Monday, June 30, 2008


Only one way to describe it……an exceptionally sweet romance featuring an innocent woman who doesn’t see herself as being worthy of a handsome prince’s love. He’s her boss, her very best friend and she loves and adores him and for Grace Brown the past five years working for him, travelling with him, getting to know his family has been heaven. He’s changed her world and “filled it with light, warmth and sound”.

In Lucy’s July release Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess the reader was introduced to Princess Lina and the handsome, rich, playboy…… Sheik Amir. Both of their parents arranged a marriage between them but Lina fooled them all by falling in love and marrying her bodyguard Hawk. So now Sheikh Amir is not going to let his family arrange another marriage. He adores his personal assistant, he trusts her and he’s going to break her heart by asking her to find him a wife!

Amir decides he needs to return home to Zorha to see his family and also set his “marriage” plans in motion. He can’t deny he has inner feelings for Grace, he certainly considers her more than a PA and close friend and for reasons he can’t put his finger on, he’s sexually attracted to her and fights his urge to act upon it. He knows if he does, he’ll loose not only his PA but friend. He seeks the counsel of his eldest brother and admits his feelings and attraction, but what to do?

As for Grace, she loves Amir deeply and in the end agrees to find some candidates based on his requirements……beauty, intelligence, social standing and most important a marriage of convenience not love. Years ago, Amir loved deeply and his beloved was taken by him in death. He vows never again! Because Grace is devoted and wants him happy she agrees but with a price, she’s going to give her resignation.

What transpires you are not going to want to miss as Grace decides to go for broke…….transform herself, put herself on the list……’s final chapters, well let’s just say, amazing as only Lucy Monroe can pen.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I’ve read every book in Lucy Monroe’s Royal Bride series and they only get better and better and more interesting. In Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess Sebastian Hawk and Lina Marwan are equally matched in sensuality, spirit and in their attraction for each other. In each chapter I couldn’t wait to see if Lina was going to out-smart Hawk as he was hired to be her bodyguard to watch over her and to also watch over her security team her family had hired.

As a small child, Lina was sent away from her home to live in the US with her aunt and uncle. She’s never felt a part of her family; she’s felt neglected, unwanted with the exception of the care her US relatives have given her and from time to time, her brother who infrequently. She’s been sheltered, watched over like a hawk and now she wants to spread her wings. However, the only way she can do that is to outsmart her security team and her new bodyguard Hawk has figured her out!
Hawk is one hot man! He’s exceptional at his job, owns his own security company, is well respected in the industry and wants no part of a relationship. He’s learned from the women in his life not to trust and to keep his relationships short and sweet. Now he’s been hired by the Sheik to watch over his daughter who’s attending college so he makes sure he literally bumps into her, sparks fly between them…’s immediate attraction for both of them, Lina so innocent and Hawk so “experienced” and it’s a battle of wills, lust and a love story you’re not going to want to miss!

Throughout the entire book I was rooting for them and you will as well because their attraction is so immediate and powerful. Hawk is torn every step of the way; he fights his attraction for Lina and in the end it’s an emotional breakup and farewell. What was incredible to read was Lina’s journey in self discovery, how she grew emotionally and outsmarted them all! This author has a gift for drawing her readers into the story and this book is no exception. In the end, let’s just say, their reunion years later is emotional and tender as only Lucy Monroe can portray and this book is a love story at it’s best! Cheers to Lucy and her Royal Brides!

Book Description:

Sebastian Hawk is a master in business and in the bedroom. There is no place for emotion in his world.
Lina is a headstrong and reckless princess in need of protection and Sebastian is called in to provide round-the-clock security. Her provocative innocence is too enticing, and Sebastian loses his legendary self—control and beds her…only to discover she's still a virgin….
Royal Brides - An innocent princess — claimed by a hot-blooded billionaire!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife was not only full of passion as only Kate Walker can write; it also was moving, full of tension with extremely believable characters. What touched me the most was Raul, he was so vulnerable with his feelings for Alannah yet intensely angry. Even though he displayed his Alpha characteristics he touched me because his feelings for her were hidden inside from the moment she lied and left him he never really got over the pain or loss. Raul’s love for his sister, his lost brother and his desire to produce an heir for his father will move anyone reading this incredibly beautiful love story.

From the moment one begins reading this story set in a hospital where Alannah mourns her dead brother and friend, Lorena who turns out to be Raul’s sister who has also passed, you just know that when Raul arrives on the scene the tension is going to explode……and it does with seismic force.

