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Yet again, Jennie Lucas delivers a wonderful story full of passion, anger, secrets, pride…..just a very enjoyable and moving love story set in the Mediterranean and surrounded by castles, villas, lush country side and the sea.

Princess Isabelle de Luceran is bound by duty and honor to her Country and her family. Even though her heart was ripped apart years ago when she left the only man she’d ever loved. Isabelle had refused his proposal and in the end let her sister talk her into giving up the baby she had conceived with Paolo, making him heir to the throne. It’s not bad enough that her sister and her husband recently died in an acccident……now their 9 year old son has been kidnapped. She can only trust one man to do the job and that’s her past and only lover Paola Caretti. So she returns to the US and begs him to come home with her to save her nephew, which of course he does but with a price.

Paulo Caretti is ruthless, handsome, and rich and wants Isabelle. Years ago he loved her and proposed marriage and in the end, she refused and returned to her country. Now Paolo can seek revenge and his plan is for Isabelle to become his mistress, get her pregnant and marry her at all costs. Paolo accepts his passion for her but vows never to be caught up in love again. Love hurts and Paolo knows this first hand……from his ruthless father, from the mother who abandoned him and from the only woman he ever love who walked out on him!

What neither of them counts on is their powerful attraction, lust and the passion which goes up in flames when they are together. What they also don’t count on is that they can’t leave each other alone so the affair continues and they are splashed all over media which doesn’t sit well with Isabelle’s family and country.

There is so much anguish, hurt and at times it broke my heart. Their passion will take your breath away and in the end when they resolve their past, secrets and the issues facing them are resolved, you’ll stand up and cheer! Caretti’s Forced Bride is one book you won’t want to miss and I’m hopeful that Jennie will continue on with a series as all of the characters were wonderful, each with a story of their own, I’m sure!

Book Description:

He'll take his revenge. He'll be ruthless.
He'll make her ready for the taking!

Dark, devilish, rich and ruthless, Paolo Caretti isn’t ashamed of his roots. But he’s ashamed that he once loved a woman who thought she was better than him. Now Isabelle needs him, and Paolo has a thirst for revenge…

She’ll be his bride. She’ll do his bidding.
She’ll be happy in his bed!

Princess Isabelle de Luceran – she knows she hurt Paolo and it broke her heart. She also knows his help has a price. And when he discovers the true depth of her deceit she’ll be destroyed by his vengeance…

They’ll make vows. They’ll make love.
They’ll find love springs from hate!

Monday, May 12, 2008


In Jane's the Sheikh's Chosen Queen (book 1) you were introduced to King Sharif Fehr and his wife Jesslyn. Jesslyn was friends with Sharif's two sisters who were killed when they were all three on a trip. The family was devastated, especially his brother Khalid Fehr, who now resides in the Great Sarq Desert.

Khalid has never gotten over the loss so when he reads a post on the Internet from a brother who lives in the US,looking for his sister, Khalid's heart twists. After some research and investigation, he finds out she's been arrested and is now in a prison. Determined to free her, he stakes his honor, his familes as well to obtain her pardon. However, from the moment of Olivia Morse's release, everything goes wrong and so in order not to have Olivia returned to prison, Khalid states that she is his fiance and they are to be married. All sorts of questions arise with the government and his she a thief, a drug smuggler, and why would he want to marry when he's always told his family never!

Their journey actually begins in Cairo and then a wonderfulriver trip on the Nile, sights one dreams of seeing; history, color, artifacts, temples, bazaars, foods.....a dream come true for Olivia who is a travel agent from a small southern town. It's a journey of exploration for them, yearning, fear, the unknown factor if Olivia will be able to marry or go back to prison.

For Olivia is not just the adventure, it's finding out about herself, it's about falling for a man she doesn't understand, it's about honor, family and in the end love. It's a romantic adventure as only Jane Porter can write to exotic ports and places with an incredible honor bound sheikh, Khalid Fehr you'll adore!

Book Description:

When Sheikh Khalid Fehr rescues innocent Olivia Morse from the hands of his country's enemies, he guarantees her freedom by announcing she is his betrothed….
Khalid has vouched for Liv with his honor… and this desert king is determined that his new wife will fulfill her marital duties, by his side as his regal queen…and as his captive virgin bride!


Marcos Ramirez is truly a “dark angel”! This Spanish alpha is to die for, he’s angry, he’s seeking revenge and yet he has a protective and extremely sexy side, he’ll melt your heart.

Tasmin is misunderstood by the press and all of London. She’s been deemed a wild heiress, a flirt and a spoiled beauty and actually she’s none of these…..she’s got a secret and she’ll do anything that has to be done to protect a family member. When Tasmin is kidnapped by the “dark angel” she realizes she is indeed in trouble because if she doesn’t follow her step brother’s instructions to marry the nephew of the sheikh to save the family business, she’ll not only be on the receiving end of his wrath she’ll not be able to protect her ten year old sister from her families abuse.

