Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Additional December Holiday Book Contest

This morning I woke up and thought, I have these wonderful books laying around, new and unread and so I'm adding them to my December Contest. For a chance to win these two books, all you have to do is post your favorite Holiday memory.

If you're interested you can find reviews on this site for Nicola's and Trish's books or over on The Pink Heart Society Review Blog Both books are excellent.

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Dena said...

Hi Marilyn, My favorite holiday memory was when I was ten I wanted my ears pierced really bad but my Dad said no way, no how. Well my Mom and me went on a Daughter-Mother day and she let me get them pierced. It was our secret and I hid my ears with my long hair. That Christmas my Dad bought me 20 pairs of earrings, he had seen my pierced ears and didn't say anything. There were earrings all over the tree and in my stocking. It was a wonderful surprise and I cherish that memory. Have a wonderful holiday.


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