As their story unfolds before the reader’s eyes, the sexual tension, the emotion, the pain of their love for each other will rip out your heart especially when Alannah’s feelings about her love for Raul, her wanting to give him an heir and her uncertainly of his feelings for her, well trust me you won’t want to miss reading this wonderful and moving story.

The Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is just another example of the amazing Kate Walker and her sensual and entertaining love stories.

Book Description:

Raul Esteban has always wanted Alannah.
She is purity and passion combined! But she rejected him, and now the proud Spanish aristocrat is determined that she will pay for her mistake—with her body!

Raul mistakenly believes Alannah is no longer a naive girl—until one night of passion proves he has taken her virginity! Now Raul will do whatever it takes to keep her at his mercy….

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lisa Kleypas - SUGAR DADDY

Lisa Kleypas has a charming writing style and Sugar Daddy was a pleasure to read. It’s full of passion, promise and power with a cast of many and not any of them a disappointment. Based on the title, I expected the main character Liberty Jones to actually have a sugar daddy but actually that wasn’t the case. He was more of a benefactor, one with secrets! It’s an all too familiar story of a determined young woman who takes responsibility for caring for her orphaned sister and takes them from rags to riches. Liberty Jones will steal your heart. Her vulnerability, sincerity, determination, love of family and her first love Hardy will touch your heart!

Sugar Daddy is set in Welcome Texas and then moves on to Houston. What I enjoyed about this wonderful book was learning about the history of the state, its people who is suspect are very unique to Texas…..both the poor and the wealthy. It was also interesting to see how the author meshed the cast of characters beginning with the trailer park in Welcome, Liberty, her mother and her mom’s boyfriends, her sister Carrington, Miss Marva and the love of her life, Hardy, When Liberty and Carrington move to Houston so Liberty can apprentice as a hair dresser at Salon One, you will be introduced to her co-workers and the wealthy Churchill Travis and his family. It’s the tycoon Churchill who asks Liberty and Carrington to move into his home with Liberty acting as his personal assistant. Again she falls in love and this time with Churchill’s son Jack, Just when things are going well, Hardy reappears in her life and the conflict begins, yet again!

Lisa Kleypas weaves such an emotional tale and reminds the reader of their first love and makes you wonder what if you met that person in later years, would it still be the same? However, what moved me so much was Liberty’s and Jack Travis’s love story. For the first time in her life someone was determined to make her happy. All of Liberty’s life, she was the one taking care of others and concerned for them and now this man, well he was a gift! It reminded me that every ending is a new beginning!

Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I was thoroughly charmed by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Natural Born Charmer. All one needs to do is look on Amazon and see that over 80 people for the most part, loved this story as well!

Recently I received notification that a reader’s 2008 poll voted Natural Born Charmer as follows: Best Romance, Favorite Funny and Best Contemporary Romance. That in itself tells the romance reader this is one book worth reading, and I suggest her entire Chicago Stars series as well.

Dean Robillard is not only handsome and full of charm; he is also the Chicago Stars quarterback and never lacks for female companionship. But Dean has issues involving commitment, family and family secrets. He appears to be on top of his game until he meets Blue Bailey and as they get to know each other she “knocks him sideways” Honestly, he is intrigued by her as she’s lives by her own code and she’s not sophisticated and polished like the other women in his past…….she wears combat boots, bike shorts and she’s one fun and sexy woman!

Blue Bailiey has never had a sense of family. Her mother was a “free spirit, do-gooder and from the time she can remember, she was uprooted and moved from one home to another as her mother was always off fighting a cause. Now Blue has a problem, her boyfriend has found another girl, her mother has emptied her bank account and she’s walking alongside a road in a beaver costume she wore as a lure to a local lumberyard. Enter one handsome quarterback to the rescue. As their journey begins, Dean realizes Blue is in trouble and he takes her to his newly acquired Tennessee farm. Neither does he know his estranged mother has been posing as a decorator and is renovating his home. Let the games begin!

I was so intrigued by the cast of characters in Natural Born harmer…..Dean, Blue, Jack (Dean’s rock star dad), Dean’s mom April (an ex-rockstar-groopie” and his step sister Riley. Then let’s not forget the town of Garrison with Nita the town’s matriarch and a cast of many! You will laugh, cry, fume and will not want this charming story to end!

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