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Happy New Year to all.  Hope you're going to have a great 2010.  A big thanks to Haralequin Ambassador Program as again, they sent me five copies of a  Silhouette Special Edition.  All they ask of me is whoever wins the books, you let me know what you did with it after you read it.

To win a copy, tell me either how you celebrated New Years Eve or if you are going to have New Years Resolutions, what are they?

Don't forget to leave your contact email so I can notifiy you if you've won.  Again Happy New Year!

This book was rarted 4 1/2 stars on Barnes and Noble.  Here is a description of the book.
Christmas was tough for widow Jenna Wheeler and her four children. But even though she'd sold part of her family's land to make ends meet, she was determined to spin the holiday into the stuff of magic--no matter what it took. Now if she could only find a job....

Maybe her new landlord could oblige--gorgeous, child-averse Carson McRaven. He needed a chef, and he knew the lovely Jenna could do a bang-up job--if only she could keep her brood out of his hair. But as he found himself catapulted into the cheerful chaos of her family...not to mention Jenna's arms...he learned more about the spirit of Christmas than he'd ever dreamed.

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Bought: Damsel in Distress by debut author Lucy King is full of gripping emotions with an incredible blend of passion. It was hard for me to believe that this was her first book. Once I began reading Luke and Emily’s story I could not put it down nor get their story out of my head.

Lucy’s development of her heroine Emily was brilliant. Emily is not only beautiful, she’s a talented potter and when she’s not enjoying potting, she temps for a professional agency. She is also very close to her sister Anna who raised her upon their father’s death. They are more than sisters and share everything with each other. They are a family unit who have suffered loss but definitely know the meaning of love.

Anna feels Emily needs closure from her ex-fiancé she was with for five years and who is soon to be married in France. However, there’s a French baggage strike, so Anna takes things into her own hands. She puts Emily’s picture and details on an internet online auction with the heading “a once in a lifetime chance to be a knight in shining amour”. Anna also made arrangements for the winner to personally fly Emily to France, booked a five star hotel and packed her bags before telling her what she’d done.

Then there’s the author’s alpha, Luke Harrison who is a futures trader, beyond handsome, rich, and determined to never fall in love again. One learns that three years earlier he lost his wife in a car accident. He dates but his main focus is on his business. However, when his friend Jack emails him details of an online auction which features the lovely Emily along with her picture, he’s intrigued. He not only bids against his friend, he wins. And now he’s not sure if he’s made a mistake; he can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. To further complicate matters, when they arrive in France, Emily asks him to attend the wedding; he agrees and thinks he’s lost his mind. And then the magic begins when Emily gives him a thank you kiss which becomes an x-rated scorching kiss in the five star hotel lobby.

Luke and Emily’s love story is a most believable romance which will literally take your breath away. From the very moment in the hotel lobby, to the wedding reception, and their time spent in the French hotel. It’s mind blowing. Then Emily returns home to London on her own not knowing why Luke left in the middle of the night. Weeks later they meet up again and it’s the beginning of the most glorious roller coaster ride of a romance you’ll ever experience.

This romance experiences every emotion…..sadness, disappointment, heart break, strong physical attraction and the inability to commit. At times it’s painful to read especially Luke’s story. The most meaningful moment in the book for me was Luke’s realization that Emily meant more to him and their relationship was not a game nor lust but something very special. Bought: Damsel in Distress had all of the components which make up an intriguing romance. It’s full of scorching sensuality and definitely one not to be missed, thanks to Lucy King.

From Lucy's Website:
I'm a newly signed Mills & Boon Modern Heat author. In September 2008 my entry A Bid for Love won the Harlequin Mills & Boon 'Feel the Heat' Competition. It's out in the US in Jan 2010 as Bought: Damsel in Distress.

Book Description:

Billionaire’s bid…

Luke Harrison is always in control. But ever since he bid for the chance to save a green-bikinied beauty he’s felt his self-possession slipping away…

Blind date…
Independent Emily does not want rescuing – until Luke, a smouldering knight in shining armour, swoops in on his private jet and starts to change her mind!

Secret baby?
Neither is prepared for the heat between them as Emily unbuttons her steely-eyed billionaire, or for when their no-strings fling leads to pleasure beyond their imagining…

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2010 Brings a Cowboy Series by Barbara Dunlop - Montana Millionaires

Coming in February, Barbara Dunop brings a family saga with Montana Millionaires, The Ryders with a three book series.  For this  "wealthy family, love can only be found in Big Sky Country".

Seduction and The CEO - February 2010

Melissa Warner's beauty is too captivating to ignore, and millionaire CEO and rancher, Jared Ryder is ready to stake his claim.  Yet even in his passion-induced haze, he suspects Melissa of hiding something.  Heaven help her if he discovers her lie, for there's nothing more dangerous than Ryder's retribution.

The Ryder family saga continues......

In Bed With the Wrangler - March 2010
His Convenient Virgin Bride - April 2010

Coming January 2010 - Lynne Graham's Pregnant Brides Trilogy

Lynne Graham will soon be talking about her new triology at I(Heart)Presents, so check the blog soon. 

Lynne is a fabulous author and I'm sincerely looking forward to this series.  In my newsletter from Harlequin they describe the series "When opposites attract and passion leads to can only mean marriage!  Inexperienced and execting, they're bound for the altar."

Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence

Forced to marry a desert prince! His Royal Highness Prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais was concerned that his weak, womanising elder brother was bewitched by his child's nanny the throne of Quaram could be threatened by scandal! Though Elinor Tempest appeared to be a naive, fragile beauty, Jasim wasn't fooled; he'd deal with this strumpet himself? Only after he'd ruthlessly seduced her did Jasim discover Elinor really had been a virgin and she'd fallen pregnant! A royal baby couldn't be born out of wedlock so, faster than the desert wind, Elinor became Jasim's unwanted bride

Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife is the second book in the Pregnant Brides trilogy and

Billionaire in need... Sergei Antonovich, a Russian billionaire, was famous for being knee-deep in stunning supermodels and aspiring actresses. But not one was suitable bride material. Would he ever grant his ageing babushka her dearest wish and present her with a grandchild? Of a bride and a baby... So, why not handle this challenge as business? Without emotion, but with a contract of convenience that granted him the perfect deal: a wife he’d bed, wed, get pregnant...and then discard...

Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress

Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Drakos made her his mistress. Her - with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle making candles and potpourri! However, Atreus seemed enchanted by her curves when he made passionate love to her at his country retreat. But Lindy came down to earth with two bumps, first when Atreus revealed she was just his weekend mistress, his bride would be selected from the upper echelons of Greek society. The second bump she wouldn't be able to hide...because she was carrying Atreus's baby!   Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress is the third book in the Pregnant Brides trilogy. Due to be published in the UK / US in 2010.

Fools Gold Series - Susan Mallery

If you're a Susan Mallery fan then you have a great year to look forward to, Fools Gold and the website will soon be available after the first of the year.  The first book in the series will be released May 2010.

From the pre-website of Fools Gold

"Thanks for stopping by! Fool’s Gold, California is the setting of the series I’m launching in May, 2010 with the release of CHASING PERFECT. This series is something new and exciting for me. As long as I can find inspiration in this fabulous town, I’ll continue to set books here. And I can’t imagine ever running out of inspiration. Fool’s Gold has everything. Well, everything except enough men. The poor town is suffering from a mysterious man shortage… but you’ll learn more about that soon. isn’t quite ready for its big unveiling, but the site will be worth the wait, I promise! I have all sorts of fun stuff planned for you. You’ll learn about the history of Fool’s Gold, take a virtual tour through an interactive map of the town, and even be able to download a free cookbook with reader recipes. (If you’d like to contribute a favorite recipe to the cookbook, please keep an eye on for details.) I’m going to have some exciting contests, which you won’t want to miss.

