Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Bed With Her Italian Boss - Kate Hardy

This is the first Kate Hardy book I’ve ever read and I’m so glad I did! It’s a little like Prince Charming meets Sleeping Beauty. Gio is one handsome, sexy and talented Italian. He believes in commitment and family and is a man who made sacrifices for that family. At one time he dreamed of being a musician. However when his father became ill, he rose to the cause and took over the family coffee business giving up his dream.

Fran, is the oldest in her family and was adopted when her parents thought they couldn’t have any children which was inaccurate as they eventually had twins boys and a girl. Fran always felt awkward, a sense of not belonging as her siblings excelled at everything they attempted; where Fran definitely was not an academic as the rest of her family.

Fran frequents the Mazetti coffee shop and one particular day stops in feeling a little off as she’s just been told her job is being eliminated. She feels comfortable talking with Gio and in the end, Gio offers Fran a job as his office manager as he needs someone to organize his business because he wants to expand.

What both Fran and Gio don’t count as their working relationship and friendship progress is their attraction for each other. Gio’s family adore him and want him happy so when they learn of Fran they believe her to be more than his office manager. This situation works well for Gio as his Nonna is soon to visit so he asks Fran to pose as his girlfriend for the entire family. What they both don’t count on is how their relationship develops from friendship to lovers. What Fran doesn’t count on is for the very first time, she actually feels she belongs

This is one sweet and tender love story……an awakening of sorts for both Gio and Fran and one you definitely will not want to miss thanks to Kate Hardy’s storytelling ability!

Book Description:

Having just been fired, Francesca has three immediate requirements: a coffee, an extremely calorific pastry and a new job. Stopping off at her favorite café, Giovanni's, she manages to pick up all three!

Working for darkly handsome Giovanni Mazetti is fantastic—except Fran discovers the job comes with a tantalizing caveat: pretending to be his adoring girlfriend! Soon their kisses start happening in private as well as in public, and although Fran knows it's all a game to Giovanni, she can't help wishing his feelings were for real….

Sunday, April 27, 2008

UK Readers & Authors - Participate in Interview celebrating Mills and Boon?

As posted by author Kate Walker on The Pink Heart Society:

Julie Moggan from UK's Channel 4 is doing a documentary on romance authors and readers in conjunction with Mills and Boon 100th Celebrations.

So I promised to post a letter from Julie to you all. And the PHS eds have agreed to let me do it because we think this is a project that deserves our support. With contributions from as many of us as possible, Julie will be able to collect up the material she needs to give an unbiased, accurate and up to date view of what M&B romance –writing and reading – is all about. We have a chance to put our case and have it heard and reported fairly.

So here’s Julie’s letter asking for contributions and for people to talk to her about what they love about Mills & Boon, why you love to read it or write it. I hope that lots of you will volunteer to chat with her so that she can get as wide arrange of opinions, interests, ages etc as possible. The only limit I have to mention is that, obviously, due to budget restrictions and the fact that most commissioning editors only want UK based ideas, Julie is looking for UK readers and writers for the final documentary:

Hi there, my name’s Julie. I’m a documentary maker and a fan of romantic fiction. I want to make a warm, intelligent documentary that celebrates the Mills & Boon publishing phenomenon in the year of its centenary. I want the film to take us into the personal worlds of Mills & Boon novelists and avid readers, to uncover the secrets of Mills & Boon’s enduring success and find answers to the perennial question ‘What do women really want ?!?!’.

I’m at the very early stages of research and at this point I’m very keen to chat to avid fans of Mills & Boon novels, to hear what it is about the books that they love so much. I would also really love to hear from Mills & Boon novelists, to learn more about their lives & writing. I had a really exciting and inspiring meeting with Kate Walker last week and she very kindly offered to make this posting on my behalf. So please do get in touch if you would be willing to talk. All discussion at this point would be off-camera and you’d be under no obligation to appear in the final documentary.

I look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about my project.

All the best
Julie Moggan

I so agree with Kate that sometimes romance authors and readers get a bad rep. Even though I can't participate here from the US, I did email Julie sharing my thoughts about the romance community and pointed out some professions my favorite authors had before writing romance. In a blog post, Ally Blake also mentions she wishes she lived in the UK and could participate! I agree....... this is an extremely important project! Hopefully when the project is completed those of you in the UK will share with us!

