Sunday, March 30, 2008


As I finished reading this book many thoughts came to mind. Dreams, goals, can they be achieved at any cost? I guess it depends on a person’s drive, their past, present and what their goals are for their future. Tonight as I was getting dinner ready I heard a commercial on the TV, the author is unknown but the message is one of the messages I believe Robyn Grady was trying to portray in her book Hired for the Bosses Bed. “When you give up the ability to decide for yourself, you give up you”.

Serena Stevens is a girl we all know maybe even one we recognize. In her youth, she had to overcome some physical obstacles, weight, eyes (coke bottle glasses), and self esteem and now as an adult her father’s negative comments as they relate to her future which just makes her more determined.

Serena is driven to make her goals and a name for herself in the media industry, to travel, and live overseas…..she is determined as she’s worked very hard in furthering her education, making major changes in her life…..her appearance and moving from her home town. She looks back at her accomplished mother who gave up her life for family and still wants the brass ring. Enter a man who will change her life!

David Miles, handsome, talented, millionaire, sexy and owner of the advertising agency Serena works at, gives her an incredible chance and promotion. He is looking for the top award this year in his field and when the person he is counting on injures herself, he gives Serena a chance but at what price? However let’s not forget that this incredible man had to also give up his dreams for family.

David and Serena are immediately attracted to each other, fight it, and act on it and eventually fall deeply. I can’t remember reading a romance where both characters are so equally matched but in the end, at such odds. Be prepared!

Robyn’s Hired for the Bosses Bed…..well I wish it had a different title because it really doesn’t portray the deep meaning the author was trying to deliver to her readers……so many lessons, packed with emotion, light humour, a true lesson in love and what’s important in life! Robyn keep on writing your incredible stories!


Anonymous said...

Geez....this is my life story. So how do I find this incredible man?

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

At one time in my life I felt the same way. Just when I WASN'T looking, he came along. Dreams do come true and you can have it all!


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