The best way for you to know when goes online is to join the free Members Only area on my website, Members will receive an email the moment the website is announced. You can also join my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter,

Thanks for visiting The Land of Happy Endings!"  Susan Mallery

From a July Examiner interview with author Susan Mallery

Have I mentioned that I love what I do? I’m working on a super-fun new series set in Fool’s Gold, California, a fabulously quaint town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Think tree-lined streets, historic homes, wineries, and a picturesque lake. The series will launch in May 2010 with FAKING PERFECT. Or so I hope. Actually the book will be out in May, but I’ve just heard Marketing wants us to rethink the title.

This is something new for me. Rather than writing a series with a specific beginning and end, I’m creating Fool’s Gold to be ongoing. So far, I’ve got five books planned, and who knows where we’ll go from there. Each book will be a standalone story, so readers don’t have to worry about reading them in order, but because the books share a setting, readers will have the opportunity to check back in with characters they’ve come to love.

I’m going to give readers some fun extras to go along with this series. I’ve created a tourist map that shows a close-up of the downtown area and has ads from lots of local businesses. My team is working on a tourist website,, which will have announcements, a calendar of events, and other fun ways for readers to feel like a part of the community. (That website will be available at the beginning of the year.)

In FAKING PERFECT (or whatever the title becomes), the first book of the Fool’s Gold series, city planner Charity Jones is hired under false pretenses. Only after she picked up her life and moved to a new town does she discover that her primary job function is to recruit companies with lots of men.

According to preliminary census data, Fool’s Gold is suffering from a puzzling man shortage. Josh Golden, local hero and international bicycling superstar, is one of the few who stuck around, much to Charity’s dismay. How’s a girl supposed to work with an infuriating man like Josh telling her how to do her job?

Chasing Perfect - HQN -- Book 1 Fools Gold series - May 2010

Almost Perfect - HQN -- Book 2 Fools Gold series - July 2010

Finding Perfect - HQN -- Book 3 Fools Gold series  - September 2010 (For those of you who loved Raoul in the middle book of the Bakery Sisters--Sweet Spot--he's the hero in this book!)

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's December 24th and I'm still cleaning my house getting ready for my family.  However, I just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog this year and commenting.  I wish you peace, joy and love.

Now don't turn up your nose, but I recently had this at a bridal shower and had no idea what the ingredients were but it's delicious.

That Great Dip


1 15 oz. can black-eyed peas, drained
1 11 oz. can white shoe peg corn, drained
1 4 oz. jar chopped pimento, drained
1 medium green bell pepper, chopped
½ medium orange bell pepper, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
1 avocado, chopped

¾ C. sugar
½ C. white vinegar
½ C. canola oil
1 ½ T. Tiger sauce (located in marinades/sauce section of grocery store)
Salt and pepper to taste

Tortilla chips (Tostitos scooper chips work well)

Mix all vegetables, except avocado, and place in a dish with a cover. Pour marinade over vegetables and refrigerate overnight. Drain dip and add avocado just before serving. Serve with tortilla chips

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DUTY, DESIRE AND THE DESERT KING – Jane Porter (The Desert Kings)

Duty, Desire and the Desert King authored by Jane porter is an excellently executed story that pulls one into its magic from the beginning to end. It a wonderful holiday romance with a theme of love and the joy it brings to those who believe. It also emphasises that love can actually heal all.

Sheikh Jayed is one handsome and charismatic man who also carries guilt and believes he is the black sheep of his royal family. He believes himself to be cursed because of his past, and holds himself responsible for his love, his sisters, his father and now his missing brother. Now he must return home to the desert, marry and assume the responsibility of King.

Dr. Rou Tournell is a scientist who matches compatible people to marry. She is indebted to King Sharif Fehr who was her mentor and responsible for her successful career. She years earlier also met his handsome playboy brother Zayed, was attracted to him until she found out quite by accident that he found her dull and boring. And now, years later, he needs to her, he is demanding her help to immediately find him a wife because his brother’s plane has crashed in the desert and he is missing. Now Zayed must return home to take over as ruler, bring with him a wife.

Because of her love and respect for Sharif, Rou accompanies Zayed back to Saraq and agrees to find him a wife. When Zayed realizes that Rou is a challenge, beautiful, smart, intelligent and the perfect woman to become his wife, he’s relentless until she agrees. Brilliantly written, their love story is a dance of attraction, battle of wills and a sensual journey one won’t want to miss. It’s magical in the sense that their insecurities seem to diminish when they are together, at their engagement party, on their wedding night and on their honeymoon. However, the fact the King is still missing, royal duties and Rou’s insecurities due to her past as a child take it’s toll on their marriage and in the end, Rou returns back to North America and her career.

Fate brings them together again and a warm and beautiful healing in the form of a pregnancy neither expected, facing the reality of their love for each other and like the magic of Christmas a beautiful ending full of peace, love and joy.

Book Description:
Playboy sheikh, unwilling wife…

As the black sheep of the Fehrs, a powerful desert family, middle son Zayed has sworn off love and marriage. This playboy prince is happiest when cruising the casinos of Monte Carlo. But then family tragedy leaves him as heir to his kingdom’s throne. Custom dictates that a wife must be seated beside him, and he’s got just the bride in mind…

Rou Tournell is a feisty, independent woman – and if she won’t marry Zayed for duty, maybe desire will help persuade her…

About the series:

Jane's Sheikh Books are not necessarily connected by storyline, though a few are, these books all feature sheikhs in their exciting settings.

The Desert Kings

The series features the three royal Fehr brothers of Sarq, a desert kingdom neighboring Egypt. The eldest brother, Sharif Fehr, is featured in the The Sheikh's Chosen Queen and is king of their country. We meet the youngest brother, Khalid Fehr, a darkly brooding nomadic sheik, in the second book, King of the Desert, Captive Bride, and the third book, Duty, Desire and the Desert King, features the middle brother, Zayad, a playboy tycoon sheikh that can't be tamed.

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December's Recipe of the Month - Holiday Dinner in Honor of Abby Green's UK Release

In Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by Abby Green, Lucy Proctor and Ari Lavakis story begins in London.  Lucy is Ari's personal assistant and they are working on a secret deal.  Ari is attracted to Lucy and persues her.  From time to time Lucy attends business functions with her boxx  I think that Ari and Lucy would have enjoyed this holiday meal.

Caramelized Onion and Cornbread Stuffing - Recipe courtesy Tyler Florence

6 to 8 servings Ingredients
2 tablespoons butter
2 onions, chopped
6 large cornmeal muffins, cubed
Handful fresh sage leaves, chopped
1 egg
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup chicken stock

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Melt the butter in a medium skillet over medium heat. Add the onions and cook, stirring, for about 10 minutes, or until soft and caramelized. Add sage and scrape into a large mixing bowl. Add the cornbread pieces, season well with salt and pepper, and give it a good toss until it's well combined. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg, cream, and stock, and pour that over the cornbread. Stir the stuffing together and stuff the cavity of the turkey. You could also spoon it into a buttered baking dish and put it in the oven along with the turkey. Bake until hot and crusty on top, about 30 minutes.

Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta - Recipe courtesy Giada De Laurentiis

2 pound sfresh Brussels sprouts, trimmed
4 tablespoons olive oil
6 ounces paper-thin slices pancetta, coarsely chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
3/4 cup low-salt chicken broth


Partially cook the Brussels sprouts in a large pot of boiling salted water, about 4 minutes. Drain.

Meanwhile, heat the oil in a heavy large skillet over medium heat. Add the pancetta and saute until beginning to crisp, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and saute until pale golden, about 2 minutes. Add the Brussels sprouts to the same skillet and saute until heated through and beginning to brown, about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Add the broth and simmer until the broth reduces just enough to coat the Brussels sprouts, about 3 minutes. Serve.
Serves 8

Crown Roast of Pork - Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse

Yield: 6 to 10 servings

Prep10 min Cook1 hr 45 min Total:2 hr 25 min


1 (6 to 10-pound) crown roast of pork (5 pound roast is about 10 to 12 chops, serving 6)
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons minced garlic
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 tablespoons chopped sage
2 tablespoons chopped thyme
1 1/4 cups dry white wine


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Place the roast on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Rub all over with the olive oil and the garlic and season generously with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with fresh herbs and bake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, basting frequently with wine, until a meat thermometer reads 150 degrees to 160 degrees F. (20 to 22 minutes per pound).

