Monday, December 03, 2007


Roxanne St. Claire has an absolute winner with His Style of Seduction. It’s magical and just time for the holiday season. I can’t remember when I can honestly say I’ve read such a romantic book and that’s probably due to Jackson Locke, the main character who is not only drop dead gorgeous but he’s funny, sexy and most of all extremely ROMANTIC.

If you read St. Claire’s Sins of His Past, you were introduced to the non-conformist Jackson Locke. Jack is the creative director for an ad agency and marches to own drum. He’s very casual in his appearance, not like the regular ad exec, he’s very good at what he does and is highly respected in his field. Jack doesn’t have a clue what his mentor, friend and boss is up to when he’s called to Nantucket for a meeting with his boss. To his surprise he answers the door to a beautiful woman Lily Harper who has also been invited to the meeting. Little does Jack know that Lily is there to do a complete executive makeover on Jack, to groom him for the presidency of Wild Marketing. To say the least, Lily will have her hands full, taking on Jackson Locke!

Immediately, there is chemistry between Jackson and Lily, the sensual tension in this book leaps off the pages and you will absolutely fall in love with Jackson Locke and learn to respect the lovely, Lily, especially when you learn of her secret past. For Lily, this exec makeover, if successful, would probably land her more business which for her would mean stability, not having to worry about finances and afford her the opportunity to put down roots and buying a home, something she has been working towards for years.

His Style of Seduction is beautiful, magical and will touch your soul as again Roxanne St.Claire delivers to her readers a moving love story and their journey in self discovery and finding happiness.

Book Description:

When powerful businessman Jackson Locke found Lily Harper soaking wet on his doorstep, he couldn't believe his luck. Little did he know the dark-haired beauty had been hired to do a job—and not the one Jack might have fantasized about. Now a storm had left them stranded, hot and bothered, and Jack was stuck between lust and pride. Lily's assignment was to change him into something he wasn't.

But Jack's
destiny was to rock her world, and he intended to do it on his terms…

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