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Trapped by desire and something else, you won’t want to miss The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride!

Sheikh Khalid Bin Shareef and Ms. Maggie Lewis were like “two star-crossed lovers” when they met one dark, blustery and rainy evening. They were meant to be but they didn’t know it; not at the time they first met nor did the handsome sheikh realize it until it was almost too late! Even taking into consideration how they were both raised, the emotional obstacles they needed to overcome; they were meant to be….lovers.

Maggie is upset, soaked to the bone and realized what a fool she’d been in wanting to take her relationship with her boyfriend a step further. It was like a slap in the face when she found him in the arms of another; she flees, stumbles and is rescued by a handsome stranger who she later finds out is visiting royalty. Khalid persuades Maggie to take a ride from him and upon close inspection sees that she’s troubled; instead of taking her home he takes her to the lodge where he is staying while visiting Australia. He’s determined to soothe her by getting her warm and dry clothes, just talking to her to reassure and comfort her. He realizes he might be in trouble because he finds her attractive and she intrigues him; he wants to protect her and more.

Khalid hasn’t felt like this since his wife died 8 years ago and it disturbs him. While soothing and holding Maggie, things change and they act upon their attraction to each other (I call it fate). She gives Khalid the greatest gift of all, her virginity. However, the next morning she’s determined to leave while Khalid sleeps; when he awakes and finds her gone, he’s determined to see her again! However, on top of everything, his brother dies and Khalid is forced to return to his country and become the ruler.

Maggie felt foolish and stupid that she was so trusting. She’d never felt loved……her father used, rejected and over worked her; her mother left and took her younger sister when she was very young. She had no sense of belonging, of being loved or self confidence as a woman that she might be desired by a man. It was painful to read about Maggie’s childhood. However, that one night in Khalid’s arms, and their passionate love making would stay with her for a lifetime, she was sure if it!

As for Khalid’s youth, his father was selfish; he only cared about his mistresses and Khalid's half brother which left Khalid on his own to forge his own future because he was not heir to the throne. Khalid married young; a few years his wife died. He’s vowed never to give his heart again. He desires Maggie, wants to see her again and arranges for her to travel to Shajehar on the pretence of purchasing horses. It’s an accident which causes Maggie to be seen by a physician and later they both learn she’s pregnant with his child. He’s determined they will marry, she agrees because they are both committed to giving their child support, love and stability, something neither of them experienced when they were growing up. However, Maggie questions if she can live without love knowing Khalid is still mourning his dead wife?

The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride was a moving, touching and very enjoyable love story set in a progressive country with its people accepting Maggie as their queen. Watching Maggie grow as a person, taking language lessons, meeting with the women of the village, promoting education, and bonding with Khalid’s relatives, lovely!

As for this handsome Sheikh Khalid, his protectiveness and tenderness towards Maggie was incredibly sweet. Yet one wanted to shake him because he held on to a ghost; his dead wife. He was afraid to give his heart and you’ll cry for him because it’s obvious he adored Maggie.

This was a fascinating book to read. Their passion burns with their strong desire for each other. Annie West pens a wonderful romance novel with The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride being her third sheikh book. I think my favourite parts of this story were watching Maggie grow, feeling more confident as a person, and taking charge of her life. As for the sexy sheikh…..his tenderness, his concern and desire for Maggie and reading about how he was brought to his knees! Thanks Annie for another wonderful story…..I felt as if I were in your lovely home country, Australia and the beautiful desert!

Book Description:

Maggie is at her most defenceless when she meets Khalid, a mysterious yet sympathetic stranger. Their single night of passion has consequences neither expects. Khalid's solution to their situation is simple, a marriage of convenience. But can Maggie give up everything she knows to marry the enigmatic lord of a desert kingdom? Can she trust her life to the hands of the man who makes her vulnerable in ways she's never been before?

Khalid is determined to do the right thing by Maggie. She stirs his protective instincts even though she's one of the strongest and most resilient women he's ever met. More, she arouses desires and feelings he thought he'd buried long ago. He doesn't know where the passion between them will lead, but he refuses to back away, even if it means obliterating the walls they've each built around their emotions. He will have her as his bride and he won't settle for anything less than all of her: mind, body and heart.

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Every once in a while a book stands out for a reader and The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain, well let's just say it's brilliant and I personally think it's Abby Green's best! It is about deep, abiding and selfless love.