Remove from oven and let rest at least 10 minutes before carving.


Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress by the very talented Abby Green takes one on a very ruthless journey with a high degree of sensuality and explodes with passion! It was so incredibly dangerous and intense and I couldn’t put it down nor at times stop crying. It was that extreme and emotional.

Rich, ruthless, handsome, and determined doesn’t even begin to describe Aristotle Levakis. He goes through women like sands through an hour glass. One day he slams into his secretary in the elevator and notices all of her lucious curves. When he takes a closer look at her and realizes he’s beyond attracted to her curves, he desparately wants her not only in his boardroom but also in his bedroom. He’s working on a secret deal and has the perfect plan because she’s signed a confidentially agreement. He’ll take her with him to Athens making sure she’s not only working with him on the merger, he’ll also make sure she shares his bed. He is absolutely relentless in persuing her, coming on to her, telling her it’s only a matter of time, touching her, kissing her senseless and poor Lucy Proctor is so overwhelmed as she too is attracted to him. However, her childhood is holding her back and memories of her mother’s men.

Lucy Proctor doesn’t even have a clue just how lovely she is both inside and out and tries to camoflage her looks by wearing glasses, tying her hair up and wearing baggy clothes. She’s been working a few years for the striking and brilliant Greek boss and he definitely unsettles her. On top of eveything else, whenever Ari breaks up with his georgeous lovers, he has Lucy buy gifts and sending thank yous notes to his latest flavor of the month and she doesn’t approve. When he suddenly comes on to her she’s taken back and can’t believe he could be attracted to someone like her.

The weeks spent together working, playing, making love were fantastic to read. Ari was relentless in persuing her and couldn’t seem to get enough of her. It was a very confusing time for him. And for Lucy, she realizes she’s in trouble because she’s aware that she loves him and knows it will not be returned and their affair will soon have to end.

During the final chapters of this wonderful and brilliantly written romance by master storyteller Ms. Green, be prepared for tears and up and down emotions. In the end, the message was very clear for both Ari and Lucy…..they had both been alone and lonely. However, Lucy did have a mother who loved her but Ari had no one to neither love him nor stand up for him. What I took away from Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress was for both Lucy and Ari was their realizing what’s important in life. For them it was security, acceptance for who they each were and most importantly, being loved.

Book Description:

Three Weeks in the Boss’s Bed!

Lucy Proctor watches the women who come and go in Aristotle Levakis’ life. She has no desire to join them, despite Ari’s devastating good-looks, and is perfectly content as his assistant – or so she tries to convince herself!

Ari shouldn’t find his prim and plump secretary attractive, but something about her calls to him. He knows there is only one way to overcome this desire – and that is to sate it...

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High Powered, Hot Blooded written by the New York Times best selling author, the enchanting Susan Mallery is a perfect holiday romance. It’s the type of book you’ll need to read in one seating because it’s Mary Poppins meets Scrooge and it’s so about love, family, trust and happy endings.

Duncan Patrick is a high powered, successful and ruthless millionaire and he’s furious because one of his employees has embezzled $250,000. He goes looking for Tim McCoy and instead of finding Tim he meets his sister, Annie. He finds her sweet and the perfect woman to help him change his image as suggested by his uncle and the board of directors. The very same ruthless image the press has been reporting lately. So, he offers the sweet kindergarten teacher an offer she can’t refuse, be his date and act like his girlfriend by attending holiday functions and he’ll apply the money to repay half of her brother’s debt. Part of the deal is to keep Tim out of jail so Duncan pays and sends him to rehab for his gambling problem. What Duncan doesn’t count on is how much of an impact she’ll have on his life.

Annie McCoy was one of the most charming characters I think I’ve read all year. Her sense of taking care of her family will warm your heart, especially at this time of year. Since her mother passed away, she’s basically raised her brother, and cousins and also has an exchange student and the girls living with her. Plus she helps to pay for their college and food and provides a home for them. So now she has this dilemma, she’s agreed to be Duncan Patrick’s Holiday date and finds him to be more than a boss. What neither counts on is their attraction for each other and then they take it a step further to becoming lovers. Annie realizes she has no future with Duncan because he’s already had one bad marriage and she sees through his toughness and finds him a caring, sweet and very handsome man, the very same man she loves.

Duncan definitely doesn’t want to hurt Annie and really appreciates her efforts in changing his image. He also believes her to be a woman with a big heart and from time to time his soft side is shown when he does special things for her family but one definitely knows that for him because of his past with his mother and ex-wife leaving him, he’s not going to take another chance at love. However, as one might expect, Christmas wishes due come true and to reveal them would ruin the book so I highly suggest you read this beautiful love story or purchase it for a friend because is truly a lovely holiday romance.

Behind the Book from Dear Reader:

“For my hero Duncan Patrick the holidays aren’t the least bit special. He doesn’t believe in tradition or family or even being nice to anyone. He doesn’t see the point. For him, life is all about the bottom line. He’s been so successful, he’s completely lost what really matters.

Now Annie isn’t looking for a powerful, determined, stubborn guy to warm her nights. But that’s exactly who she’s going to get. I think she’ll thank me later.” Susan Mallery

Book Description:

Mr. December: Duncan Patrick, CEO Scrooge

His Objective: Lose the "bah humbug" attitude

His Plan: Find the right (temporary) mistress

A powerful businessman, Duncan didn't like ultimatums, unless he was making them. But the board demanded his public image change. When he encountered sweet kindergarten teacher Annie McCoy, he knew she'd make him look like a perfect angel, though it would take some devilish manipulation.

Once he had Annie playing his pretend mistress, Duncan needed to make her his real-life lover. Could a grouchy CEO cultivate the charm necessary to win the woman he'd almost destroyed?

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This month I'm offering the second book in Sandra Marton's Orsini Brothers, Dante:  Claiming His Secret Love-Child.  You'll also find my review on this blog.  I've read the first two and I'm really looking forward to reading book 3.

To win a copy, please follow this blog if you haven't already.  Also, share your favorite holiday memory.  While you at it, please stop by Romance Author Buzz for a scond chance to win a book.

To find out more about Sandra Marton, here's her website.  I've read her entire backlist and have so enjoyed them all.

Don't forget to leave your contact email, just in case you're the winner.

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If you enjoy romances with alpha- heroes who'll sweep you off your feet and set your pulse pounding, you'll definitely want to read Carol Marinelli’s Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy. This book is an excellent indication of Carol’s wonderful talent for writing captivating stories and vibrant characters.

Eric Hayes and Rocco D’Amilo have been friends for over fifty years and now its Eric’s 60th birthday and Rocco and his playboy son Zarios have arrived at the family’s home in Melbourne to celebrate. Zarios has been warned not to mess with Eric’s daughter Emma and he reminds his son he needs to settle down because when he retires, he wants his son to take over. However, the board of directors do not look kindly upon Zarios because of his playboy reputation even though he is for the most part solely responsible for the firms success.

Emma is nervous about seeing Zarios as she remembers years ago how attracted she was to him. But as fate would have it, they are immediately drawn to each other and then the next day when Emma goes for an ocean swim and almost drowns, Zarios saves her in more ways than one. He saves her life and then they make love. For them both it’s something they both realize was special and they agree to see each other soon. Fate steps in again in the form of an ex-girlfriend who claims to be pregnant and if that’s not enough Emma is again faced to deal with her brother’s gambling debts plus her parent’s parish in a fatal car accident the very next day after her father’s birthday.

