Sunday, April 06, 2008

A REASON TO BELIEVE - ROXANNE ST. CLAIRE ( What you Can't See - Allison Brennan, Roxanne St. Claire, Karin Tabke

My reason for purchasing the book, well the Bullet Catchers and Roxanne St.Claire but I never would have believed it to be a paranormal and I was so pleasantly surprised. This book is a "teaser" but it stands alone, how could it not with sexy Chase Ryker, astronaut, scientist, all alpha, sexy, smart, a man any woman would fall for and then some!

As Roxanne says......"some things you just know" and for me I just know that Roxanne St. Claire ALWAYS delivers; her stories are exceptional and extremely entertaining. I realized I had to get this book and read it immediately in order to be ready for her next Bullet Catcher 'FIRST YOU RUN".

What I loved about this book is Ari has a "pixie like quality"....she sports a "Tinkerbell's" tattoo, she has her mother's gift of being a physic. She is sexy, playful, sincere and she adores Chase. Being a television celebrity, having a stalker and seeing an accident which takes a life, well it is all too much at first but in the end, a wonderful storyline.

Chase seems like someone we would all want as a friend and or boyfriend. He has a brilliant mind and yet he's down to earth, sexy and someone you would want to protect you all all cost! Saying that..... if you are a Bullet Catcher fan, why would you not want to add this fascinating book to your romance/suspense collection? I personally want to say to the author, thanks for this wonderful series and for making Chase and Ari such special characters and lovers.


Allison Brennan - DELIVER US FROM EVIL

Demonologist Anthony Zaccardi can't save the twelve priests brutally slaughtered at a California mission, but he's determined to send the killer -- an ancient demon -- back to hell. And when tough, sexy local sheriff Skye McPherson refuses to believe something supernatural is at work, Anthony realizes that to "Deliver Us From Evil" he must first win Skye's trust, then her heart.

Roxanne St. Claire - REASON TO BELIEVE

Popular TV psychic Arianna Killian's conversations with the dead have earned her the attention of a killer who fears her abilities, and Bullet Catcher Chase Ryker is the skeptical bodyguard assigned to protect her. When the messages turn deadly, they are given a "Reason to Believe" in life after

death...and love...after all.

Karin Tabke - REDEMPTION

After a fatal car crash, bad boy cop Zach Garret's descent into hell is interrupted by an unusual deal for "Redemption." AllÊZach has to do is return to earth as a warrior sworn to defend his ex-fiancée Danica Keller, the unknowing keeper of a power coveted by the forces of darkness. But even harder than keeping Danica alive that longÊis convincing her to give a second chance to the man who once betrayed her

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