Tuesday, August 05, 2008

IN THE TYCOON'S BED - Kathryn Ross

This fierce and proud millionaire from the moment he set eyes on Nicole Connell thought only of having her as his mistress. And now she’s working as an executive at RJ Records during the day and in the evening occupies his bed.

Nicole left England behind when she was offered a position with RJ Records. She’s left behind an ex-husband who hurt her badly. For years she believed herself happily married and struggled to conceive a baby with no success. Then she learns her husband has been having an affair and they are expecting a baby. Will she ever trust again and give her heart?

Luke has commitment issues but he knows that he must continue to see Nicole but she has other ideas. When she realizes she’s fallen in love with her boss she decides to end the relationship before she’s hurt any further. Luke has other ideas and he’s not going to budge. RJ records are working on a very important business deal to purchase another company. The owner is insistent that whoever purchases his company must be married. Therefore, Luke comes up with a plan that will seal the deal and allow him to continue his relationship. He tells owner that he and Nicole are engaged to be married and that they will both fly to his exclusive island to seal the deal. The meeting goes well and so does their time alone together. In fact so well, that Nicole finds out she’s expecting.

Luke is shocked! He’s going to be a father. Nicole has other ideas…..she wants to return to England and raise the baby herself. She’s aware that Luke will never commit and she’s fine with being a single parent. Luke has other ideas.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake a stubborn alpha and make him see the light and that’s in the end what happened to Luke Santana. This book was an amazing love story. I loved the way author Kathryn Ross used their lust, attraction and the pregnancy to bring them together. Luke’s realization that he loves Nicole will have you in tears.

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