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Jennifer Lewis’s writing style and the way she describes her characters and their places of travel absolutely makes one believe they are there and living and experiencing it along with them.

I personally loved Tessa Banks the personal assistant to Prince Sebastian Stone of Caspia. She was efficient, lovely, and talented plus she adored her boss for years. She cared for him so much so that she realizes she must leave his employ and move on because she can no longer watch him dating models and starlets. She wants a future with someone who will love her for who she is, not taking advantage of her organizational skills. So upon the Prince’s return to New York she hands in her resignation notice.

Tessa leaving him? No way will he allow nor stand for it! This rugged and handsome Prince is used to having his way and his business is in financial trouble. He needs his efficient PA to help him overturn and make it a success. Prince Sebastian comes up with a plan, he entices Tessa to accompany him to Caspia and dangles a few suggestions……travel to a beautiful seaside city to rest, relax and help him to set up meetings with the principals of the luxury designers who make up Caspian Designs.

Sebastian charms her with sightseeing trips, horseback riding, balls and lovemaking taking Tessa’s breathe away and melting heart. It’s a Cinderella story with its own very handsome Prince Charming, Sebastian Stone. Yachts, ball gowns, and the rich and famous. There’s a love scene involving “crown jewels” you absolutely will not want to miss!

Time and time again, I was drawn in and so appreciated Jennifer’s descriptive writing, the humour she interjected and the way the tables were turned on this worldly Prince. It’s an extremely entertaining, sensitive and seductive love story.

Book Description:

721 PARK AVENUE: Apt. 12B
TENANT: Sebastian Stone, Prince of Caspia

SCANDAL: Seducing a commoner!

Crown Prince, billionaire businessman and globetrotting bachelor Sebastian Stone needs assistant Tessa Banks to hold his life together. From his Manhattan office she organizes his public and private life with ease. So when Tessa gives notice, Sebastian resorts to what he does best: seduction. Ermine and jewels in his sun-drenched palace…sensual pleasures beyond her wildest fantasies. But when the two weeks' notice is up, the prince discovers his plan has backfired. He's fallen for a woman he can never marry.…

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