Now months later Emma approaches Zarios to ask for a loan to pay off her brother’s debts. She uses the fact that she will pay him back when she receives her inheritance. In a way, Zarios blackmails Emma into faking an engagement to him until the board convenes so that he appears respectable and focused on the future. She agrees for the sake of her brother.

Their time together will have you holding your breath because it’s obvious they still desire each other and fight it every step of the way. Of course, throw into the mix that Zarios suspects it’s Emma who has a gambling problem as he’s not aware of her brother’s situation. They just keep hurting each other. Emma is aware she loves Zarios and then to add more stress to their marriage, she is told she’s pregnant with Zarios child.

Trust in the end is what’s important, trust and forgiveness especially for this man that was raised motherless, used by women for his wealth and status, and owning up to realizing that things are not always what they seem. Their realization they love each other, Zarios confessions, and Emma’s forgiveness, were spectacular to read. For those who love romances with vibrant characters and a plot full of surprises, Carol Marinelli’s Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy is a story that's got to be read!

Book Description:
When Zarios D'Amilo meets Emma Hayes again, she is no longer the awkward teenager who tried to kiss him, but a beautiful, confident woman. Now he wants her!

To claim his inheritance, this untamed tycoon must curb his wild ways. He needs a convenient fiancée, and Emma needs a million dollars. So Zarios seizes his opportunity—he will have her! But passion soon leads to pregnancy, and suddenly, the stakes are higher….

THE BILLIONAIRE’S BRIDE OF INNOCENCE - Miranda Lee (Three Rich Husbands)

Emotional tension and vivid characterization, Miranda Lee invokes the full range of human emotions with her storytelling talent to make The Billionaire’s Bride of Innocence a thoroughly satisfying read and concluding the mini-series Three Rich Husbands.

As we learned in earlier stories Russell, Hugh and James were roommates in boarding school and at university in Australia. They are three very rich men who work and play hard. This is the last book in the Three Rich Husbands series and its James and Megan Logan’s story. In the first book, James is marrying the very sweet and innocent Megan who is expecting their child. The friends discuss with James openly his reason for the loveless marriage because this is his second marriage. His first was to a beautiful super-model who deceived him into thinking she loved him and wanted his child, both were not true. Now James is marrying Megan because he finds here sweet, she she’s carrying his child. She’s also not after his money because she comes from a wealthy family.

The story opens with Megan having a miscarriage and overhearing Russell and Hugh discussing her marriage. Both men believe her to be asleep and she hears that James only married her because she was carrying his child, certainly not because he loved her. For three months she uses every excuse in the book not to sleep or make love to her husband and she is also secretly on the pill so as not to become pregnant. She’s is sort of a depression and spends her time with her painting to while away her time. And then, James has just about had enough and decides to take her away to a very secluded and high end private island to try and get the magic of their love making back into their marriage, teach his innocent wife new and marvelous ways of sharing his bed and hopefully making her pregnant again, because it’s what he feels they both need. Megan is such a shy and sweet woman and her only friend Nicole, Russell’s wife takes her on a week shopping and spa spree giving her a whole new and sexy look which stuns James.

So away they go to this magical island and it’s a very magical time for them both their time in and out of bed, their time getting to know each other and then James discovers Megan has been lying to him and is taking the birth control pill. He explodes, sends her home and tells her the marriage is over. Can she survive? Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike a character anymore than I did James, let’s just say his transformation is miraculous and the series certainly ends with a bang as only Miranda Lee can pen.

Book Description:

James Logan knew it was time to take a wife and produce an heir. Megan was perfect for his plans: shy, unworldly and quickly seduced by the Sydney advertising tycoon's devilish charm. She was pregnant on their wedding day.

The honeymoon was barely over when Megan had a miscarriage and the scales fell from her eyes: she was trapped in a convenient marriage, and James expected her to conceive again soon. She should have demanded a divorce, but Megan was facing the uncomfortable truth: she'd fallen in love with her ruthless husband….

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Again Ally Blake delivers a beautiful romance to readers and fans. Beautifully portrayed emotions between two strong characters help to make Getting Red-Hot With the Rogue a story that delights the reader with a sensuality that cannot be forgotten.

Dylan Kelly, like the rest of his family, is dedicated and protective of his father and the family business and that’s about the extent of his trust. Very early in his life he learned one thing that women only wanted one thing from him, his money, his connections and his name. Now his family have banned together to protect their father who is ill while Dylan’s older brother is running the company and Dylan is the media exec. They don’t want the fact their father is ill to get out to the press. As one gets to know the family you understand just how “tight” they are and hopefully the very talented Ally Blake will continue this family saga in her future books.

ike Dylan, Wynnie Devereau is devoted to her brother and misses him like crazy. She actually doesn’t know where he is and hasn’t seen him because he’s on the run. He was accused of blowing up a building in the name of a cause and Wynnie at one time was also blamed by the press for the deed, until she was cleared. And now Wynnie has cuffed herself to a huge sculpture outside of the Kelly’s high rise office building in the name of conservation because she’s a lobbyist and wants to make a statement to the city by using the Kelly firm as an example. She wants to talk them into going “green” by turning off lights, not using so much paper, using coffee cups instead of paper ones.

It’s the way Wynnie and Dylan meet that will have you smiling and you’ll immediately see this couple have chemestry. While reading I chuckled quite a lot, loving Wynnie’s determination to make Dylan realize that KinG Corporation could make an impact and difference and possibly show the world how conserving could make a difference. It’s the way she approaches everything that had me smiling, her determination, her intelligence, her wit and her immediate attraction to this sexy man. However, what made it even better was the authors description of what Dylan felt when he first saw her face, her brown eyes, her physical beauty, setting the stage with what proved to be a beautifully charged and romantic love story.

They were so well matched in intellect, physically, passion and in their determination, so much so that is scared them both, especially Dylan because he once was hurt by a scheming woman. However, first and foremost he felt the need to protect his family and the family business. Their passion, their tenderness to each other will melt your heart. So will Wynnie, because when she realizes she’s not lusting after Dylan that she actually loves him and he’s definitely aware of the fact, well just prepare your self for a good cry. This very persistent, beautiful woman saw Dylan for who he was as a man NOT because he was a rich and powerful Kelly.

Trust me, you’ll love reading Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue and reading about how this beautiful young woman grabs and changes the sexy, stubborn Dylan Kelly and how he makes things right and perfect for them both.

From Authors Website:

Get to know the Kelly family, Brisbane's most famous banking dynasty.
They're rich, they're powerful, they've always had everything they've ever wanted.
Is there hope for them yet?

“And now that I’ve started writing about the fabulous and formidable Kelly family and their place in the beautiful Brisbane landscape, I’m not sure where I’m going to stop! Dylan’s brothers and sisters, and their friends, have all clamoured to the surface of my sub conscious, begging for stories of their own. Now my only concern is who will be the next to fall in love” AB

Ally’s Post on I(Heart) Presents:

“But by far my favourite is the meet-cute in my latest Harlequin Presents, GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE.

When I sat down to start writing GETTING RED-HOT WITH THE ROGUE, as always the story was completely up for grabs. Imagine me sitting in my ugh boots and trakky daks (Aussie for tracksuits pants – I prefer velour if that helps the imagery). In front of me sat a bowl of M&Ms and a cup of decaf coffee (nursing mum here, so no caffeine – heaven help me). Breathless anticipation ensued. In what fabulous way were my hero and heroine going to meet???”
Book Description:

Dylan Kelly: a wicked rogue and hotshot businessman who makes men stand to attention and women weak in the knees….

Wynnie Devereaux: a clever, beautiful, but slightly ditzy girl, whom Dylan leaves feeling flustered and frustrated—in more ways than one….


Robyn Grady has penned a truly beautiful love story with Devil In A Dark Blue Suit. Devlin and Eden are facinating characters and their passion simply sizzles. Exquisitely told and a definite page-turner, it is a must read!

