they share is utterly irresistible. He has one week to make sure that she never forgets him. And that one week will be all about pleasure

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