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In the Argentine’s Bed is the second book in The Hardcastle Progeny and for Amado Alvarez it’s a second chance at finding love but not an easy one for him. For both Amado and Susannah it’s also a lesson in learning to trust, about family and the true meaning of coming home.

Tarrant Hardcastle is NOT a nice man. He’s a millionaire several times over and he owns a Manhattan retail empire Hardcastle Enterprises. He is also just holding onto life by a mere thread and it’s his goal to track down the illegitimate sons he once denounced.

Susannah Clarke has been given the assignment of getting a DNA sample from the handsome and sexy Argentine vintner Amado Alvarez. What neither of them counts on is their immediate attraction and how they immediately enter into a relationship. Amado is definitely one attractive man with an incredible heart. He loves his family, his grapes and his winery and he has no knowledge that Tarrant Hardcastle is his father until he meets Susannah. When he learns about Tarrant, his relationship with his family and the secrets they’ve been keeping almost rip the family apart.

Susannah is not only beautiful she’s very successful as a wine buyer and well thought of at Hardcastle. She loves her work and all of the travel it involves. As a child, she moved from country to country as her parents were missionaries and she doesn’t know the meaning of “home” but she gets a taste of it with Amado and the Alvarez’s. What tugged at my heart was that Susannah really never new the true meaning of home until she met Amado. She was always on the outside looking in, always moving and never belonging until she met him.

In the Argentine’s Bed is a stand alone book and one you won’t want to miss. Tarrant Hardcastle, his wife, daughter and his long lost sons are an exceedingly pleasing series and I honestly can’t wait to read the last book, The Heir’s Scandalous Affair.

Book Description:

It was just one 'simple' mission—find out whether a winemaker in Argentina was a New York millionaire's long-lost son. But Susannah Clarke quickly learned Amado Alvarez played by his own rules. He'd give her the DNA sample she wanted—if she spent the night with him! And in a moment of madness, she'd given in, to his demand and to her own desire. Now she had to return to South America to face this compelling, sensuous man again—and to face the consequences of that one unforgotten, unforgettable night in a stranger's bed….

Fresh Fiction Interview:

“In the first two books I had to keep a delicate balance between showing Tarrant’s growth as a human being, and keeping his cold, calculating edge, because I knew he was going to die by the third book. He’s already terminally ill in the first book, so it’s no surprise, but I didn’t want readers to be so attached to him that they’d be upset when he finally met his maker. I hope I managed to make Tarrant endearing enough to be sympathetic, but not so adorable that you’ll be furious with me for killing him off!” J Lewis

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I adore an excellent series and The International Billionaires are going to be wonderful to read; along with a rugby theme. India Grey’s contribution and the second book in the series is absolutely without a doubt……breathtaking as only she can write.

Immediately one will fall in love with the sexy Argentina rugby player, Aljandro D’Arienzo. He’s a gorgeous athletic specimen, handsome, rich and sinister. Years ago he lost his position on the English top rugby team due to a misunderstanding between the coach and his daughter, the Calthorpe’s. He’ll do anything and everything to get even, so he tricks Tasmin Calthorpe into returning with him to Argentina to design uniforms for his team.

You will adore Tasmin Calthorpe, her spunk and spirit just leap off the page. Her passion for fashion and proving herself are fierce. But her past with Aljandro, her youthful crush and her adult attraction will grip your heart. Their journey is full of passion, heat and at times hard to read as they are constantly in a battle of wills and sexual attraction. Be ready for tears when Tasmin shares past secrets. Their’s is such an incredible love story, full of adventure, heat plus the two settings…… in England and polo in Argentina only add to this incredible book.

At the Argentinean Billionaire’s Bidding is like both sports, a very powerful addition to the series and trust me the ending will have you literally “cheering” in the stands!

International Billionaires Series: Life is a game of power and pleasure. And these men play to win.

Read the article “No Knickers at Twickers”

Book Description:

Argentinean billionaire Alejandro D'Arienzo has fresh prey: heiress Tamsin Calthorpe. He sees her as a ravishing but spoiled beauty who destroyed his past—and he's ready to settle the score!

What Alejandro doesn't know is that Tamsin loved him, hiding her naïveté under the guise of willful sophistication. Now a talented designer, she's working hard to prove herself, despite her pedigree. But her credibility is in the hands of merciless Alejandro, who offers an ultimatum: her name in ruins, or her body in his bed…. He’ll accept nothing less than her steamy surrender.