Eden and Devlin’s story is one of those that once you pick up the book you will absolutely need to read it from cover to cover. I love romances about second chances and this certainly is one of those and as I started to get to know the characters I honestly couldn’t understand why they ended their relationship three years earlier because it’s very obvious that they cared deeply about each other.

Now three years after their break up Eden has asked to meet Devlin because her sister is seeing his playboy brother and it’s serious. She feels the need to discuss and vent her concerns and end up in Dev’s brother’s hotel room in let’s say a compromising situation. It’s one that definitely will have the reader giggling! It’s only then that Devlin realizes that he must ask Eden to go away with him because it’s very obvious to both of them that the passion still exists between them after three years of being separated. Dev plans an oh so romantic getaway at a private and secluded island.

As you experience their romantic journey you learn a couple of things…..Eden definitely is the caretaker in her family…..she adores her younger sister, is skeptical of her relationship with Nate, Dev’s brother and has always watched out for her sibling. You also learn that the four months she spent with Devlin were glorious and that when she ended it it was because he would never commit and she was hurt badly. So now, why take the chance? Honestly I don’t think they ever had closure nor did they ever stop caring about each other.

Devlin Stone is one sexy and charismatic man and due to the behaviour of his father he has commitment issues. He’s very close to his brother Nate and it’s very obvious he misses Eden and he would like to continue the relationship but definitely not marriage as Eden would like. Talk about a romantic getaway, their days spent on the private island will absolutely take your breath away but in the end, Eden realizes she must cut Devlin out of her life and then she finds that she’s expecting his baby.

While being a beautiful loe story, at times it was painful to read because it’s obvious that the more Dev is with Eden, he definitely doesn’t want to let her go. He never wanted to hurt her like his father hurt his mother and he defintely didn’t want to persue the relationship if he couldn’t commit. As for Eden, she defintely wants the dream, she wants it all, marriage and family and Dev.

You’ll love the ending……let’s just say the siblings intervene and when Dev see’s his baby’s sonagram and the beautiful woman he adores, just prepare yourself for a ton of tears. Devil In A Dark Blue Shirt is definitely a romance I’ll read over and over again.

Book Description:

When Eden Foley walked out of millionaire bad boy Devlin Stone's life, she vowed it would be forever. He knew just how to make her tremble with desire, but he was dangerous! Now, forced to contact Devlin, Eden is stunned—he wants to pick up from where they left off. Even worse, her traitorous body seems to agree!

Will one night with Devlin mean she can finally move on with her life…? Or has this devil in a dark blue suit got other, more pleasurable plans in mind?

THE FUTURE KING'S LOVE-CHILD - Melanie Milburne - (The Royal House of Karedes)

Author Melanie Milburne has captured and written an emotionally charged romance in The Future King’s Love-Child, the 6th book in The Royal House of Karedes series. This is Sebastian and Cassie story, Seb being the soon to be crowned king of Aristo when they find the missing coronation diamond.

Honestly, emotionally charged doesn’t even describe this book because it’s very intense, full of secrets and the biggest one of all that 6 years earlier Seb and Cassie conceived a child, a child that was born in a women’s prison. It’s such a wonderfully crafted story which had me sitting on the edge of my seat at times.

Seb has been groomed to be king and the woman he can’t seem to get out of his mind after six long years has been released from prison and is at the palace. The very same woman who was found guilty of killing her father, a respected mayor of their city. He runs into her, the very same woman who rejected him years ago, the same woman with an extremely bad reputation for being spoilt and a party girl who had many lovers. However, even though he knows nothing can come of being with her again, he can’t seem to help himself and makes excuses and then demands to see her because he can, because he’s the King. And being the powerful man that he is plus his desires for her he’s insistent they resume where they left off years ago, because he feels she owes him.

Cassie is working at an orphanage and finally has her beautiful son with her. She’s working until her parole is up so that she can take herself and Sam off the island of Aristo, getting away from her past and starting over again. She has two secrets, the obvious she’s had Seb’s son and what really happened on the night her father died. She know no matter what that she’s never gotten over Sebastian but there can be no future for them because he will need to marry someone respectable once he’s crowned King. She also knows she must keep Sam’s secret from Seb and that she’ll never been seen as anything other than the girl who murdered her father. All of those years ago, her father had influential friends, friends that believed what he told them about his daughter.

As I kept reading The Future King’s Love-Child I couldn’t help but admire Cassie’s character. Her love for her child, her secret love of this man who kept demanding her time, taking both she and her son away, somewhat keeping them captive so he could get to know his son, mistrusting her every step of the way but also wanting to see some good in her. And then when her secret is finally revealed as to the evening of her father’s death, it tore my heart out. And thinking back about Seb, I also realized how hard it was for him when he finally realized that Cassie’s son was also his and how that must have hurt as well for all he missed in his son’s life.

Like all love stories, this one had it’s happy ending and a second chance at love But to get there they both had to accept and trust and when the press gets wind of Sam’s existence and prints a story of the Prince’s love child, everything falls apart. That’s actually when I fell in love with Sebastian’s character, when he finally realized all that Cassie had been through with her father, her giving birth to their son in a prison call and that he had to let her go, it was heartbreaking. Melanie Milburne captured this future kings story in such away that she made this man groomed to rule his country human, caring, sensitive and a man who could understand, forgive, a King that could love!

Author Post on I(heart)Presents:

“Lucky for me Sebastian Karedes and Cassie Kyriakis were perfect characters for me. They were both strong and protective of those they loved and they both had secrets they wished to keep.

Cassie’s secret was the most heart-wrenching of all. Not just of little Sam, her love-child by the royally born Sebastian, but the cruel details of her past that she had kept to herself for most of her life. While this was great material for me to work with, it was also challenging as I didn’t want to trivialize the painful and life altering experience so many people go through during childhood.” M Milburne

Book Description:

Cassie Kyriakis was wrongly accused of murdering her father and jailed, leaving her wild-child roots and Seb, her one true love, behind her….

Now, the throne awaits Prince Sebastian Karedes!

Seb once loved Cassie so passionately he would have chosen her over his kingdom. But she rejected him. Now that she's been released from prison, he discovers that she may be innocent and that she gave birth to his baby in her cell! Sebastian must choose between honor and duty. He will claim his love-child—but what about Cassie?

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Dante Orsini like his other brothers is tall, dark, handsome, determined and rich. There is absolutely one word not allowed in his vocabulary and that’s “relationship”. He had everything a bachelor could possibly want, he was in the financial business with his brothers, he lived in a New York penthouse, had a red Ferrari and a private jet. And now his father the NYC crime boss has asked him to go to Brazil to purchase a ranch with a gleam in his eye and his parting remark ‘who knows, you might even find out something new.’

When Dante arrives at the broken down ranch he realizes two things that he wants to purchase it and return home immediately and secondly Brazil reminds of a woman he once dated Gabriella who was also from Brazil and honestly the only woman who had lately been creeping into his thoughts and he wanted to forget. They had dated several months and in the end, he had sent her away because he didn’t want any complications. Now he has an uneasy feeling when he walks into the ranch and finds out it’s actually being auctioned off. To his surprise, he’s sure he hears her voice and then the voice appears and they are both shocked because it is indeed “his” Gabriella. Call it fate? I don’t think so but they do and then everything spirals out of control and in the end Dante finds out he has an infant son, Daniel. The sale falls through so there is only one decent thing to due because Gabriella has no money and just looking at the baby who is the spitting image of Dante, he takes them back to his New York penthouse until they can sort out the mess.

Dante like his brother Rafe did in the first Orsini brothers book, takes time off from work, first to take care of Gabriella due to an illness and the baby. From then on their attraction is so strong, and in the end they can’t fight it. They live together, play and sleep together and it all comes rushing back to them both, all of the feelings, everything.

