Monday, June 23, 2008

Natural Born Charmer - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I was thoroughly charmed by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Natural Born Charmer. All one needs to do is look on Amazon and see that over 80 people for the most part, loved this story as well!

Recently I received notification that a reader’s 2008 poll voted Natural Born Charmer as follows: Best Romance, Favorite Funny and Best Contemporary Romance. That in itself tells the romance reader this is one book worth reading, and I suggest her entire Chicago Stars series as well.

Dean Robillard is not only handsome and full of charm; he is also the Chicago Stars quarterback and never lacks for female companionship. But Dean has issues involving commitment, family and family secrets. He appears to be on top of his game until he meets Blue Bailey and as they get to know each other she “knocks him sideways” Honestly, he is intrigued by her as she’s lives by her own code and she’s not sophisticated and polished like the other women in his past…….she wears combat boots, bike shorts and she’s one fun and sexy woman!

Blue Bailiey has never had a sense of family. Her mother was a “free spirit, do-gooder and from the time she can remember, she was uprooted and moved from one home to another as her mother was always off fighting a cause. Now Blue has a problem, her boyfriend has found another girl, her mother has emptied her bank account and she’s walking alongside a road in a beaver costume she wore as a lure to a local lumberyard. Enter one handsome quarterback to the rescue. As their journey begins, Dean realizes Blue is in trouble and he takes her to his newly acquired Tennessee farm. Neither does he know his estranged mother has been posing as a decorator and is renovating his home. Let the games begin!

I was so intrigued by the cast of characters in Natural Born harmer…..Dean, Blue, Jack (Dean’s rock star dad), Dean’s mom April (an ex-rockstar-groopie” and his step sister Riley. Then let’s not forget the town of Garrison with Nita the town’s matriarch and a cast of many! You will laugh, cry, fume and will not want this charming story to end!

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