Tuesday, October 21, 2008

READY AND WILLING - Elizabeth Bevarly


For this reader, Ready and Willing was my first Elizabeth Bevarly book and it certainly won’t be my last. The story was warm, charming with a cast of unique characters set in Louisville, Kentucky,the famed Kentucky Derby with an additional surprise, a ghost in the form of a riverboat captain.

Silas Summerfield has returned to his former Victorian home in order to save his nephew Nathaniel’s soul. Silas and his portrait end up in the home of Audrey Magill who has set up her home and millinery shop in the Summerfield home. Silas ghost appears to Audrey and informs her she is the only person who can save his nephew and pleads with her to meet with Nathaniel and reveal those conditions before its too late.

Audrey and Nathaniel share a common thread, they were both raised as only children…..Audrey with older and loving parents and Nathaniel in a meager home by a single mother. For Nathaniel it’s always been important to achieve….not only with his career and standing in the community but increase his wealth; the new deal he is working on will achieve that goal and then some. However, Silas knows that his soon to be partner is an evil man and it’s only Audrey that can convince Nathaniel to give up the deal with the end result - saving his nephew’s soul.

For Audrey, this whole mess of soul saving is interrupting her new business and just the sight of Nathaniel threatens her sanity. Audrey’s only goal is her new business not having a sexy man in her life nor spending any time with him. She is still mourning the death of her husband who passed three years before and she fights her attraction to Nathaniel every step of the way. For both of them neither are interested in a relationship nor finding love.

I loved Elizabeth Bevarly’s humor and how she showcased her charming characters and some of the history of Louisville. As a baby boomer, I vaguely remember during the late ‘60’s the television series, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and this brought back fond memories. Audrey and Nathaniel’s journey in finding love and getting his soul back is one you definitely won’t want to miss.

Book Description:

When widow Audrey Magill stumbles onto a portrait of a nineteenth-century riverboat captain, she thinks it will add just the right touch to her new hat shop. What it really adds is the ghost of Silas Summerfield, who insists he needs Audrey to help save the soul of his great-great-however-many-greats grandson, Nathaniel. Now, in addition to scrambling to open her shop in time for the Kentucky Derby, she has to try to convince a complete stranger that he’s in danger of losing his soul

Wildly successful businessman Nathaniel Summerfield knows a nutcase when he sees one, and Audrey Magill—attractive as she is—certainly qualifies. Does she really think his latest business deal could jeopardize his soul? He’s worked too hard to let paranormal mumbo-jumbo get in his way. But then strange things begin to happen to him, not the least of which is his inability to get Audrey the nutcase out of his mind. Talk about being haunted…

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