Gabriella Viera is not only a beautiful woman, she’s an honest one and has suffered many losses. First and foremost, Dante when he asked her to a restaurant, tried to give her diamond earrings and send her on her way. That very same evening when she was going to tell him she was expecting his baby. She had only once choice to go back home to Brazil because her father was dying and needed her care and then her brother became ill as well and also passed away. And now she’s back in New York with the same man who broke her heart unable to fight the attraction anymore and her heart aches when she sees him with his son yet she’s also aware this time if he sends her away she’ll never recover.

This was such a beautiful and romantic love story because you can just tell that even though Dante months earlier told her goodbye that he really never got over this incredible woman and now the passion is blazing between them and he’s getting to know their child, well it was just incredibly romantic and sweet. As far as Gabriella, it’s obvious she’s always loved him and sees also a new side of Dante one of being caring and tender with both of them. However, she’s also vulnerable but she’s also proud and determined to take care of her son and she’ll walk away if she has to.

Again, Sandra Marton charms her readers with Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child with this particular romantic tale using family, especially the brothers again, to help their brother Dante in need to see the light of something that was already in his heart, love. The first two books of this Orsini Brothers series have been a joy to read and I’m looking forward to reading Falco and Nick’s stories and see what the “don” has in store for them. Hopefully Sandra will also write about the Orsini sisters.

Behind the Book (Marton post on I(Heart) Presents:

Cesare asks a favor of his second son . This request seems simple. Will Dante fly to Brazil and help Cesare’s sick old friend by buying his ranch? Dante reluctantly agrees. It is, after all, a straightforward bit of business… so he thinks. But when Dante arrives in Brazil, he finds that his father’s friend has died and left the bankrupt ranch to his daughter, who turns out to be Dante’s former mistress, the one woman he’s never been able to forget. Gabriella Ramos-Viera wants no part of Dante. That’s fine. He wants no part of her, either, until long-simmering desire surfaces along with troubling news. Gaby has an infant son. Is the baby Dante’s? If so, what’s he going to do about it? Maybe the real question is, what will Gaby permit him to do? Nothing, she says… which means that arrogant Dante must take matters into his own hands.


Gabriella Ramos-Viera fell for Dante's raw masculinity and ended up pregnant and alone—with no choice but to return home in shame.

Tough corporate raider Dante Orsini has set his sights on a huge Brazilian ranch. However, he discovers it's to be inherited by Gabriella, the one woman he's never been able to forget…. But where's the New York career woman he once knew? And who's the dark-haired little boy who calls her Mommy?

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At the Boss's Beck and Call by Anna Cleary is `An Affair to Remember' and `Sleepless in Seattle', all rolled into one spectacular and emotional romance.

I love romances with conflict and this definitely is one of those because at the end of their affair six years earlier they both agree to have a "time out". The sexy Italian Alessandro Vencenti is going to America to finish his education and the beautiful Lara Meadows to return to her family home in Australia. They agree to meet months later back in Australia at The Centrepoint Tower if they still feel the same way about each other. Of course that doesn't happen and now its six years later and they are fated to meet again at Lara's publishing firm where Alessandro is going to reorganized and restructure and appoint a new Managing Director. What he doesn't know is that he's a father!

Alessandro sees a familiar name and wonders could this be the woman who took his breath away so many years ago? The same woman who he was sure loved him? In the meantime, Lara is on pins and needles because she know that Sandro will be at her office and she's not sure what if he's going to remember her after all of these years and if he does, will she tell him he has a five year old daughter? At first he plays with her and lets her feel the past meant nothing to him. But the chemistry still exists between them and it's an emotional roller coaster for them both.

Lara is the one to take the initiative to ask questions about the past but what they don't know about each other is that on that fateful day Laura was in the hospital due to a fire at her family home where her father died and one is not sure if Sandro showed up or not. Then Lara wonders if he's still married because he comes from a very high powered family in Venice and he married a wealthy family friend which was published in all of magazines she read a few months later.

They feel their way around each other but it's so very obvious they both desire each other and it was emotional when Lara finally told Sandro about his little girl for two reasons, because of his family history and also would he have a part in her life or not? And of course, when they finally agree to see each other on a personal level it's obvious it's only going to be a short time before they resume their affair and it sizzles off the pages.

Can there be a happy ever after for this family and can they forgive and resolve the past? The emotions one will feel while reading At The Boss's Beck and Call and the reasons they didn't meet up all of those years ago plus the reason Sandro married is quite the journey. But mark my word, in the end you'll be cheering for Alessandro, Laura and Vivi.

From Anna's Website - Behind the Book:

Do you know 'An Affair to Remember', that beautiful romantic movie so stylishly acted by the great Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr?

I was inspired by that particular story when I was dreaming up Lara and Alessandro's tale. Like the lovers in the movie, when Lara and Alessandro are separated by the demands of their lives, they make a pact to meet again, at a certain time, in a certain place.

And like the lovers in the movie, Fate intervenes. So, when they do finally meet, their reunion doesn't go smoothly. Old passions, guilt, anger and sizzling desire rise to the surface like furies.

I'm considering who to cast for their characters. For instance, I suspect Andy Garcia would make a gorgeous Alessandro. What do you think? Here he is, intense, strong, brooding and so passionate. Oh yes, he could be Alessandro.


Sarah Morgan dazzles her readers with Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife.

This love story sizzles off of the pages as one learns that Leandro Demetrios is not only a ruthless billionaire, he’s one that any and every woman desires. However, there are some problems…… number one he’s married but his wife Millie left him because she believed he had an affair with her sister. And she also believes that he’s the father of her sister’s child. And now that very same wife has come to claim her nephew because her sister died. Add to the list, Millie finds her husband in the arms of another woman, a well known beautiful actress.

As this story unfolds you learn they met at her parent’s farm where she lived and worked. Immediately Leandro and Millie fell into a passionate affair, married only a few months later and this proud Greek took his marriage and their relationship seriously. Due to his wealth and status as all billionaires, he was in the limelight, expected to go to various parties, events and as a couple they were always being photographed and his sweet wife Millie never felt she measured up and she had self confidence issues. She never believed herself beautiful enough and compared herself to other women in her husbands past and to his friends he socialized with. Millie never felt confident or good enough and she didn’t communicate those feelings to her husband.

This proud and sexy Greek has a plan and is determined that Millie will never again walk out on him and that they will honour their wedding vows. Personally, I immediately fell in love with him the more I read this up and down and very emotional love story. He’s not as daunting as one might believe because you learn that he has taken in his baby nephew not because of an affair with Millie’s sister but out of a sense of duty and to make sure little Costas has the very best life has to offer.

Was this painful at times to read? The answer yes due to Millie’s misconceptions concerning her husband and because of her insecurities. The beautiful part of the story was how determined Leandro was in making sure they communicated, how patient he was with her when he found out her secret and how determined he was to make her realize her potential as the woman he loved not the insecure girl from the farm who always felt compared to her sister. Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife was a magnificent love story and gives the reader hope because it’s not about where you come from, it’s about accepting who you are, believing in yourself, letting go of the past and in the person you love.

Book Description:

Powerful and proud – he’s a traditional Greek husband!

Gorgeous Greek billionaire Leandro plucked plump Millie from her farm and swept her into his glamorous world! Wrapped in his arms, draped in diamonds, she thought nothing could touch them.

But the deepest, darkest betrayal did. Her sister claimed she was expecting Leandro’s baby. So Millie ran away, distraught. The designer dresses had clearly never hidden how unsuitable and unglamorous she truly was.

Now, though, Leandro’s powerful voice is demanding his wife come home… And, to her shame, she’s willing…

THE GREEK BILLIONAIRE’S INNOCENT PRINCESS – Chantelle Shaw (The Royal House of Karedes)

Author Chantelle Shaw has captured a “Princess” and sweet romantic tale with The Greek Billionaire’s Innocent Princess.