So, if you reside in the UK, please contact Julie and help to celebrate "romance".

Saturday, April 19, 2008

ALLY BLAKE - Millionaire to the Rescue

He had always been there for her...

Brooke Findlay visited agent Danny Finch only for him to tell her that her once wealthy, famous late husband had squandered everything. She and the kids were left with nothing - no house, no money

Danny came to their rescue, giving them a home in his luxury mountain estate. Brooke was shocked to discover the intense attraction simmering between them. It was clear Danny had feelings for her, but after all the heartache she'd been through - her husband's lies, affairs, secrets - would she ever be able to trust a man again? Even a man as gorgeous and honourable as Danny...?

My thoughts:
How did I miss this book I've asked my self and this author?

This is such a sensitive and romantic story, the title doesn't even do it justice. The alpha, is to die for, he's sexy, sensitive, rich, has a past and loves his best friends wife from afar plus he adores her children. What more can you ask for on a romantic journcy?

I've got to tell you, this is a book you will not want to miss, the entire storyline from beginning to end, the children, the fiesty mom who has at all costs tried to keep it all together, trust me, you won't be sorry to take the journey!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A "Greek God" in every sense, Sam is proud, very much the alpha but he has a well "hidden sensitive side" when it comes to Ellie his personal PA. You see, they actually at one time were two `Strangers in the Night" who shared an incredible night of passion. Months ago, they met at a company masquerade ball and they were so drawn to each other and acted on that attraction. However, Ellie made Sam promise not to remove her masque and if he in the future were to recognize her, he was to never mention their night of passion and Sam agreed because he knew Ellie would run!

Ellie has worked for the bank for years, promoted several times and her main goal is to have enough money saved to quit her job and have a child before it is too late. As far as relationships, Ellie's success rate is "zero" so she plans to have a procedure in order to achieve her goal. However, when she is given a promotion to be Sam's PA with an increase in salary she accepts. However, he is a threat to everything she wants and she's scared. Sam pulls Ellie like a magnet; it is actually painful and a couple of times she gives in to her desire and throws caution to the wind. However, it all backfires for both of them.

This was an incredible love story and at times hard to read as you watched Ellie and Sam's struggle. Sam in a way lives by the old Greek ways, at one time he was married and hurt so he has trust issues and his strong feelings for Ellie confuse him. Whereas, Ellie is hurt by Sam's comments, actions and yearns for him to see her as the person she really is and she feels "used" and decides to move forward, which means leaving Sam and the bank she loves.

Heart breaking? Yes! However, you will not want to miss this wonderful romance and you will want to read more of Anna Clary's books. Congratulations Anna on this spectacular book; I can't wait to read your next Presents!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The book is stunning! It’s a negotiation in more ways than you can imagine but when you meet Cooper, you’ll fall absolutely in love……he’s not only handsome, rich, smart, and has a sense of humour, he’s sexy and sensitive. I have to mention that the Presents title does not reflect the storyline or the power it delivers but as we all know sometimes authors don’t get a choice.

Ariel well as far as I’m concerned she’s the “star” of this book. She’s was rescued by a wonderful woman who she calls Aunt Barb. She was an orphan and Barb found her wrapped in an “art” canvas when she was a small child. Barb has given her a meaning to live and a sense of family. How can a reader not be drawn to this woman, this beautiful, funny, talented artist who wants to keep Aunt Barb’s memory and art gallery alive? And guess what? Cooper’s corporation wants to take it away from her…..buy and develop the site.

How they initially meet, what transpires and the chemistry between Cooper and Ariel sizzles right off the page. Their interaction, the cat and mouse game they play from the beginning to end, your heart will clench. I adored this book; it’s charming, funny and sexy and extremely moving thanks to Nicola Marsh!

Book Description:
Cooper Vance is successful, sexy, and totally single—and that's the way he likes it. Until he walks into an art gallery that he's determined to buy and sees a woman who takes his breath away….

Can this big-shot tycoon break all his own rules so he can broker a deal and make Ariel his mistress?

Friday, April 11, 2008


This book actually knocked me sideways I was so taken with it! When I read Susan's comments on how the book came to be, I thought I'm not going to enjoy it.....A super mom who dresses up like Wonder Woman because her son has a terminal disease and she thinks if he believes she has super powers he will not die?