Rowan Carmichael grew up knowing she was not very important in her parents lives; however her mother on her death bed made her father promise to see Rowan married. Her father fulfills that promise and makes arrangements with the handsome businessman from Spain, Isandro Salazar. All Rowan knew was that she was a naive rich girl totally enamoured with this handsome man and she also knew she was out of her league. What she didn't count on was she would consummate her marriage on her wedding night and fall madly in love with her husband.

Isandro Salazar's business was successful. However, he needed acceptance in the London financial community. To do this he needed to accept Mr. Carmichael's offer to marry his daughter in a marriage of convenience. What he didn't anticipate was his attraction to Rowan and he actually enjoyed her company. Months later they found out they were expecting a baby which was not part of the plan. As fate would intervene, Rowan overhears a conversation between her husband and his sister where he declares it's just that, "a marriage of convenience" and confirms their marriage will only be that...........a loveless marriage.

As the story unfolds, Rowan and Isandro's son is born, a beautiful boy named Zac. Rowan realizes that to survive she must leave her husband and son. While reading this story you will need to prepare yourself as it will rip your heart out! To say any anymore would ruin the reader's experience.

Three years later, Rowan shows up at a London hotel where she plans to meet her attorney and as fate would have it, it's the very hotel her husband owns. Of course, who's on the premises, none other than her husband and son! It's an emotional powder keg! Islandro doesn't trust Rowan or her motives and insists they all return to Isandro's estate in Spain to work out parental and custody issues. Of course, there's the fact they both have to deal with the personal side of their relationship. It's extremely painful to read as the emotion is very strong between the two of them and cruel at times, especially what Rowan has to endure.

It's a love story filled with secrets, twists and turns, misunderstandings, intense sizzles! Prepare yourself for an outstanding story and reading experience by contemporary author Ms. Green. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Spaniard's Marriage Bargain. It just intensifies how important communication is in a relationship along with truth, honesty and trust.


Back in her husband’s bed…

Rowan had discovered two things that would change her life for ever. The first filled her with joy – she was pregnant! The second was something that she felt compelled to keep to herself – even from her husband…

Rowan had been Isandro Salazar’s bride of convenience. But, knowing that he would never love her as she loved him, her choice was to make her unborn child her priority and then, once he was born, make her dark journey by herself…

But in Isandro’s eyes Rowan’s decision rendered her a gold-digger who had committed the worst possible crime. However, he couldn’t stop her seeing her baby son – or deny that the passion between them was as raw and intense as ever…

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Posted by Karen Wheless

Next year’s conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, from Friday February 27th to Sunday March 1st. The registration fee will be the same as it was this year, $150.

Leanne has made arrangements for us at a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown Portland, The Benson. It’s a gorgeous hotel, originally built in 1912, with all kinds of modern amenities. The hotel rate is $129 per night, which is about the same as it was this year.

You can check out the hotel at their web site:

I’m really looking forward to it - I’ve never been to Portland before and I can’t wait until the end of February! Only ten months away!


When: February 27th – March 1st 2009
Cost: $150
Where: Portland, Oregon
The Benson Hotel


Celebrate Romance (a.k.a. “CR”) is a unique conference where romance readers and authors come together as equals to celebrate their love for the romance genre.


Volunteers. Put on by fans for fans, this conference is a non-profit event for ALL romance lovers.

WHAT MAKES CR SPECIAL? As an author I already attend so many events.

Unlike other conferences, CR’s only agenda is to support you and promote romance. No suits, no meetings, no pressure, and no segregation. With the exception of a booksigning on Sunday morning, authors are just like all the other attendees – fans.

This allows you to hear what romance readers really think first had while sharing your own thoughts on the genre. It’s a wonderful place to gain new readers and make friends.

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Blogger Appreciation Week Winner

Dizzy, Sandy and Bobbi you're the winners! Congratulations. Please email with your name and address to and I'll send you your book.

Hopefully you'll stop by from time to time and look around and enter my monthly book contest.

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READY I believe is one of Lucy Monroe's best. It’s not just the story line or being such an enjoyable read, it was the characters Lise Barton and Joshua Watt's, two very strong, passionate and intriguing people. At first glance and meeting they were powerfully attracted and drawn to each other and as the reader will learn when they meet again under different circumstances their incredible journey teaches them that "loving someone shouldn't make you less than what you are, it should make you more".

Joshua Watts, a former Army Ranger, security expert and merc is on a mission to bring Lise home for a family holiday at his sister's request. Little do any of them realize that Lise is being stalked and has moved to Seattle in order to protect her family. From the moment of Josh's arrival and meeting with Lise, their journey begins full of suspense, intrigue and absolute passion.

