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"Black sheep" doesn't even describe Delcan Gates. However, was this title imposed by his home town deserved? If think not! This alpha not only had a dark side and a closed heart, he had loved his childhood friend all of his life.

Lily Wharton was the girl you remember in high school, smart, beautiful, talented and just plain sweet. She had always loved Delcan but never had the strength to stand up to her family, friends nor the town. She just went along hiding her emotions from her family and in the end, was the most responsible for breaking his heart when she didn't stick up for him and told a lie. A lie which meant Delcan had to leave town.

The Gates and the Wharton's were like the Hatfield's and the McCoys. The town mansion which oozed society and wealth stood on acliff and symbolized all of the feuds these two families shared plus the town mill. Delcan's family literally stole this away for the Wharton's years ago, so when Delcan's mother passes away, he comes back to settle the estate and means to sell everything.

Lily adores the old house and has plans to save the home her family once owned plus restore the old mill and bring jobs back into her hometown and boosting back the economy. Her family, the town, all of them are against Delcan. However, what Lily doesn't count on is her strong attraction for Delcan, her feelings and emotions are torn in two. Their love is passionate, tender and sweet. However, in the end will Delcan take out his revenge on Lily and the town? You'll just have to read this story to find out!

This is a lovely love story, one you won't want to miss. I adored Delcan and wept when his dreams finally came true!

Book Description
How the tables had turned
Once the boy who could do no good, Declan Gates was now the billionaire who could do no wrong. And blue-blood Lily Wharton suddenly needed his help in buying back her ancestral home. But Declan had no plans to succumb to Lily's heartfelt pleas. He'd keep her house, take her business and bed her—something he'd dreamed of for years.

But would one touch of her warm lips on his skin cause his ruthless plans to spiral dizzily out of control?

About the Author
Jennifer Lewis was born in Manhattan, but grew up in London where she spent her youth reading fairy tales and soaking up history that sparked her imagination. She returned to the States for college and a career in media, and currently lives in New York with her husband and young children. Her website is and she loves to hear from readers at

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