Princess Kitty is such an innocent and inexperienced young woman and hides behind her insecurities with her work and her books. She’s recently lost her father the King of Aristo and is still grieving. Her brother is someday to be the future King and has asked her to plan a ball and in attendance is one of her brother’s closest friends the fabulous and handsome Greek billionaire Nikos Angelaki. He mistakes her for a waitress but there something about her that attracts him.

Nikos literally grew up in the streets and his mother scratched and worked to provide for them both. When she died, he was devastated. A woman she worked for took him under her wing and when she died she left a shipping company to him. The company under his direction was extremely successful. He’s known as a playboy and Kitty is aware of him from the tabloids. He had also been married and betrayed by his wife so he vows to only have affairs, never to marry again.

Kitty and Nikos I felt immediately were meant to be because she was so different from the models he dated, she was curvy, sweet and concealed her figure and most of all she was innocent. Whereas, Nikos was handsome, outgoing, driven and she affected him for some reason. Was it fate on the night of the ball that she was swimming nude in the surf and he left the palace, went for a walk and found her in the surf? Was it fate that in the end they made love and weeks later she found herself pregnant? Was it also fate when he and her family found out she was carrying his child that he would ask her to marry him? Yes to all and he was determined to marry her, and be an excellent father to his child because he never knew his father.

Greek society was thrilled to have a princess in Athens and were curious whereas Kitty was scared to death because of the way she felt about her looks, she was shy and she didn’t want to embarrass her husband. Being Greek, Nikos was a take charge husband, purchased her designer gowns and clothes, took her to parties and made love to her and couldn’t seem to get enough of his wife. He adored her curves and her intellect.

What was wonderful to read was their journey because she was so insecure, but her love for him and how she blossomed with his help and encouragement, amazing. One felt heartache for him because his father had abandoned him before he was born, he lost the only two women who ever loved him at a young age plus his wife betrayed him. This star crossed lover romance is one you won’t want to miss and a wonderful addition to The Royal House of Karedes series.

Book Description:

Plain, plump Kitty Karedes is the forgotten princess—until she has to host the palace ball. Kitty plans everything perfectly, but doesn't have time to buy herself a showstopping dress!

At the ball, Greek tycoon Nikos Angelaki mistakes homely Kitty for a waitress. She flees, her confidence in tatters but her identity still a secret. When Nikos spies her again, she's swimming naked in the moonlight—her frumpy clothes were hiding luscious curves! But next morning Nik discovers he's seduced a princess…and made her pregnant with his baby!

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I defy people who are critical of romance novels especially the contemporary romance to not adore, love, cry and yes, laugh while reading Taming His Tempestuous Virgin, Raffaele’s story. The initial first chapters I absolutely died laughing. Sandra Marton is an extremely talented author and she’s written such an exceptional and emotional love story with the first book in the Orsini Brothers series.

I knew this would be a wonderful love story because I’m such a fan of Sandra Marton but I was knocked side ways with the fun and sexy humour plus the element the author always delivers the love, emotion and the passion. I can absolutely say I would rate this as one of my top ten picks for 2009.

The book begins with Raffaele and his brother being summoned to their father’s home. Their father who is the don, head of a crime family. Rafe agrees to return to his father’s birthplace Sicily to make amends but when he finds out what he father has in mind, he immediately refuses to wed the daughter of a Sicilian mobster. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun their meeting was, how everything falls apart and in the end he does marry her and they return to his New York home.

From reading the series description you realize just how incredible these Italian men are, as they’ve put their talents into honest and lawful business and they are extremely close. Rafe’s character description describes him as tall, dark and handsome and a savvy millionaire with absolutely no plans to marry. He’s devoted to his family with the exception of his father and is determined to get this mess over. However, when everything backfires and they return back to New York, that’s when things get messy, crazy and very very heated!

Chiara Cordiano is a sheltered virgin mistreated by her father and determined to run away when he tells her she is to marry her father’s old rival. She meets Rafe in the most amusing way, then things become somewhat crazy and she finds herself married and in New York city when all she knows is her small town in Sicily and the convent where she went to school. This sheltered spitfire is a marvellous heroine. She appears to be dowdy in her appearance but it’s misleading especially when she gets angry, she has a tainted view of marriage based on what her mother’s told her about men. She’s determined to buy her way out of her marriage.

Chiara also believes her new husband is just like both of their fathers and is involved in organized crime. With just a simple touch from Rafe, she goes berserk and he realizes he has a lot on his hands. She’s perfect for Rafe as he sees through her attempt to hide her beauty. He realizes something else a few brief kisses, that he desires her.

Rafe takes time off from work, they sightsee, dine out, things we would take for granted but for this sheltered virgin, she’s overwhelmed. A few stolen kisses which drive him crazy yet he wonders if she’s playing a game and then bam, they make love! Just when you think their marriage can become real, a series of things happen and Chiara flees. The forced marriage, the heat, the passion, tempers, plus confused feelings all make for an incredible romance. A true example of finding that perfect someone when least expected!

Book Description:

Raffaele Orsini doesn't want a wife…

But when he meets his arranged bride Raffaele feels honor bound to marry her. She's not what he was expecting…but her dowdy clothes can't hide her lusciously feminine figure or her wildcat temperament!

Chiara Cordiano will not love her husband!

She's tried everything to avoid her fate, but in the blink of an eye Chiara is swept away from her quaint Sicilian town to New York! She wants to hate Rafe, but seduction is in his blood. With his dark, brooding looks and tempting masculinity, she'll be purring like a kitten!


The Patriarch of a powerful Sicilian dynasty Cesare Orsini has fallen ill and he wants atonement before he dies.

One by one he sends for his sons – has a mission for each to help him clear his conscience.

His sons are proud and determined but they will do their duty – the tasks they undertake will change their lives forever!

They are the Orsini brothers who are darkly handsome – proud and arrogant. The perfect Sicilian husbands!

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Giving Thanks today for my US Family and Friends

More Than A Day

As Thanksgiving Day rolls around,

It brings up some facts, quite profound.

We may think that we're poor,

Feel like bums, insecure,

But in truth, our riches astound.

We have friends and family we love;

We have guidance from heaven above.

We have so much more

Than they sell in a store,

We're wealthy, when push comes to shove.

So add up your blessings, I say;

Make Thanksgiving last more than a day.

Enjoy what you've got;

Realize it's a lot,

And you'll make all your cares go away.

By Karl Fuchs

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Public Affair, Secretly Expecting is amazingly sensual and the affair between the handsome Irish actor Mac Brody and the English shopgirl, Juno absolutely sizzles off of the pages.

In Hot Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal the reader was introduced to Connor Brody and Daisy and their close friend Juno. Now in this book Juno is determined to help her two best friends by physically demanding Connor's brother Mac attend their upcoming wedding. This determined young woman meets his flight at Heathrow and demands he listens to her. However, Mac thinks a photographer is recognizes him and so he grabs Juno and kisses her. To both of their surprises the kiss knocks them both sideways. However, there are secrets in Mac and Connor's childhood which prevent Mac from agreeing to attend and wedding and Juno returns empty handed.

Mac is not the only one with secrets as six years earlier Juno had a horrible experience with a man and it's taken her this long to get over it. She's miffed that Mac wouldn't attend but the kiss reawakened something in her and she decides to make an effort with her life and her appearance. On the Brody's wedding day she absolutely sparkles and is beautiful but then there is a wedding crasher in the form of Mac Brody and he's there not for his brother because he can't forget the woman nor the kiss and he's determined to see Juno.

As only Heidi Rice can pen, the story, the attraction and the romance becomes intensely passionate and these two are drawn to each other and so as with most love stories they act on their attraction at Mac's hotel suite. Of course the press get wind of their one night stand and so Mac feels the only way to put a stop to it and have a little more time with Juno is to wisk her away to his home in the US at Laguna Beach.

