Friday, December 12, 2008


Baby Request is an emotional love story with a little suspense thrown in along with tenderness and second chances for Gage and Jenna.

She once loved him and he left her without a word and twelve years later they have both returned to Australia. Jenna Darley to bury her father, twin sister and her husband and to get custody of her baby niece, Meg. Gage Cameron to settle an old debt to Jenna’s father and to make sure she is settled and happy. He’s determined to go to any lengths to make sure Jenna gets her niece even if it means marriage.

Jenna is in a state of disbelief….she’s lost her entire family in a plane crash and she never made amends with her father for past disagreements or for leaving home. To make matters worse, her father has left his entire estate to her stepmother and the custody of Meg is in jeopardy. On top of everything else, the love of her life has returned home. After spending a short time with him, he offers to assist her in getting sole custody of Meg by offering marriage. Should she take a leap of faith and marry him in order to accomplish getting Meg? Would marrying him destroy her?

Little Meg is the most important thing to her so she agrees to marry Gage and carry on the charade at all risks to her heart. In the end, being with him, having him take care of her, his gentleness, her sexual attraction for him, she’s determined to store the memories of their time together knowing in the end it will rip her heart out when he leaves. So she takes what she can, storing those memories away and also focuses on getting little Meg.

There are many lessons for these lovers to learn. For Gage, to come to terms with his past and understanding that he can love and have it all. For Jenna, forgiving her father and understanding why things happened. Also, forgiving Gage and understanding why he left her years ago. Their journey is just plain moving and beautiful!

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