Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Anna Cleary has written an extremely, sensual and emotional-packed book which will make one forget whatever it was they were doing before they began reading Taken by the Maverick Millionaire. This is Anna’s second book set in beautiful Sydney which features the newspaper industry. It’s about secrets, corporate takeovers, a fake relationship which results in a rocky romantic journey for Cate Summerfield and Tom Russell.

Tom Russell, the proud and handsome son of the Russell Newspaper dynasty finds himself with three problems……his father has passed away leaving his fortune to charity, if a secret merger doesn’t happen he’ll loose his business and on top of that, the day of the funeral a rival newspaper woman overhears the secret details of that merger. What’s he going to do? He promises to give Cate Summerfield the scoop of the year if she’ll stay with him, pretend to be his mistress until the merger is complete.

Cate Summerfield comes from a middle class family, she’s has two loves, her ailing Grandmother and the desire to make her proud by becoming a successful newspaper woman. She’s recently had one bad relationship and it caused her Gran to suffer a heart attack when they were arguing beside her hospital bed. When Cate is given the chance to cover the Russell funeral and write the story, she’s over the moon. What she doesn’t count on is overhearing a discussion between Olivia West (publicist) and Tom who were making plans for a secret merger and if Cate scoops the story, it would take the Russell dynasty down! What she also doesn’t count on is her attraction for Tom and when she agrees to stay with him, her life if thrown into turmoil.

Both Tom and Cate have secrets and Taken by the Maverick Millionaire allows the reader to take their journey in a beautiful country, see the bond they form, see how they heal each other in the process, and in the end see how they learn to trust and declare their love for each other. It's quite an emotional and spirited love story; one that would light up any alpha's soul!

Book Description:


Cate Summerfield never meant to eavesdrop. Now powerful Tom Russell must stop her from exposing details of an important deal.


He'll keep Cate very close—seducing the beautiful blonde will be no hardship at all!

And in way over her head!

Cate knows Tom's not just a ruthless billionaire—but can the girl from the wrong side of the tracks ever be more than his convenient mistress?

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