Friday, August 15, 2008


For Lucinda Oliver the men in her life always seem to leave. First her father dies when she's 15, and then her fiancé leaves her for another woman so she's very guarded when it comes to men. Especially when it comes to men like Zane Alexander whose reputation for being a womanizer is renown. A few years ago she was hired by Zane to be his orphaned nephew’s nanny and now she finds herself under his employ as a designer for his newly acquired St. Lucia home. Will she be able to resist his good looks and charm?

From the moment Zane Alexander sets his eyes again on Lucinda he is stunned by her beauty. He decides to take some time off and accompany her to his new home because after their brief meeting he sees her as a challenge and he’s determined to act on the sexual attraction between then.

Their love story is so full of passion it leaps off the page. It’s as if when they finally act on their attraction they can’t get enough of each other. Lucinda is one spunky woman and she’s so overwhelmed by Zane. When they suddenly have to return to England because again, Zane needs to take care of his orphaned nephew she’s determined not to get hurt. However, as fate would have it, she succumbs to his charm and moves in with him.

Margaret Mayo has written a winner The Rich Man’s Reluctant Mistress and honestly, you won’t want to miss reading it! Rocky road really doesn’t even describe their journey in finding happiness.

Book Description:

When Lucinda Oliver first worked for Zane Alexander, she considered him an arrogant, womanizing playboy. But she was just his lowly employee, and he called the shots….
Now Lucinda has built her own successful interior design business and she's shocked to discover her latest client is her former boss! What's more, the assignment involves staying with him at his beautiful hideaway mansion in the exotic Caribbean. Lucinda's determined not to become another notch on his bedpost, but soon she's battling to resist Zane's sizzling brand of dark desire….

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