Book Description:

They’re the good guys fighting the bad guys. They’ll get the job done—if the price is right and so is the cause. And what cause could be nobler than the heart’s desire? Rough and ready, tough and tender—when it comes to love and security, these hunks are definitely for hire...
As a writer, Lise Barton is used to coming up with wild scenarios for her characters, but the one that’s playing out for her right now is no fiction—it’s frighteningly real. Someone is stalking her, someone who knows where she lives and what she does. Someone who has even threatened her family—her brother, his wife, and their precious baby girl. Lise isn’t about to let someone hurt them, so she packs up and leaves Texas for the anonymity of Seattle. And then the threats start again…

Joshua Watt’s mission is simple: Go to Seattle and bring Lise home for Thanksgiving or he’ll never hear the end of it from his sister. It’s not like "Aunt Lise" to stay away from their adorable niece, and Joshua’s pretty sure he’s the reason for it. He’s spent months trying to forget the taste of her lips, the feel of her soft hair in his fingers. Yeah, okay, he wants her—badly—but family comes first. But the minute he sees the fear in Lise’s eyes, his survival instincts kick in. The former Army Ranger isn’t about to let some creep terrorize an innocent woman—not on his watch. He’s going to do what it takes to protect Lise and try to keep his personal feelings out of it. Because if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that sex and work don’t mix. Not ever. So far… --This text refers to the Paperback edition.


WILLING is sensitive, suspenseful, and a very sexual and sensational love story. I was ready for READY, but WILLING?....."Be still my heart"! This story was exceptional as both characters came from such interesting backgrounds. Josie was raised to be a soldier and knows nothing about relationships or love. Daniel is a hot and passionate man afraid to become involved with anyone due to his past upbringing, being raised in an abusive home full of violence. This book so touched my heart and is just another example of Lucy Monroe's gifted story telling. Book

Book Description:

Josie McCall has been raised to be a soldier, and she could be the best-if she wanted it. Instead, she left her dad's mercenary school behind for a normal job in computers. But now that someone has torched the school and her dad is MIA from the hospital, Josie's going to use every bit of her merc training to find him and hunt down the culprits who took him. Josie knows a lot about explosives, hand-to-hand combat, and tracking. What she doesn't know about is sex.

She has no idea what to do with the volcanic attraction she feels for her dad's new partner, Daniel Black Eagle. And that feels more dangerous than any bomb... Daniel knows exactly what he'd like to do about that attraction. The brooding explosives expert can't get within five feet of Josie without wanting to touch, taste, and protect her-even if he's sure she would happily drop-kick him if she knew one sizzling moment of his fantasies. But he'll save it for later. Right now, he's got his hands full figuring out who set that bomb and took Josie's dad. Daniel's sure of one thing, though-he's not letting Josie McCall out of his sight for a single second. Convincing the cutest, most desirable trained soldier he's ever met that she needs a bodyguard isn't going to be easy. But if she'll let him, he'll show her he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and along the way, he'll make her feel every inch a woman...


And Able, the conclusion of mercenary trio series was sensual, sensitive, steamy and full of Southern charm. Lucy Monroe has yet again penned a very powerful book which portrays two characters that have been drawn to each other for a long time. Claire Sharpe, smart, witty and full of sass is a loner due to loosing her father and mother at a young age, under difficult circumstances. Brett Adams has been raised in a "charmed" life but is the families back sheep. Instead of becoming the lawyer, he leaves home after high school graduation and joins the army as a Ranger, then a government agency and is an ex-mercenary. He and his partners are for hire of the cause is worthy and the price right. Brett has only loved once and she died putting her country first over their love. Brett makes a silent promise never to fall in love over her grave. Well life plays strange tricks on people. At his partner's wedding, he feels lust for Claire and she feels the same. Circumstances bring them together again as Brett feels the need to protect Claire when a close friend of hers is murdered and her home is searched and her life threatened.

Their journey and in finding each other, falling in love will just plain take your breath away. Their attraction for each other, their love making, and the feelings swirling around them plus the thrill of danger is a very powerful story and again, Lucy brings her readers to their knees. I'm sorry to see Wolf, Nitro and Hotwire leave plus the women they're fallen in love with but a happy ending none the less. Thanks Lucy for this wonderful series.