Let me tell you like 22 others have on Amazon, this is an incredible story, it is funny, it's so moving at times you're heart will ache. On top of everything else, it's steamy and sexy as well.

You will adore Kerri, her drive to find a cure for her son's disease, how she gets the funds to re-open the clinic where scientists are very close in finding the cure. And Kerri's son Cory will melt your heart.

Cynical billionaire Nathan King, you'll want him for yourself, he's that kind of driven and determined man who has lost so much, who does not believe in love until he falls under Kerri's spell. Their love story is simply beautiful!

Susan Mallery amazes me each time I read one of her books. She always delivers fun, fascinating and exceptional stories and Accidentally Yours is a book I will long remember.


WANTED: -Single mom seeks billionaire's pocketbook to fund dying son's research cure.
Will seduce if necessary. Blackmail is not out of the question. Miracles welcome. -Cynical billionaire seeks working mom with a heart of gold for

PR campaign to improve his standing in the community. Must be willing to attend social events. Anyone looking for love need not apply.

It seemed like the perfect match… until the unthinkable happened.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A REASON TO BELIEVE - ROXANNE ST. CLAIRE ( What you Can't See - Allison Brennan, Roxanne St. Claire, Karin Tabke

My reason for purchasing the book, well the Bullet Catchers and Roxanne St.Claire but I never would have believed it to be a paranormal and I was so pleasantly surprised. This book is a "teaser" but it stands alone, how could it not with sexy Chase Ryker, astronaut, scientist, all alpha, sexy, smart, a man any woman would fall for and then some!

As Roxanne says......"some things you just know" and for me I just know that Roxanne St. Claire ALWAYS delivers; her stories are exceptional and extremely entertaining. I realized I had to get this book and read it immediately in order to be ready for her next Bullet Catcher 'FIRST YOU RUN".

What I loved about this book is Ari has a "pixie like quality"....she sports a "Tinkerbell's" tattoo, she has her mother's gift of being a physic. She is sexy, playful, sincere and she adores Chase. Being a television celebrity, having a stalker and seeing an accident which takes a life, well it is all too much at first but in the end, a wonderful storyline.

Chase seems like someone we would all want as a friend and or boyfriend. He has a brilliant mind and yet he's down to earth, sexy and someone you would want to protect you all all cost! Saying that..... if you are a Bullet Catcher fan, why would you not want to add this fascinating book to your romance/suspense collection? I personally want to say to the author, thanks for this wonderful series and for making Chase and Ari such special characters and lovers.


Allison Brennan - DELIVER US FROM EVIL

Demonologist Anthony Zaccardi can't save the twelve priests brutally slaughtered at a California mission, but he's determined to send the killer -- an ancient demon -- back to hell. And when tough, sexy local sheriff Skye McPherson refuses to believe something supernatural is at work, Anthony realizes that to "Deliver Us From Evil" he must first win Skye's trust, then her heart.

Roxanne St. Claire - REASON TO BELIEVE

Popular TV psychic Arianna Killian's conversations with the dead have earned her the attention of a killer who fears her abilities, and Bullet Catcher Chase Ryker is the skeptical bodyguard assigned to protect her. When the messages turn deadly, they are given a "Reason to Believe" in life after

death...and love...after all.

Karin Tabke - REDEMPTION

After a fatal car crash, bad boy cop Zach Garret's descent into hell is interrupted by an unusual deal for "Redemption." AllÊZach has to do is return to earth as a warrior sworn to defend his ex-fiancée Danica Keller, the unknowing keeper of a power coveted by the forces of darkness. But even harder than keeping Danica alive that longÊis convincing her to give a second chance to the man who once betrayed her

Saturday, April 05, 2008


Yet again, Jane Porter mesmerizes her readers with a magnificent and magical “sheikh” story, part of The Desert King series. It’s a bit of a reunion love story as nine years ago, Jesslyn and Prince Fehr were lovers in every sense of the word. They were brought together by a tragedy when Fehr’s two sisters and Jesslyn were in a horrible accident and the sisters were killed. The other tragedy was that Jesslyn was not only left with their loss but injuries which would affect the rest of her life, probable infertility.

Your heart will break as you take the jour4ney with them…..you’ll meet his three sweet girls, his horrible and meddling mother and watch from the sidelines as secrets, lies and manipulation unfold.

