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As I finished reading this book many thoughts came to mind. Dreams, goals, can they be achieved at any cost? I guess it depends on a person’s drive, their past, present and what their goals are for their future. Tonight as I was getting dinner ready I heard a commercial on the TV, the author is unknown but the message is one of the messages I believe Robyn Grady was trying to portray in her book Hired for the Bosses Bed. “When you give up the ability to decide for yourself, you give up you”.

Serena Stevens is a girl we all know maybe even one we recognize. In her youth, she had to overcome some physical obstacles, weight, eyes (coke bottle glasses), and self esteem and now as an adult her father’s negative comments as they relate to her future which just makes her more determined.

Serena is driven to make her goals and a name for herself in the media industry, to travel, and live overseas…..she is determined as she’s worked very hard in furthering her education, making major changes in her life…..her appearance and moving from her home town. She looks back at her accomplished mother who gave up her life for family and still wants the brass ring. Enter a man who will change her life!

David Miles, handsome, talented, millionaire, sexy and owner of the advertising agency Serena works at, gives her an incredible chance and promotion. He is looking for the top award this year in his field and when the person he is counting on injures herself, he gives Serena a chance but at what price? However let’s not forget that this incredible man had to also give up his dreams for family.

David and Serena are immediately attracted to each other, fight it, and act on it and eventually fall deeply. I can’t remember reading a romance where both characters are so equally matched but in the end, at such odds. Be prepared!

Robyn’s Hired for the Bosses Bed…..well I wish it had a different title because it really doesn’t portray the deep meaning the author was trying to deliver to her readers……so many lessons, packed with emotion, light humour, a true lesson in love and what’s important in life! Robyn keep on writing your incredible stories!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Lucy Monroe absolutely charmed me with this book. It was one of those love stories ....sweet yet steamy and the main character Charlene Daniels we briefly met in The Rancher Rules. In both books, Charlene’s good looks and sexy figure give both men and women the wrong impression. No one realizes that she graduated at the top of her class in English literature, and for most of her teen to adult life, she was misjudged based on her looks and her recent occupation as cocktail waitress at the Dry Gulch,

Charlene’s morals are impeccable, she has never been intimate with a man. She did try to seduce a rancher and it backfired’ a few people were privileged with that information, she is extremely nervous that her chances of being hired for a teaching position might be compromised. Her goal is to live her dream… teach and to be loved for who she is not how she looks!

When Charlene arrives at Win Garrison’s ranch to apply for a temporary housekeeping position, all she cares about is doing a good job, and earning some extra money before turning in her teaching application. What Charlene does not count on is that Win Garrison is a stunning cowboy with shocking good looks, an incredible body, sexy, charming and absolutely makes it clear he is off limits for marriage. He had been there, done that and it failed miserably. However, Win is determined to bed Charlene at any cost!

Their entire journey is a romantic dance of tension, foreplay, sass and a real battle of strong wills. Win wants Charlene at any cost and to keep her there in the evenings, so he begs her to stay when his sister literally “dumps” her two small children on his doorstep. Win’s determination and Charlene’s distress are something you will not want to miss! Their love story is beautiful; it is passionate, sizzling, and definitely sweet. I loved this book and it sincerely touched my heart, as I am sure it will touch yours!


When it comes to sheik books, Susan Mallery is at the top of the list. Her latest March release The Sheik and the Pregnant Bride I think is my favourite of all her Desert Rogue series.

Maggie Collins was not only lovely, she was full of spirit, sass and on top of everything else a top notch mechanic especially in restoring expensive top of the line cars. Maggie had grown up without a mother and was extremely close to her father who owned an auto body shop. Her father had been hired by Prince Qadir of El Deharia to restore his vintage car but upon Mr. Collins death and mountains of bills to pay, Maggie comes in her father's place. From the moment they meet they are both drawn to each other not in a sexual way but one of friendship, trust and they just plain like each other.

Prince Qadir's father the King has a specific mission and that's to marry off each of his sons. The King is constantly parading eligible young women in hopes of marrying off his sons and having grandchildren. Prince Qadir has no plans to get married so he comes up with a plan, he wants to hire Maggie to be his girlfriend and then pretend to be his fiancé. Everything back fires because they both develop more than a friendship; they develop a passionate relationship, one that knocks them both sideways.

Maggie not's sure how to feel about the relationship. As for experience, Maggie has only known one man, Jon a boy she grew up with in Colorado, dated in high school, they had a short intimate relationship, more to ease the pain of being alone, especially after her father passed away. Now Maggie finds herself pregnant with Jon's baby and on top of everything else, Jon is in love with someone else and Maggie's extremely attracted to Qadir. It becomes an emotional mess for all people concerned!

This was such a fun story to read....and I adored Maggie. She actually reminds me of the author, Susan Mallery. She is charming, has quick wit, and gives as good as she gets. Prince Qadir was a fabulous character as well and you will love to see him brought to his knees by the lovely Maggie.

If you love sheikh books then you will not want to miss reading Susan's The Sheik and the Pregnant Bride.

