Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Trish Wylie has penned an incredible romantic, sensual and sizzling love story in His Mistress, His Terms. The chemistry, the banter, the relationship itself will knock your socks off! Put that together with the story being set in Dublin, a fiery redheaded designer and a cool and confident architect who one weekend months ago, fell into each others arms for a night of passion. When they meet up again, it’s to work together on a rock star’s Dublin hotel. From start to finish this romantic dance, their ups and downs, their getting to know each other and take their relationship to the next level is one you will not want to miss!

Merrow is a free spirit, she’s lovely, confident and funny and she remembers her weekend of passion when she met Alex at a festival and spent one of the most memorable weekends of her life. She is now faced seeing him again and when he offers her a job, she actually believes she can put her past behind her and work with Alex professionally.

Alex, is handsome, hard working but he comes with some baggage’ his family is high society. His wealth and family don’t bother him as he’s always worked for everything he’s achieved; he’s pushed himself every step of the way. His family background bothers Merrow as she comes from a very unusual background and knows this relationship can go no where.

It’s a wonderful story of cat and mouse, exceptional I would say and I congratulate Trish Wylie for this glorious, sexy and very entertaining “fairy like” tale. With it being Mills and Boon’s 100th anniversary, this book makes the celebration even more special!

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Book Description:

Rule 1 – Keep it strictly professional
Rich, gorgeous playboy Alex Fitzgerald has his sights set on Merrow O’Connell. Initially he needs just her interior design skills, but soon they’re on different terms – she’s perfect mistress material!

Rule 2 – Never mix business with pleasure…
Alex is determined to break all the rules and have the Irish beauty in his bed – and Merrow can’t argue with the boss! But she’s learned not to let anyone get close, and is determined to stay free and single. So what will she do when the billionaire playboy suddenly wants her to be more than just his mistress…?

Rule 3 – This boss always gets his way!

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