Book Description:

Claire Sharp trusts few people and relies on no one. But after her life is threatened, ex-mercenary Brett Adams blows into her self-contained world, full of southern charm, rugged good looks, and enough sexual experience to write a how-to manual...experience he makes it clear he'd like to use on Claire. She wants help fighting the bad guys, but she's not about to fall into Brett's bed. For one thing, the guy has a no-commitment clause better than most big shot attorneys and for another, despite her response to his too sensual kisses, in her experience sex isn't exactly fireworks and brass bands. Definitely not worth getting all excited over...

Brett plans to prove her wrong. He’s never felt such a powerful combination of lust and friendship with a woman. He'll give her a white-hot pleasure like nothing she’s ever known and she'll realize that some things in life are worth taking the risk for. When the threat to Claire grows dangerously close, pitting them against deadly odds, Brett will do whatever it takes to save her. Because Claire Sharp has just found herself a man who’s ready to bring it on, willing to do what it takes, and able to go the distance… --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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Book Blogger Appreciation Week Is Coming!

Nominations are now being accepted for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week awards, in two dozen categories ranging from "best general book blog" to "best design," "most eclectic taste," and even "best name for a blog." (There's also a category for blogs about the publishing industry, in case you know any blogs like that of which you think well, like Eco-Libris, or TeleRead.) You can nominate up to two blogs in any category until Sunday; shortlists will be whittled down to the top five nominees in each category and voting will take place starting September 15.

MONDAY: In it's honor, I'll be giving away a copy of Lucy Monroe's Housekeep to a Millionaire.

THURSDAY: I'm going to give two more people the chance to win a book and will entries will be drawn tomorrow at 8:00 PM pst and announced Saturday morning. India Grey's Angelo's Captive Virgin and Trish Wylie's The Millionaire's Proposal.

From September 12 through 19th
Just post a comment or send me an email
I will mail to any country

To Vote:


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From the moment they met the air sizzled and under the circumstances….thunderous!
Erin Maguire lives up to her name and red hair; she is fierce, can’t control her tongue and is a spit fire when it comes to protecting her adoptive son.

Erin has a past and no family. Her mother, amongst other things was a deceased addict, never new her father, lived on the streets and was in trouble with the authorities until an older couple took her in. That’s when she met Faisal and his baby son who were in need of a nanny. It was Erin’s devotion to the baby and her friendship with Faisal after his wife died, that led him to marry Erin in name only, especially when he found out he was terminally ill. He told Erin neither he nor his wife had any family so he asked her to adopt and raise his son upon his death.

The handsome, fierce and stubborn Sheikh Zahir is on a mission. He and his father have just been told that his eldest brother died and has left an heir to the throne, a son named Kazim. The King is ill and wants to know his grandson so he dispatches Zahir immediately to return the young boy back home where he belongs. There is some mystery as to why this family has been separated from each and why Faisal, Zahir and the King were estranged, which adds an interesting element to the storyline.

What a shock when they meet and Zahir sets eyes on Erin, his brother’s 2nd wife. She immediately catches his eye and he’s sexually attracted by her beauty. It’s a battle of wills, threats and shouts and in the end, Erin, Kazim and Zahir return to the desert, Qubbah and the King.

This is a very spirited and at times sad story but the fire that burns between this couple sizzles off of the page. It’s a battle of wills, attraction, miscommunication plus throw into the mix a forced marriage between Erin and Zahir. In the end, it’s a beautifully crafted love story by Chantelle Shaw, set with passion and fire, one you won’t want to miss.

Book Description:

Erin Maguire is shocked to discover that her adopted son is the heir to a desert kingdom! Now they're en route to the land of Qubbah with little Kazim's uncle, the powerful and arrogant Zahir bin Kahlid al Muntassir!

Zahir insists Erin marry him, and that his young nephew remain in Qubbah! She refuses to leave Kazim behind, but she's not of royal blood. Zahir will have a very ordinary virgin bride in his bed on his wedding night!

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This book is explosive! What a handsome and strong sheikh Khal is........proud, firm and arrogant and he's smitten by a young woman from Liverpool that will blow any reader away! Khal is bound by duty and at times ignores Beth Tracey Torrance and what’s important to her. After their brief time together, she returns to Liverpool only to find out she’s expecting the ruling sheikh’s baby!

The shop girl from Liverpool is charming, strong, fierce and proud. She adores Kahl and when she returns to England and finds herself pregnant, her only thought is of her daughter Hannah. She misses Khal but is determined to be the best mother ever!