Book Description:
Maggie Collins had come to the exotic kingdom of El Deharia to restore Prince Qadir's antique car...not to get married. The no-frills mechanic had been burned by love before, and marriage--even to a seductive sheik--didn't top her agenda. But then Qadir made her an offer she should have refused.

It was meant to be a temporary engagement...until Maggie discovered she was pregnant. Now Qadir was honor-bound to give Maggie and her child the protection of his name. He never expected her to sweep him off his feet.

Would there be a royal wedding after all?

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Abby Green’s Bought for the Frenchman’s Pleasure will probably be on my top ten lists for 2008. I absolutely loved this book and from start to finish I could not put it down.

The story begins in New York but also includes Ireland, India and France and takes the reader on a worldwide journey with this couple, Sorcha Murphy and Romain deValois., Their eyes meet across the room and they can’t look away, that’s the way it is from the first moment they see each other and that’s the way it is throughout the entire book. Tension, anger, sexual attraction, desire, all of it rolled into one. When Sorcha is asked to become the model to represent Romain’s company and ad campaign she refuses the chance of a lifetime. Why? She remembers what he did to her years ago, remembered and wanted no part of him now!

Years ago their paths crossed but in not a nice way. Sorcha was accused of being a drug user, her reputation was completely destroyed by an interview Romain gave to the press. It was his Aunt who came to Sorcha’s rescue, gave her another chance and is now her employer.

Romain has learned the hard way not to trust, not to trust love, his stepbrother, his deceased mother, no one. At one time in his life they have all let him down. Being a “user” is disgusting to him and he still suspects Sorcha is a user but cannot control his attraction to her. He’s decided she is what he needs for his campaign and for his pleasure. It’s like he’s obsessed and he does let up on this woman and time and time again, circumstances all point to the fact that Sorcha should not be trusted!

Sorcha is “fiery” in everyway…..she’s an incredible character, she lives up to her red hair and Irish heritage, she’s loyal to her friends, passionate about drugs addiction and actually sets up a youth outreach centre in Dublin. She’s also insanely in love with the man who would toss her in the trash, would use her until there was nothing left of her soul. This story will wrench your heart out……..their passion leaps off the pages, their attraction for each other, , their love/hate feelings………their story sizzles!

As for Romain, at first I wanted to sock him, kick him until I learned how emotionally he was hurt by his first love, his mother and his stepbrother. This is one steamy and sexy man who can’t get Sorcha out of his system. But when all falls, he falls hard, I promise.

If you’re a fan of “Top Model” or fashion week in NYC or the fashion runway in Paris or Milan….it’s the glamour, the electricity the models generate, it’s the intrigue of the entire fashion industry from the designers, to the models, to those wealthy enough to afford the luxury of designer high fashion. It’s fabulous!

Book Description:
His price? She’ll become his mistress!

As a top model, Sorcha Murphy can command a high price. But her fame hides a terrible secret from her past – one she has tried to put behind her, but which is about to return to haunt her…

Romain de Valois knows Sorcha is damaged goods – her hedonistic reputation speaks for itself. But he needs and wants her for one final assignment, and he’s prepared to pay…

So when Romain discovers that Sorcha hasn’t changed her ways, he decides to change the deal…her pay-cheque will be recouped in the bedroom – as his model mistress!


Annie West yet again, delivers a passionate love story full of intrigue in the name of Tessa Marlowe. Tessa appears on the eve of Stavros Denakis engagement party and sets in motion a chain of events you won't want to miss. Unexpected wife doesn't even describe it!

Stavros Denakis is the Greek alpha like no other who holds himself back when it comes to commitment and love. His father's past history with women have left him scared and resentful so when Tessa appears on his door step, he is not only furious but thinks she has an agenda. Tessa swears she is only here to return the "family" heirloom ring with the family crest.

Is this really Tessa? The Tessa he married a few years ago and then he witnessed her accident and death? If this is his wife, then why after all of these years has she appeared on the eve his his engagement to another woman? Why now and where has she been? He is angry, intrigued and she still can make him crazy, peak his interest and cause him to feel desire in ways no other woman has ever touched him.

Stavros and Tessa's journey is one incredible ride, full of passion,it a tug of war, roller coaster ride all rolled into one. Stavros self discovery that in the end, will move the reader, especially when he realizes he cares deeply for Tessa. Well it's something you won't want to miss! Congratulations to Annie West on this moving and emotional love story.

Book Description:

She’s fallen in love with her husband!
Stavros Denakis is furious when Tessa Marlowe turns up without warning. Even though, technically, they are married, their union was never consummated. Weary and cynical through his experience of women, Stavros suspects the wife he hardly knows is a gold-digger – surely her reason for appearing again out of the blue must be to claim her share of the Denakis millions? But Tessa is a temptation that he can’t resist…

Bedded by her gorgeous Greek husband, Tessa realises that she has fallen in love with him, and she longs for their marriage to become real. Only Stavros, though he may be passionate in private, remains cold in public, and seems determined that they will stay wedded only in name…


I was absouately captivated by India Grey's The Italian's Captive Virgin.

