Monday, June 23, 2008

Lisa Kleypas - SUGAR DADDY

Lisa Kleypas has a charming writing style and Sugar Daddy was a pleasure to read. It’s full of passion, promise and power with a cast of many and not any of them a disappointment. Based on the title, I expected the main character Liberty Jones to actually have a sugar daddy but actually that wasn’t the case. He was more of a benefactor, one with secrets! It’s an all too familiar story of a determined young woman who takes responsibility for caring for her orphaned sister and takes them from rags to riches. Liberty Jones will steal your heart. Her vulnerability, sincerity, determination, love of family and her first love Hardy will touch your heart!

Sugar Daddy is set in Welcome Texas and then moves on to Houston. What I enjoyed about this wonderful book was learning about the history of the state, its people who is suspect are very unique to Texas…..both the poor and the wealthy. It was also interesting to see how the author meshed the cast of characters beginning with the trailer park in Welcome, Liberty, her mother and her mom’s boyfriends, her sister Carrington, Miss Marva and the love of her life, Hardy, When Liberty and Carrington move to Houston so Liberty can apprentice as a hair dresser at Salon One, you will be introduced to her co-workers and the wealthy Churchill Travis and his family. It’s the tycoon Churchill who asks Liberty and Carrington to move into his home with Liberty acting as his personal assistant. Again she falls in love and this time with Churchill’s son Jack, Just when things are going well, Hardy reappears in her life and the conflict begins, yet again!

Lisa Kleypas weaves such an emotional tale and reminds the reader of their first love and makes you wonder what if you met that person in later years, would it still be the same? However, what moved me so much was Liberty’s and Jack Travis’s love story. For the first time in her life someone was determined to make her happy. All of Liberty’s life, she was the one taking care of others and concerned for them and now this man, well he was a gift! It reminded me that every ending is a new beginning!

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