Our alpha is Connor O’Brien….just envision tall, dark, handsome and mysterious. He is a man who is totally dedicated to his intelligence occupation and for a reason. He wants to attachments, no involvements as he’s been there and done that; as a result he lost his wife and son in an airplane crash.

Sophy Woodruff you’ll immediately love. She’s lovely, sweet and only wants a family who will love and accept her. Sophy was adopted but has always felt her adoptive parents loved their only child more and the proof of that is they have moved to England to be with that daughter and their grandchildren.

Sophy has discovered she has her biological father living right there in Sydney and she has a half brother. She and her father have been secretly meeting but it’s been a very painful experience for Sophy. He’s cold, uncaring and wants to pay her off. Sophy is not aware she also has a grandfather and he was a very old and dear friend of Connor’s dad.

Upon his arrival for his R&R in Sydney, Connor’s father’s dearest friend approaches him and requests he do a favour, surveillance on a young lady he believes is having an affair with his son. Of course, as the story unfolds one learns that the supposed lover is Sophy’s biological father and everything becomes complicated.

Connor takes an office in Sophy’s building so he can watch her and doesn’t count on the attraction they will experience. Their love story is bittersweet. It will have you cheering when Connor finally gives in to his attraction. However, you will cry right along with Sophy when he returns to his intelligence position.

Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin by author Anna Cleary is written in such a manner you’ll actually feel you’re in Sydney, in its posh areas, the gardens, restaurants, and shops. Anna is very expressive and detailed in each of her books and always such a joy to read.

Book Description:

The rebel billionaire…

Connor O’Brien has scars – inside and out – proof of the dark and dangerous life he leads.

The innocent girl next door…

Inexperienced Sophy Woodruff has never known a man as devastatingly sexy as Connor. Intense, brooding and distant, this bad boy is everything she shouldn’t desire…

He’ll take her – and show her the most exquisite pleasure!
Despite his vow of non-commitment, Connor can’t resist bedding Sophy. But Sophy is a virgin, and once he’s taken her innocence he’s not sure he can walk away…

Check out Anna’s website here for her inspiration for the book. Reading it, I was transported to a country I’ve never visited but felt right at home.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Natalie Anderson made me laugh and cry at the same time while reading her wonderful contemporary romance Pleasured in the Playboy’s Penthouse. Honestly, once I began reading this extremely romantic love story, I couldn’t put it down.

Bella is not only the “chief” bridesmaid at her sister’s posh wedding; she is also in charge of the decorations. She has always felt inferior to her immediate and extended family because she’s different from their sophisticated ways and professions.

Everything becomes clear on the eve the wedding and no one has remembered it’s her birthday, she decides to let her hair down and celebrate by herself. However, as fate would have it, a tall, dark and handsome stranger in the name of Owen Hughes comes along and buys her “shots” of drinks with “sexy” names. Of course, they drink, share a meal together, dance and Owen realizes he’s been too busy working and has had no time for relaxation. He likes Bella immediately, finds her interesting, fun, lovely and offers to take her to the wedding. Immediately they both feel the passion, so he walks her to her room and they become lovers. Fate steps in again and Owen is called away on business but he’s determined to see her again and requests her phone number.

At the wedding, Bella feels like an outsider. Owen has left without a word and she’s left making excuses for his disappearance to her family, feeling as though she doesn’t fit in and is also embarrassed about her behavior the evening before. However, it’s just the push she needs to leave the protection of her family home and seek her dream of being an actress. She moves to the city and supports herself as a barista and children’s party planner; hoping to make it into “the big time” in the theater. And fate steps in again…..first she bumps into Owen at the grocery store, then things go from bad to worse which eventually leaves her homeless. Owen offers her his penthouse until she can get her life sorted and he’s determined to get to know her on his terms in and out of the bedroom.

Their time spent in his penthouse is a romantic dance. Their relationship becomes very hot from the moment she arrives at his home. Learning about each other, how they were raised, how that has shaped and made them what they are today will hold your attention. Owen is one determined alpha, he strives to win and get what he wants but he definitely makes it clear from the very beginning he does not want to commit to a relationship. And Bella is drawn to Owen like a moth to a flame and she stands to loose her heart. Their time together, even though at times sweet ends on a hurtful note. And for this reader, Owen’s realization that he wants it all with Bella was wonderful to read.

Natalie Anderson is a delightful and charming author who never fails to entertain her readers and Pleasured in the Playboys Penthouse was sexy, sweet, moving and powerful contemporary love story.

