Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hot, spicy, erotic doesn't even begin to describe Janice Maynard's By Appointment Only. This is one steamy, beyond hot read which centers on Hannah Quarles a woman with commitment and trust issues and Morgan Webber one sensual, gorgeous and romantic man!

From the moment they literally bump into each other, it's obvious to the reader that Morgan is knocked off balance. This wonderful man truly adores and eventually falls deeply in love with Hannah. Their journey literally ripped out my heart and I was cheering for them the entire way.

Hannah is a beautiful, sensual and deeply caring person. She is a "personal shopper" for the Seniors who live in retirement communities. It's obvious to the reader when one learns about her upbringing that walking down the isle with Morgan is going to be a tough sell, so when he tries to get her to commit to a date and leaves a bridal magazine, well let's just say it's a journey you won't want to miss!

From now on, Janice Maynard will automatically be an auto buy. Her whit, charm and her characters are incredible and this is one great, sizzling and entertaining read!

Book Description:

A good marriage is based on love, commitment, and enough hot sex to last a lifetime...

Hannah loves Morgan enough to become his fiancĂ©e, but that doesn't mean she wants to get married. In her experience, everything goes downhill after you say "I do"—and it all starts in the bedroom. For Morgan, marriage isn't the end, it's the beginning, and he's aching to get started.

They find the perfect compromise with a new form of counseling—premarital sex therapy. Each private session brings them closer together, revealing the quirky, kinky sides of their deepest desires. As the role-playing sessions heat up, Hannah discovers that marriage might be the sexiest game of all.

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