Thursday, June 26, 2008


The Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife was not only full of passion as only Kate Walker can write; it also was moving, full of tension with extremely believable characters. What touched me the most was Raul, he was so vulnerable with his feelings for Alannah yet intensely angry. Even though he displayed his Alpha characteristics he touched me because his feelings for her were hidden inside from the moment she lied and left him he never really got over the pain or loss. Raul’s love for his sister, his lost brother and his desire to produce an heir for his father will move anyone reading this incredibly beautiful love story.

From the moment one begins reading this story set in a hospital where Alannah mourns her dead brother and friend, Lorena who turns out to be Raul’s sister who has also passed, you just know that when Raul arrives on the scene the tension is going to explode……and it does with seismic force.

As their story unfolds before the reader’s eyes, the sexual tension, the emotion, the pain of their love for each other will rip out your heart especially when Alannah’s feelings about her love for Raul, her wanting to give him an heir and her uncertainly of his feelings for her, well trust me you won’t want to miss reading this wonderful and moving story.

The Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is just another example of the amazing Kate Walker and her sensual and entertaining love stories.

Book Description:

Raul Esteban has always wanted Alannah.
She is purity and passion combined! But she rejected him, and now the proud Spanish aristocrat is determined that she will pay for her mistake—with her body!

Raul mistakenly believes Alannah is no longer a naive girl—until one night of passion proves he has taken her virginity! Now Raul will do whatever it takes to keep her at his mercy….

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