Thursday, November 20, 2008

2009 Celebrate Romance Conference, Portland Oregon

Next year’s conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, from Friday February 27th to Sunday March 1st. The registration fee will be the same as it was this year, $150.

Leanne has made arrangements for us at a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown Portland, The Benson. It’s a gorgeous hotel, originally built in 1912, with all kinds of modern amenities. The hotel rate is $129 per night, which is about the same as it was this year.

You can check out the hotel at their web site:

I’m really looking forward to it - I’ve never been to Portland before and I can’t wait until the end of February! Only ten months away!

When: February 27th – March 1st 2009
Cost: $150
Where: Portland, Oregon
The Benson Hotel


Celebrate Romance (a.k.a. “CR”) is a unique conference where romance readers and authors come together as equals to celebrate their love for the romance genre.


Volunteers. Put on by fans for fans, this conference is a non-profit event for ALL romance lovers.

WHAT MAKES CR SPECIAL? As an author I already attend so many events.

Unlike other conferences, CR’s only agenda is to support you and promote romance. No suits, no meetings, no pressure, and no segregation. With the exception of a booksigning on Sunday morning, authors are just like all the other attendees – fans.

This allows you to hear what romance readers really think first had while sharing your own thoughts on the genre. It’s a wonderful place to gain new readers and make friends.

Monday, November 17, 2008


As a reader do you ever fall in love with the male alpha? Well I did; Caleb is one smart, handsome, sexy man with an incredible sense of humour. What better way for his story to begin than at the wedding of his best friend where he is the best man. Honestly, his mind is not on the wedding, it’s in the clouds until he spot’s Ava Halliburton, the sister of the groom. The woman he loved years ago who left him in search of a career.

Ava has returned back to Melbourne for her brother’s wedding after years of being away furthering her academic career. She’s left behind in the States some unfinished business, her academic standing at university and a recent relationship which ended badly. Now she’s returning home for a few days not knowing what to expect from her parents nor the man from her past, Caleb.

As only Ally Blake can write, this was sincerely a moving and beautiful love story. From the setting in Melbourne with it's high society, to the Halliburton’s family dynamics, the wedding and happy couple but most importantly the past lovers, Caleb and Ava. For them the realization that maybe you can never go back but you certainly can forgive, trust and move forward. It's an extremely moving story about second chances especially for Ava and Caleb and her family.

Ava and Caleb’s clashing personalities, the banter, their love making and getting reacquainted will have you laughing and crying at the same time. But most importantly when Ava comes to the realization that she has always been loved, that she’s been sincerely missed by her family and the person “who gets her” is Caleb himself. This sexy alpha has an incredible heart and will surprise you in the end for what he’s willing to sacrifice. Plain and simply, it’s beautiful and so worth reading!

Book Description:

Once Ava Halliburton shared a tender night of passion with Caleb Gilchrist. The next day, she left—not to return for ten years….

But now she's home for a wedding. And Caleb's the best man: richer and sexier than ever, with a playboy reputation.

Caleb still wants her. But Ava walked out on him, and he's no gentleman. One night, and then he'll be the one to walk away.


Stop over at I Heart Presents and see Ally’s November post “Close to Home” where she discusses her inspiration for the book.


Becky Marston has come to realize three important things which resulted from past experiences. First and foremost, she is going to concentrate of her career and put her family and the idea any romantic relationship on the back burner. Why one might ask? Becky learned from a past marriage that her husband and family expected her to stay at home, take care of her husband and to have children, never mind what she wanted career wise. She also learned that her husband was not who she thought he was; he cheated during their marriage and left her to marry another who was also expecting his child. Becky also spent painful years growing up with parents who constantly argued and was always aware that they only reason they married was to give her legitimacy. Her parents and grandparents always made it clear that she never measured up to their standards. So now becoming a nurse consultant is her only goal.

Leandro Herrera has left Spain and come to England for a year for two reasons, a new position at the local hospital and to find his birth father. Months before, his mother, who single-handily raised him with care and love, became seriously ill and revealed the name of his father. What he doesn’t count on is meeting the lovely Becky at a party hosted by one of the men at the hospital. One thing leads to another and they enter into a night of passion. Leandro is baffled by his need to see her again; for Becky she fights the attraction and how he makes her feel. They agree to have a “no strings affair” but in the end, it’s more than either of them counts on and Becky finds herself pregnant. Becky’s past experience with her disastrous marriage and loosing a baby at the end of her marriage have left her determined to have the baby alone. However, the sexy and proud Spaniard has other ideas, they must marry and two parents are better than one.

