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Damon Cyrenci is one handsome, sexy millionaire and a self-made man who is out for revenge. Years before John Newland ruined his father and also introduced him to his daughter Abbie. It was a plot against Damon and he fell hard for Abbie. Now the tables are turned and Damon holds the upper hand. Revenge is at the top of his list against Newland and his beautiful daughter Abbie.

However, the only thing that Damon doesn't count on is there's a secret, a secret which knocks him sideways because he finds out he has fathered a son who is living in St. Lucia with his mother. He's determined to uproot mother and child and take them back to Sicily. He's always believed that a child needs both parents plus he's holding the upper hand and he demands that Abbie marry him.

Abbie is a lovely woman and mother, devoted to her child. Sadly, she's despises her father for the way he treated she and her mother and is determined to make a loving home for her son. When the love of her life reappears after two years, the feelings are still there but can she survive? At times, you heart will break reading about her past and feelings for Damon.

The passion between Damon and Abbie is so strong, it leaps off the page. It's a roller coaster love story based on mistrust and passion and in the end a very powerful and enjoyable ending.

Book Description:

Hard-hearted millionaire Damon Cyrenci let his guard down when he met sweet, innocent beauty Abbie Newland. But he felt he paid the ultimate price: Abbie took everything from him, including their child!

Damon won't let Abbie get away with it! Now more powerful than ever, he'll bring this little gold digger to her knees by making her his bride. As the mother of his son, Abbie will be the most valuable asset in his portfolio! And seducing her will be the ultimate satisfaction….

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