Thursday, January 22, 2009


Antonides’ Forbidden Wife will make one believe in romance again as Anne McAllister has written such a wonderful story about honor, commitment, values and sheer romantic love.

The Antonides family are a fun loving, noisy, at times difficult Greek family who one immediately loves and wants to claim for their own. Anne has written two other books about the family, The Antonides Marriage Deal and The Santorini Bride and they reflect the love and strength of this family. I encourage all Presents and Mills and Boon fans to read them as well as Anne’s January release.

You will fall in love with PJ Antonides, his carefree nature, his deep emotional ties to his past friend and the woman he married years ago, Ally. PJ’s determination to win her love and stay married at times will have you in tears. He is sexy, handsome, rich and is such a caring and wonderful man.

Ally, well at first I did not understand her and her reluctance and then it all became clear. Her motives for marrying PJ were to allow her to free herself from her father and seek her dreams and now she’s achieved them. Emotionally, she has never gotten over the loss of her mother and the distance her father put between them. Now her father’s health is an issue, she desperately wants his acceptance and to do that she wants to divorce PJ and marry another man. So she has returned to New York to ask PJ’s assistance again but he’s not going to have any of it!

To say anymore would ruin the story so I sincerely encourage you to read PJ and Ally’s love story and fall in love with The Antonides that Anne McAllister so brilliantly penned!

Book Description:

Ally is back in the life of PJ Antonides for one thing only—his signature on their divorce papers.

But arrogant Greek businessman PJ refuses to sign anything. He won't accept that Ally's no longer his wife. So when the smoldering attraction between them moves negotiations from his boardroom to his bedroom, PJ knows his forbidden bride is once again his, and ready for the taking….

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