Their journey is a sweet and lovely story. Not just the passion but their respect and caring for each other and how throughout the months getting to know each changes everything. Leandro is determined that Becky will become his wife and she has other ideas. It’s a beautiful story about second chances, not just for Becky and Leandro but for their families as well.

Book Description:

When dangerously handsome Leandro Herrera finds he's the new boss of nurse Becky Marston—the woman he just shared the most amazing night of his life with—he can't resist breaking one of his golden rules. He'll bed her again, though he'll still make it clear there will be no strings, no commitments.But Leandro finds it difficult to keep his emotions separate—especially when Becky announces she's expecting! Suddenly the hot-blooded Spanish doctor is demanding Becky become his wife!

Behind the book from Kate’s Website:

“I love A&E books. It's the adrenaline charge, I think, the sheer drama of the setting. And I'd had this Catalan consultant walking into my head (partly from watching Antonio Banderas in 'Take The Lead' - I know, I know, he's not a medic or anything even slightly near it, but...) so Leandro got to tell his story. He'd grown up in a single-parent family, and now he has the chance to find out the truth about his past.” KH

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Most definitely a Cinderella story literally from rags to wealth beyond imagine for Lucy Abbott and her daughter Chloe. Add revenge, desire and mystery; it’s an incredible love story and journey as wonderfully written by author Jennie Lucas.

For most of her life Lucy and her mother lived from payday to payday and moved from town to town. Her mother died at an early age leaving Lucy to survive in foster care. Now on top of everything else, Lucy finds herself nearly destitute trying to support herself and an infant. She’s working at a gas station convenience store, with a letch for a boss, working more than one job just to support them. On top of everything else, the father of her child denies his paternity and wants nothing to do with either of them.

Lucy is determined to provide and care for Chloe and will go to any lengths to do so. As one will learn she is a woman of honour and extreme strength and wants the family she never experienced for her daughter and herself. A father for Chloe is at the top of her list since she never knew her own father nor experienced the warmth of family.

The handsome and wealthy Prince Maximo has a grudge and seeks revenge. He returns to the US and has a plan, one in which will benefit him in a business sense but it all revolves around Lucy. He sits waiting to make his move, gets Lucy fired from her job, takes Lucy and Chloe to his hotel and in the end forces Lucy to sign documents with the pretence she will get revenge from her daughter’s father. He takes them with him to his palace in Italy and guarantees her security and financial support in return for the signed documents. Unknown to her, she is giving up more than she’s aware and you will be shocked to learn the truth.

The Italian Prince, Wedlocked Wife is an amazing love story full of lust, lies, deceit and revenge. It’s also about healing, coming home and the true lessons that money isn’t everything. Maximo with his blindness for revenge softens when he actually gets to know Lucy and Chloe. He is brought to his knees and your heart will melt when you read how love creeps into his heart. Jennie Lucas’s talent shines through in this very intense and beautiful love story!

Book Description:

From rags to riches…
Single mum Lucy Abbott will do anything to protect her child. She’s working all the hours she can, but can still barely afford to feed her baby daughter.

An arranged marriage…
So when Prince Maximo d’Aquilla offers her millions, and a way out of her desperate life, Lucy grabs the chance. Max whisks her to Italy…and soon she’s totally his!?

By royal command!
Max has seduced her entirely. But he is driven by revenge, not desire…is he ruthless enough to walk away from his captive bride…?


Now that her mother has passed away, it’s become important to Layla Addison to get to know her father who resides in a desert kingdom and find out the truth as to why her mother left him and raised her alone. She is led to believe by her father that he would like to get to know her. However, in the end, he’s a brut and a horrible man and uses her to gain profit by selling her to a despicable man to become his wife.