Jesslyn walked away nine years ago from the love of her life, Sharif Fehr. Why? His mother hated her, told her he was to marry and that she was not fit to love and be his wife due to the fact she could never give him children. So she walked, still secretly hoping he could come after her. He did not, he married another and had three beautiful girls and now he’s a widower and needs Jesslyn’s help with his girls. Sharif realizes something is dreadfully wrong with the children and knows that Jesslyn is a teacher not living far from his palace. He “demands” she come to the palace, teach the girls and hopefully help them to adjust to their life without their mother. Sharif also has an agenda, one you’ll learn about when you read this incredible book.

You’ll love Sharif, his lack of understanding of how to be the father his girls need and how Jesslyn helps to heal and bring this family together through love and determination. It’s an exceptional romantic and sweet story as only Jane Porter can write with promises of more to come in her next release, Captive Bride.

Book Description:

When Jesslyn knew him in London, Sharif Fehr was a playboy prince, and their romance was carefree and fun.

Now Jesslyn has been summoned to the desert land that Sheikh Sharif rules. The intervening years have proved harsh and cruel, and Sharif has grown used to his word being law. No one dares challenge him—except Jesslyn! But for all her sweet insolence, Sharif is sure of one thing: Jesslyn will obey his ultimate command and submit—to becoming his wife and queen!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


In November of 2007 we were introduced to Morgan and her twin Tegan in the Bosses Christmas Baby. In Trish Morey’s The Sheiks Convenient Virgin, this is Morgan’s story. You will fall in love with Morgan, she is very different from her spirited twin and yet this sweet and even tempered woman no longer is passive, she develops a temper and sass when she meets Sheik Tajik. He demands, his advances, his assault on her senses and her personal space drive her crazy.

The sheikh needs a wife and immediately! When he arrives in Australia and comes to see his mother, he notices her companion, Morgan. The sheikh is advised by his closest aid that his cousin is undermining him while he is away, has suggested to the council that Taj should marry his young daughter. Taj learns of this conspiracy and realizes he must return to his home country, what better solution than to have his mother’s companion accompany them and plans are set in motion. Plans that Morgan his not privy to so one can well imagine when they are revealed she blows her fuse. Marry a man she doesn’t know? Become a sheika in a desert wedding? Be expected to not only consummate the marriage but bear his heirs? Never!

Their journey is a dance and rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss. It’s tender, passionate and oh what a beautiful, proud, sexy, wealthy sheikh Tajik is but wait until you see him soften, you’ll melt!

What make this story so special is that Sheik Taj wasn’t looking for love nor did he expect it! His father, her father and his fiancé were killed a year before so this marriage will be one of convenience for him. In the end, what he didn’t expect was to fall in love!

Again, Trish Morey has penned an exceptional story, one of passion and promise and tying in two of her other releases to make this a romance you will not want to miss!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brenda Novak's Jr. Diabetes Auction

Brenda's Online Auction for Diabetes Research

The 4th Annual On-line Auction for Diabetes Research is almost here! The auction starts May 1st and runs through May 31st, 2008. If you’d like to get involved, drop Brenda an e-mail. There are lots of ways to help.

My very first auction ran in 2005 and was a huge success. Together with my generous donors, which included some of the biggest and brightest stars in publishing, I raised $34,982, which went directly to research. In year 2, we did even better and raised $62,705. In year three, we more than doubled at $141,700. We’re definitely on a roll. The auction takes a full year to plan and pull off, but it’s a labor of love—for all the people who, like my son, suffer from diabetes. This year, we’ll be shooting for $150,000. Please help me make it happen.

Each year, I offer a fabulous prize package to the person who places the most bids over all (even if that person doesn’t end up winning a single item). This year, the prize package includes:

A brand new Camcorder (retail value of at least $1,000),
Your Name in My Next Book,
An autographed copy of TRUST ME (6/08--the first of The Last Stand series),
and Chocolate (lots of chocolate!)
So once the auction opens again in May, get in early and keep at it and the next winner could be you!

And this year, we have something new to offer: Raffle prizes! Get ready to buy some tickets for some amazing items.

If you have any ideas you think would make the auction bigger and more exciting, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who donated and to all who are shopping!

Here’s to making a difference…

Brenda Novak

Auction Site: http://brendanovak.auctionanything.com/

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