This was a “feisty” read and at times very sad but it’s another wonderful sheikh story by the incredible Susan Stephens and you won’t be sorry you’ve read it and most of all you will never forget Beth Tracey Torrence!

Book Description:

Sheikh Khalifa is bored by the potential wives paraded in front of him. So when he catches sweet, innocent Beth Torrance trespassing on his private beach, he is more than ready to be distracted….
Beth comes to the island a na├»ve virgin, but leaves an awakened woman—and unknowingly pregnant with the sheikh's baby! When the desert king vows to claim his child—and take its mother as his permanent mistress—Beth is powerless to refuse a royal decree!

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I can’t ever remember reading a book with such an interesting opening of the first few chapters. Both the beginning and end of the Italian’s Boss’s Mistress of Revenge will have the reader on edge, wondering what’s next; it’s that intense and explosive. Again, Trish Morey has woven an intriguing love story.

It’s obvious that handsome, rich and ruthless Dante Carrazzo is out for revenge and wants to take establishment down to rubble, The Aston House, Upon his arrival he gets the impression that there is a surprise in his room and oh what a surprise and none other than the beautiful manager Mackenzi Keogh and she’s not only beautiful, she’s asleep. Dante decides to act upon his “gift” so he makes an attempt to wake her through seduction and to her horror in the morning, Mackenzi realizes that it’s Dante, the very man who can destroy Aston House.

Aston House holds sentiment and memories for all who have stayed there or celebrated weddings, anniversaries and the like and for Mackenzi, her family, friends and co-workers they don’t want to see it sold or destroyed by Dante Carrazo. The evening before his arrival, Megan is dead tired and ends up sleeping in Dante’s room; only he arrives early and surprises her during her sleep with sensual caresses.

It’s obvious to the reader that immediately there is a physical attraction, that Dante is ruthless and takes revenge to a new level as he proposes that Mackenzi become his mistress and he’ll think about the future of Aston House if she agrees to his proposal.

It’s a rollercoaster ride, one you will not want to miss with all sorts of twists and turns every step of the way. To say anymore would spoil this beautiful and painful love story but in the end, there is one big surprise and when the true reason for revenge is revealed you will be in tears, I promise.
"Therein lies the defect of revenge: it's all in the anticipation; the thing itself is a pain, not a pleasure; at least the pain is the biggest end of it." Mark Twain

Book Description:

All that stands in the way of Dante Carrazzo and revenge is Mackenzi Keogh. Mackenzi will do anything to save her hotel—something Dante uses to his advantage: he'll reconsider if she becomes his mistress!

Mackenzi knows she shouldn't trust Dante, but the pleasure he gives is too intense to resist. However, their bargain is compromised when Dante learns she is pregnant….

BODY LANGUAGE - Suzanne Brockmann

This was a fun read about two best friends who literally grew up together. They know that to change their relationship would probably end it. However, when Clint McCade realizes he literally loves his best friend Sandy Kirk, he returns to Phoenix where their friendship originally began. As all love stories sometimes are faced with a challenge, Clint learns that Sandy thinks she's in love with the campaign manager of her client she's working for, putting together his campaign video.

Clint realizes that Sandy is not herself, she's uptight around James, her "body language" confirms the fact and he believes if he tutors her, gives her a new "sexy" appearance and spends some time with her making James jealous that Sandy might realize she cares for him NOT James.

From Sandy's employees to Clint's friend the hairdresser they can all see that Clint and Sandy are crazy about each other. Their plan to make James jealous by pretending they are a couple, well let's just say it becomes very interesting!

I loved these two spirited, sassy "best friends" and adored reading about their journey in finding happiness. Body Language is one story one could re-read over and over again, it's that entertaining. For this reader, I can certainly see why Suzanne Brockmann is a New York Times Bestseller!

Book Description:

Photograher Clint McCade was a rugged free spirit with the perfect life, until he realized something vital was missing—Sandy Kirk. Since grade school, Sandy had been Clint’s best friend and closest confidante. She was smart, beautiful, shy—and clueless about her power over men. But when Clint finally seeks her out to declare his love, he finds she’s fallen for another man.

Sandy knew she was a lot of things to Clint—except what she’d always longed to be: the woman he loved. So it comes as no surprise when he encourages her pursuit of another, even offering to coach her in the art of seduction. But soon the friends find themselves engaged in a series of crossed signals, mixed messages, and unbearably titillating close encounters that prove only one thing is certain: body language doesn’t lie.

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