Sheikh Kahlil al Hasim like all desert princes is proud, extremely handsome, arrogant and not too pleased that he has been summoned home to Al Ankhara to meet with his father and the council. He’s had to put a multi-millionaire business deal and a new mistress on hold to return to his father and the desert. Kahlil has always known he was a part of Al Ankhara and someday he will need to lead his people. He’s spent a good part of his life pretending he wasn’t part of it

On the night of his return he observes someone dressed in the native dress walking directly into the ocean. He investigates and learns that this person is non-other than the beautiful Layla. What he eventually learns is of her betrothal to the “pig” of a man and like all warriors Kahlil feels he must save her from her fate, so he comes up with a plan. Kahlil also realizes that he must keep his father from being a part of a disastrous plan that would bring grief to his country. Duty and honour are part of him but at times, he wishes things were different!

Layla is an extremely lovely woman with such a spirit and fire it will warm your heart and she’s has walked into a mess in more ways than one. How can she escape this marriage and now she is under the protection of this sexy sheikh, at times it is more than she can emotionally endure. Will Kahlil’s plan work or will it backfire? This spitfire is constantly challenging this desert prince and he resorts to always kissing her into silence or submission.

Like all East meets West love stories, there are misunderstandings, frustrations and a sexual tension that heats up the pages as only Sandra Marton can pen in the Sheikhs Wayward Wife. Their desire and passion are immediately felt by the reader and Kahlil’s confusion as to what he is feeling and experiencing were a joy to read, especially his strong feelings in wanting to protect Layla and the means with which he did protect her.
This second book in the Sheikh Tycoon’s series was a sincere pleasure to read. Its passion and fire were so evident and had me wanting more and more and not wanting their beautiful love story to end.

Book Description:

Sheikh Khalil al Hasim is more than happy to escort feisty Layla Addison back to his desert kingdom and hand her over to her betrothed. But he's almost as horrified as she is by the lecherous man she's being forced to marry!

With steely determination, Khalil demands she become his bride instead! Layla's powerless to resist his wicked good looks, but he's arrogant and overbearing. Has this rebellious bride just jumped from the frying pan into the fire?


Immediately, Bedded by the Greek Billionaire begins with intrigue and the unknown and the surprise Jessica Marshall is about to face at her stepfather Marty’s funeral. She is very saddened by his passing but is at peace due to the fact that Marty not only prepared her to take over but he has left his estate to her. On top of that, she is also about to be married. However, out of the blue a man from her past appears, a man she would love to forget….a past crush in the name of Angelos Rousakis. When she was younger, Jessica threw herself at Angelos and was caught by her stepfather. In his anger, Marty dismissed Angelos which left in its wake, bitterness for the proud Greek. Now he has returned to Manor House to stake his claim, attend the funeral of the father he had never known, the father Jessica stole from him!

What’s not to love about this handsome, strong and proud alpha? He’s charming, gorgeous, a self made billionaire with an axe to grind. But will he take out his revenge on Jessica? You’re just going to have to read this wonderful love story yourself and discovery its mysteries. It’s passionate and moving as only Kate Walker can pen. It’s a story about second chances, with its final chapters set in a lovely Greek setting as well as Manor House in England.

What I loved most about the book is both Jessica’s and Angelos realization about their past mistakes and how learn from them. Jessica comes to terms with how she hurt Angelos and for him, the realization that he had always loved her….and she was truly his “soul” It’s about coming home, finding out what’s important and certainly NOT revenge!

Book Description:

As a naive teenager, Jessica Marshall fell in love with gorgeous Greek Angelos Rousakis. But her clumsy attempt to attract him cost Angelos everything.

Seven years later, Angelos is back and intends to claim what's his—including Jessica!

As Jessica falls for the sexy tycoon all over again, she can't be sure if he's back for pleasure…or retribution….

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Honor of Vetran's Day

I've noticed on many romance author websites and blogs they are feeling like I am on this Vetran's Day......thankful for all of our men and women serving in the armed forces and those who have served in the past.

Please take some time today to pray for them, their families and pray for peace!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Harlequin Undone Launch - Coupon

Harlequin has just launched a new eBook product – Harlequin Historical Undone.

To celebrate the launch of these short, sexy, historical eBooks, Harlequin has an exclusive coupon code for Harlequin Ambassadors and their friends.

Harlequin asks that we share this coupon with you.......Enjoy your free eBook and share with friends.

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