Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BODY LANGUAGE - Suzanne Brockmann

This was a fun read about two best friends who literally grew up together. They know that to change their relationship would probably end it. However, when Clint McCade realizes he literally loves his best friend Sandy Kirk, he returns to Phoenix where their friendship originally began. As all love stories sometimes are faced with a challenge, Clint learns that Sandy thinks she's in love with the campaign manager of her client she's working for, putting together his campaign video.

Clint realizes that Sandy is not herself, she's uptight around James, her "body language" confirms the fact and he believes if he tutors her, gives her a new "sexy" appearance and spends some time with her making James jealous that Sandy might realize she cares for him NOT James.

From Sandy's employees to Clint's friend the hairdresser they can all see that Clint and Sandy are crazy about each other. Their plan to make James jealous by pretending they are a couple, well let's just say it becomes very interesting!

I loved these two spirited, sassy "best friends" and adored reading about their journey in finding happiness. Body Language is one story one could re-read over and over again, it's that entertaining. For this reader, I can certainly see why Suzanne Brockmann is a New York Times Bestseller!

Book Description:

Photograher Clint McCade was a rugged free spirit with the perfect life, until he realized something vital was missing—Sandy Kirk. Since grade school, Sandy had been Clint’s best friend and closest confidante. She was smart, beautiful, shy—and clueless about her power over men. But when Clint finally seeks her out to declare his love, he finds she’s fallen for another man.

Sandy knew she was a lot of things to Clint—except what she’d always longed to be: the woman he loved. So it comes as no surprise when he encourages her pursuit of another, even offering to coach her in the art of seduction. But soon the friends find themselves engaged in a series of crossed signals, mixed messages, and unbearably titillating close encounters that prove only one thing is certain: body language doesn’t lie.


Stacy~ said...

I am a huge Brockmann fan, and read this years ago. I was thrilled to see this re-released. I can't wait for "Kiss & Tell".

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Have you read Into the Fire? I saw it at Barnes and Noble last night and was tempted.

From Publishers Weekly
The 13th exciting, if long-winded, entry in bestseller Brockmann's Troubleshooters series answers a question posed in 2004's Hot Target—what happened to former Troubleshooter op Vinh Murphy? Seven years earlier, the half-Vietnamese, half–African-American agent went MIA after his wife, Angelina, was killed during a conflict with the neo-Nazi Freedom Network. Now back in California, Vinh has been suffering alcoholic blackouts in between e-mailing death threats to FN's leader, Tim Ebersole. After Ebersole's murdered and Vinh becomes the chief suspect, a sober Vinh turns to an old friend of Angelina's, a deaf former cop, for help in remembering if he did kill Ebersole. A romantic subplot involving Izzy Zannella, a navy SEAL with Team Sixteen, and Eden Gillman, the runaway teen sister of a fellow SEAL, sweetens the mix. Readers unfamiliar with the players might need a scorecard, but Brockmann ignites sufficient sparks to keep the blaze going. A jaw-dropping conclusion suggests more fireworks ahead. (J

Ann said...

Looks interesting. Have to mark this one for the TBR pile.


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