Saturday, April 19, 2008

ALLY BLAKE - Millionaire to the Rescue

He had always been there for her...

Brooke Findlay visited agent Danny Finch only for him to tell her that her once wealthy, famous late husband had squandered everything. She and the kids were left with nothing - no house, no money

Danny came to their rescue, giving them a home in his luxury mountain estate. Brooke was shocked to discover the intense attraction simmering between them. It was clear Danny had feelings for her, but after all the heartache she'd been through - her husband's lies, affairs, secrets - would she ever be able to trust a man again? Even a man as gorgeous and honourable as Danny...?

My thoughts:
How did I miss this book I've asked my self and this author?

This is such a sensitive and romantic story, the title doesn't even do it justice. The alpha, is to die for, he's sexy, sensitive, rich, has a past and loves his best friends wife from afar plus he adores her children. What more can you ask for on a romantic journcy?

I've got to tell you, this is a book you will not want to miss, the entire storyline from beginning to end, the children, the fiesty mom who has at all costs tried to keep it all together, trust me, you won't be sorry to take the journey!

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