I was actually breathless while reading this book, just reading how Juno opens up to Mac, how they both interact, how they both share their secrets, how close they become and then everything comes crashing down. Like the Laguna surf, it's a wave that knocks them down, makes them dust themselves off and in the end get that wonderful and special happy ending because of forgiveness and trust. It's a sensual ride you won't want to lose the opportunity of reading.

Book Description:

The shop assistant, the superstar...

Mac Brody's Hollywood life is far removed from his turbulent youth - and that's how he likes it. The legendary bad boy refuses to be judged by Juno Delamare for declining his brother's wedding invitation... ...and a scorching LA affair!

But he can't get feisty Juno out of his head! So he goes to the wedding - to strip away her defences and her sexy bridesmaid dress. When their steamy night hits the headlines, Mac sweeps Juno away for a two-week affair... Soon Juno realises she has more than memories to hold dear!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

THE MAVERICK'S VIRGIN MISTRESS - Jennifer Lewis (Texas Cattleman's Club)

The Maverick’s Virgin Mistress by author Jennifer Lewis is an impressive and spectacular addition to the Texas Cattleman’s series with sizzling passion and intrigue.

As the author states in her introduction, Alicia Montoya is a 26-year old virgin who has been raised in a convent and sheltered by her older brother Alex Montoya. She’s met a member of the famous Texas Cattleman’s Club, a very handsome and charming man by the name of Rick Jones who is hiding his true identity. A fire breaks out at El Diablo, her brother’s ranch and it presents the perfect opportunity for Alicia to explore her relationship with Rick, so she lies to her brother and seeks the protection of Rick at his hotel room for a few days. Yes her innocence is sweet but her attempt to change that status and how the author portrayed their joined passion was beautiful to read.

Rick Jones is actually Justin Dupree, a man known as a very rich shipping magnate, one that dates high profile women and goes by the alias because of the press. Women when they become aware of him usually will go to any lengths to become his next girlfriend due to his wealth. Alicia is a breath of fresh air and he wants to get to know her not as Justin but as Rick Jones. He decides to take it slow but Alicia has other ideas, she wants a relationship full of passion and I promise you Justin delivers and their romance begins immediately at his hotel and sizzles right off of the pages. It’s sweet, tender, romantic and full of passion. However, what was so special about this man as he took the time to get to know Alicia and was surprised by her passion for the town’s historical society to preserve Somerset and her occupation as the museum’s curator.

When I originally read the series years ago, there was always intrigue and this book is no exception. The fire set at Alicia’s ranch is under investigation for arson and Justin’s friends who have also suffered an arson fire think Alicia’s brother Alex is involved. However, there’s more, Alicia has talked about her brother to Justin and when she finds out through a friend he’s lied about who is actually is, then the fireworks begin.

Alicia is devested by the lies Justin has told her even though he was going to tell her who he was upon his return from a business trip. This man, who has not trusted, realizes what they’ve shared together is important plus her sweetness and caring personality makes him realize she’s the “real deal” and that he adores her. One is left to wonder if they can find happiness, forgiveness and will Alicia’s brother come to terms with her having a man in her life.
The Maverick’s Virgin Mistress was the “real deal”; it’s a love story that could happen anywhere in the world, a beautiful and emotional love story with a happy ending.

About the Series: The original series began in 1999 and ended in 2005 and then began again in 2009. Author Charlene Sands shares info about the series:

Texas Cattleman’s Club - The bible or given guidelines for this series gives good description of the amenities of this fictious cattleman’s club. TCC is a 26 room converted mansion that includes a golf course, riding stables, spa, and an air-conditioned pool house. Inside, you’d find meeting rooms, a game room, library, formal dining room and café. The cattleman’s club is exclusive to the wealthy millionaires in the Houston area.

Book Description:

Texas Cattleman's Club member Justin Dupree has met the perfect woman…too bad their relationship is built on a lie.

Her life in danger, Alicia Montoya turned to the one man she thought she could trust. Her new boyfriend—a tall, dark Texan—offered her refuge in his posh penthouse. And she eagerly accepted his proposal of protection…

…until she discovered her lover's true identity: Justin Dupree, notorious playboy and her beloved brother's enemy. She had given her virginity to a man who had betrayed her. How could she possibly accept anything this maverick said as truth?


From the very first moment he saw her he wanted her and was determined to have her for as long as he wanted! This thrilling and powerful love story by Sabrina Philips leaves the reader breathless as it begins so intensely leaving nothing to the imagination because it’s very obvious that Leon desires Cally like no other woman in his life. He makes his desire for her immediately clear.

Cally Greenway needs the chance to work on the restoration of two priceless paintings which would also give her resume a boost for future work. She’s been promised the restoration job if a London gallery wins them in the auction. She’s on pins and needles the night of the auction and notices the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. Unfortunately, the gallery does not win the auction and she’s left with not knowing what to do other than to return to her hotel. However, the handsome stranger invites her out for a drink, she accepts and they kiss; the passion is overwhelming and to her astonishment and dismay he sends her away in a taxi back to her hotel.

Now weeks later, Cally is summoned to Montez to interview with the buyer of the paintings, the Prince of Montez and of course it’s Leon Montez the very same man who sent her away. How can she accept this job from the very same man who humiliated her? She has no choice, so accepts because of the reputation she will gain for future restoration work.

Leon decides he’ll be patient and she’ll come to him on his terms! He watches her restoration during the first days which totally distracts her. He keeps taunting her and is constantly reminding Cally about how much they want each other. When she can’t stand it anymore and gives in to the desire, the passion explodes between them and they realize during their lovemaking she wasn’t protected.

As the story unfolds the reader learns about each character. Cally’s given up quite a lot in her life, her painting and another wealthy man she thought she loved who in the end used her. A man she thought she could trust only to be betrayed. As for Leon, he was used by women wanting him for his wealth and what he could give them, not for him. He definitely had trust issues.

Cally’s entire stay on Montez is emotional and overwhelming. Even though Leon desires her like no other woman, he can’t seem to trust her motives for coming, her motives for the restoration and feels it’s the fame and the press she wants. Even 1when his reason for the mistrust is revealed, it doesn’t help one to understand his abruptness and obsession towards Cally.

Their affair explodes off of the pages and you begin to wonder will it continue or how will it end? That’s not all that explodes especially when Leon’s ex-sister-in-law shows up with accusations, her love blows up in her face. It’s too much in the end, she leaves heartbroken for Paris and then finds out she’s carrying Leon’s baby. Surprisingly enough she’s happy and seems to adapt. It reminded me of the fairy tale about a girl that jumps into a rabbit hole and how does she come out of it unchanged? Well the answer is, she doesn’t.

As only Sabrina Philips can pen, The Prince of Montez, Pregnant Mistress is an intense and passionate romance with many lessons for this couple to learn such as acceptance, forgiveness, trust and love. It’s simply a brilliant contemporary romance which in the end has a happy ever after.

Book Description:

Pregnant – by royal decree!

It’s the night of a most glamorous art auction in London, and Cally Greenway is due to win the restoration commission of her dreams… Until the paintings sell to an unknown bidder and, devastated and dashed, uncharacteristically Cally finds solace in the arms of a handsome yet ruthless stranger…

The very same man who bought her precious paintings – the Prince of Montéz! Leon summons Cally by royal decree – His Majesty wants a mistress: biddable, pleasurable…and pregnant?

Behind the Book:

“In terms of the story, I started knowing that I wanted to write a book in which the hero and heroine were new to one another from page one. My previous two stories were about couples with a shared past reuniting, and I wanted to try something different. When I was sunbathing on my honeymoon in Zanzibar I started contemplating how a girl might find herself going to live and work in the home of a wealthy alpha hero, and out of nowhere the heroine-as-art restorer idea was born. The auction opening scene – a delight to write, sprang to mind next, and then the story just took off!” Sabrina

For more on “behind the scenes” see Sabrina’s website

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