Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A "Greek God" in every sense, Sam is proud, very much the alpha but he has a well "hidden sensitive side" when it comes to Ellie his personal PA. You see, they actually at one time were two `Strangers in the Night" who shared an incredible night of passion. Months ago, they met at a company masquerade ball and they were so drawn to each other and acted on that attraction. However, Ellie made Sam promise not to remove her masque and if he in the future were to recognize her, he was to never mention their night of passion and Sam agreed because he knew Ellie would run!

Ellie has worked for the bank for years, promoted several times and her main goal is to have enough money saved to quit her job and have a child before it is too late. As far as relationships, Ellie's success rate is "zero" so she plans to have a procedure in order to achieve her goal. However, when she is given a promotion to be Sam's PA with an increase in salary she accepts. However, he is a threat to everything she wants and she's scared. Sam pulls Ellie like a magnet; it is actually painful and a couple of times she gives in to her desire and throws caution to the wind. However, it all backfires for both of them.

This was an incredible love story and at times hard to read as you watched Ellie and Sam's struggle. Sam in a way lives by the old Greek ways, at one time he was married and hurt so he has trust issues and his strong feelings for Ellie confuse him. Whereas, Ellie is hurt by Sam's comments, actions and yearns for him to see her as the person she really is and she feels "used" and decides to move forward, which means leaving Sam and the bank she loves.

Heart breaking? Yes! However, you will not want to miss this wonderful romance and you will want to read more of Anna Clary's books. Congratulations Anna on this spectacular book; I can't wait to read your next Presents!

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