Marcos is seeking revenge, revenge for the loss of his family due to the Winters family greed and that of Aziz the nephew of the sheikh. He kidnaps Tasmin and is seeking revenge and plans to ruin Aziz and Tasmin’s brother’s business. What neither of them counts on is their strong attraction for each other and in the end they act upon it and can’t seem to stay away from each other.

When the time comes to set the revenge plan in motion, everything is turned upside down. You will be holding your breath during the last few chapters, trying to figure out the outcome. Trust me, it’s thrilling, full of suspense and passion, pleasure and you’ll be shedding some tears as well. It’s a lesson for all to learn……leave the past behind and look towards the future and thanks to Jennie Lucas and The Spaniard’s Defiant Virgin one will see how Marcos gives up revenge for love.

A quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Book Description:

In his Spanish castillo Marcos Ramirez has been planning his retribution for the Winters family…. And now it's time.
Marcos will take Tamsin and destroy her family. But Tamsin isn't the hedonistic society girl he expected. She's beautiful and courageous—bedding her will be sweet. And it's then that Marcos realizes Tamsin's a virgin, and innocent of all she's been accused of!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Once I began reading Her Bedroom Surrender, honestly I could not put it down because it not only was sweet, sensitive, sensual and sexy it immediately addressed many issues women feel and there was a lot to digest. However, the journey is well worth it, with the bantering between these two incredible characters Rory and Cara.

For decades some young women have dealt with issues concerning their personal appearance and popularity. Cara certainly did……she felt growing up that she never quite fit in with her family. Her sisters were bubbly and fun while she was more reserved. In school she had girlfriends but was not popular with the male population. Even though she had a “pretty face” and was a successful published author of “diet books”, she had self esteem and self confidence issues.

Cara has a friend getting married and to make matters worse, she is the maid of honour and her ex is the best man. The dresses are form fitting and Cara knows that she is the only one who will be talked about due to her “curves”. She’s tired of everyone making excuses for who she is, always mentioning as an excuse about her “pretty face” and she wants to “knock their socks off” so she joins a gym and meets her personal trainer Rory who is to die for and drop dead gorgeous.

Rory, I can’t say enough about this exquisite man, brawn, sensitive, funny, sexy, an Irish rogue who always takes responsibility……for his family for the men he commands, amd for those he loves. You will absolutely fall in love with this Irish rogue who through determination and patience teaches Cara how to believe in herself and how to love. You will weep with the power of this very special love story.

Her Bedroom Surrender gives hope and meaning to anyone who reads this incredible story and will have the reader smiling and weeping at the same time. Thank you Trish Wylie for this “breathless” love story, one I will personally long remember.


Thursday, May 01, 2008


Kate is another new author for me and an exceptional one at that with this almost "Greek Tragedy"! At times, this was painful to read as Lukas struggled with his emotions and refused to love! He is a magnificent Greek alpha, shoulders his entire family's problems and always rises to the cause and takes responsibility for their misconduct.

The first few chapters are intense due to the fact that both characters, Lukas and Rhiannon are immediately drawn to each other. The air sizzles and crackles between them from the very beginning. When Rhiannon contacts Lukas it's for an urgent reason.....she is the ward of an old friends infant daughter, Annabel, who recently passed away. Her friend told her Lukas is the father and because of her past upbringing she feels it's important for the infant to be with family. She knows what it's like not to belong as she was adopted and never felt loved. Love is the most important thing to Rhiannon and she hopes someday to find it.

Lukas figures out that the Annabel's father is his nephew Christos, an uncaring, spoiled playboy. No matter at what cost, Lukas is going to take responsibility for this child and claims her as family. However, he demands until matters are settled that Rhiannon accompany them to Greece.

Sparks, sensual tension, all of it and more flare up between this couple. As the days go on, Rhiannon realizes that she loves this baby girl, she fights her attraction for Lukas and worries what the outcome will be.....should she allow this dysfunctional family to be involved in raising Annabelle? Should she stay in Greece to be close to this child she has grown to love and how will she deal with her feelings that are growing for Lukas

The passion, the heat, the tension and the heartache that encompass this couple will have you in tears. Kate Hewitt sincerely has a "winner" with The Greek Tycoons Convenient Bride; it's an exceptional story and will make you believe in love and happy endings!

Book Description:

Rhiannon Davies's plan was to reunite her late friend's baby with the infant's Greek father, then return home…alone. Instead Lukas whisks them away to his private island! Soon Rhiannon falls under the spell of the sun, sea—and the ruthless tycoon himself. Caught up in a wave of desire for the devastatingly handsome Lukas, she finds herself agreeing to marriage—with a man who has made it clear he'll never love her….

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