Anna Delafield was such an interesting character, full of dreams, had such loving memories of her mother and grandmother, and of her family chateau in France,. The times spent at the chateau where some of the happeist of her life. That is where she once dreamed of someday being a bride and walking down the staircase and into the arms of her handsome "prince".

Well those dreams are about to come to an end with the sale of the chateau. Family secrets also threaten to destroy her spirit and life. Anna feels all is about to end at the hand of Italian Angelo Emiliari. Angelo is a very rich and powerful man who's interested in purchasing Anna's family chateau, a man who usually gets what he wants at any cost, a man who will charm and draw her into a web which has the power not only to destroy her home but Anna herself.

I found Angelo an interesting man, especially the secrets of his past and how he was always holding himself back, intrigued by Anna, drawn to her in such a way that she also had the power to cause him anguish and emotions he was not willing to face.

This is India's second book with Mills and Boon and oh what a wonderful, sensual and emotional read it was and in keeping with strong alpha and intriguing female characters.

Anna was interesting and had many facets to her character and I was absolutely charmed by her story. At times I was drawn to her and wanted to be her friend. I'm so happy she found the love of her life! Thanks you India Grey for such a moving romance, one I will long treasure.

Book Description:

Italian tycoon Angelo Emiliani knows Anna Delafield is playing games: he wants to buy her French chateau, but it seems she’ll do anything to stop him. So he decides to teach her a lesson! Anna will be his VIP captive for a few days on his yacht. Hopefully, that should show her he’s not a man to be toyed with…

But as cabin fever sets in, passions erupt, and Anna quickly realises the price of stopping Angelo has just got higher. Now there’s more at stake than just saving the château… Anna’s at risk of losing her virginity and more…!


Kate Walker has yet again charmed her readers and fans with The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife. Andreas Petrakos is not only proud, he's sexy, rich, brooding, headstrong, angry and on top of this, he's suffering from amnesia, bruises which he's received in a recent car accident. What this demanding Greek wants is his wife to nurse him, a wife he so hurtfully sent away a year ago on their wedding night!

A little over a year ago, Becca was sent home on the eve of her wedding, shorting after their marriage was consummated. As she was protecting her sister, she was unable to give an explanation to her new husband, one he would forgive! While I thought Becca sweet, I wanted to shake her.......why? Because she was so weak in standing up for herself, so weak with the love she felt for this proud man, it broke my heart! I also wanted to shake Andreas, make him see how much this lovely woman adored and loved him.

However, this is one of those books once you begin reading it you absolutely can't put it down! I'm truly amazed at how Kate, time and time again brings "freshness" to her stories, never letting her readers down.

You will love The Greek's Tycoon's Unwilling Wife. Keep tissues close by, you're going to need them!

Book Description
He thought she was his mistress...
Recuperating on his private Greek island after a car crash, Andreas Petrakos had no memory of the previous year. The last thing he remembered was his passionate affair with beautiful Rebecca Ainsworth.

...when, actually, she was his wife!

Becca returned to the island because Andreas asked for her. But she had to hide the truth. What would happen when Andreas recalled throwing Becca out—on their wedding day—for a reason only he knew?


"Black sheep" doesn't even describe Delcan Gates. However, was this title imposed by his home town deserved? If think not! This alpha not only had a dark side and a closed heart, he had loved his childhood friend all of his life.

Lily Wharton was the girl you remember in high school, smart, beautiful, talented and just plain sweet. She had always loved Delcan but never had the strength to stand up to her family, friends nor the town. She just went along hiding her emotions from her family and in the end, was the most responsible for breaking his heart when she didn't stick up for him and told a lie. A lie which meant Delcan had to leave town.

The Gates and the Wharton's were like the Hatfield's and the McCoys. The town mansion which oozed society and wealth stood on acliff and symbolized all of the feuds these two families shared plus the town mill. Delcan's family literally stole this away for the Wharton's years ago, so when Delcan's mother passes away, he comes back to settle the estate and means to sell everything.

Lily adores the old house and has plans to save the home her family once owned plus restore the old mill and bring jobs back into her hometown and boosting back the economy. Her family, the town, all of them are against Delcan. However, what Lily doesn't count on is her strong attraction for Delcan, her feelings and emotions are torn in two. Their love is passionate, tender and sweet. However, in the end will Delcan take out his revenge on Lily and the town? You'll just have to read this story to find out!

This is a lovely love story, one you won't want to miss. I adored Delcan and wept when his dreams finally came true!

Book Description
How the tables had turned
Once the boy who could do no good, Declan Gates was now the billionaire who could do no wrong. And blue-blood Lily Wharton suddenly needed his help in buying back her ancestral home. But Declan had no plans to succumb to Lily's heartfelt pleas. He'd keep her house, take her business and bed her—something he'd dreamed of for years.

But would one touch of her warm lips on his skin cause his ruthless plans to spiral dizzily out of control?

About the Author
Jennifer Lewis was born in Manhattan, but grew up in London where she spent her youth reading fairy tales and soaking up history that sparked her imagination. She returned to the States for college and a career in media, and currently lives in New York with her husband and young children. Her website is and she loves to hear from readers at

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