Book Description:

At the red-hot millionaire’s mercy!

Bella has always felt like the ugly duckling in her family, but after one night with super-sexy Owen Hughes she feels like a beautiful swan. Until she realizes Owen isn’t the ordinary guy she thought… This struggling waitress is daunted by his multi-millionaire status – he is exactly the kind of man she avoids!

Owen won’t let Bella shrink back into her shell. Two weeks of pleasure in his penthouse and he’ll have her begging for more…

Monday, February 09, 2009


I was actually blown away reading this debut book by Sabrina Philips. Faye and Dante’s story is incredible! Dante is one stubborn, ruthless and opinionated Italian. As for Faye, she’s beautiful, loving and loyal to her family.

They had a past. It began when Dante came into Faye’s parents London restaurant. He was immediately drawn to her, even though he realized she was just fresh out of school but he recognized Faye’s talents and offered her a job; moving her to Italy. She was an excellent apprentice. She also knew she had very intense feelings for Dante. One evening Dante and Faye act upon their attraction and he takes away her virginity. He’s so upset by his actions, he hurls cruel accusations at her and Faye flees Italy without a word.

Now Faye is back and she needs Dante’s financial assistance to keep Matteson’s, the family restaurant from going under. In the end, Dante agrees, dangles their past in her face and demands she become his mistress. Their interaction, their attraction, the nasty comments and accusations Dante’s says to Faye will make your heart ache, it certainly did mine. Their time together in Italy will put you in an emotional state just reading about it.

I admired Faye’s determination and her need to save her family restaurant for her mother, for her father’s memory and for the staff at Matteson’s no matter what it would cost her in the end. After weeks of hard work, the accusations, and harsh comments are too much for her so again Faye leaves Dante to return home to rebuild Matteson's. However, now she has a secret and she's more determined to make the restaurant a success. As for Dante, let’s just say he learns many things about himself and what is most important to him which is Faye.

Sabrina Philips is a brilliant author and I feel so privileged to have been able to read her debut book. Its intensity will take your breath away and it will be one love story you will long remember.

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February Contest - Collectible Harlequin 60th Anniversary Calendar

Tell Harlequin was kind enough to mail me one additional calendar. It's lovely and celebrates their 60 years and Diamond anniversary. Because I'm such a Harlequin Fan, I'm going to have entrants visit some of my favorite authors websites, answer the questions and post before the end of the month.

Ann Roth has a March release for Harlequin American Romance, Ooh, Baby! Question: What is Lily Gleason’s occupation? Roth website: here

Julie Leto’s Harlequin Blaze Something Wicked has a February release. Question: What happens to Detective Rick Fernandez? Julie’s website: here

In March, Dana Marton has a Harlequin Intrigue release Desert Ice Daddy. Sheikh books I love and this sheikh has found Taylor McCade again. Question: Why is Taylor so upset? Dana’s website: here

In honor of Sabrina Phillips Harlequin Presents debut book Valenti’s One Month Mistress, Question: why has Faye come to Dante Valenti? Sabrina’s website: here

Silhouette Desire author Jennifer Lewis has written the Hardcastle Progeny. Her second book In the Argentine’s Bed will be released in March. Question: What did Susannah have to do to get the DNA sample from Amado? Jenn’s website: here

HQN – Susan Mallery’s Falling for Gracie was a reissue. Gracie has returned to her home town Los Lobos. Question: What won’t the town residents let her forget? Susan’s website: Here

Silhouette Nocture February release by Maureen Child, Vanished. Question: Alison Blair came to what European Country duty-bound to tell Rogan of a sinister premonition. Maureen Child’s website: here

Answers can be found on the authors website or at EHarlequin.

Happy Anniversary Harlequin and good luck to one lucky winner. Be sure to leave an email so I can contact you or a link.

Email answers:

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January Contest Winners

I had five books so all five of you who took the time to comment will receive a book. Thanks and please email me with your names and address.

Each of you quoted authors I enjoy. If you haven't read any of these here are some suggestions, Stella Cameron who lives here in Seattle, Roxanne St. Claire and her Bullet Catcher series, Lucy Monroe who resides in the Pacific NW and has written her Mercenary Trilogy & The Goddard Project Series and Cherry Adair who also resides in Washington State.

Enjoy your books and look for my February contest in honor of Harlequin 60th Years and Diamond Anniversary. It's going to be a Harlequin collectible calendar they shared with me and this time entrants are going to have some questions and web searching in order to win. I'm so excited to share this with all of you.

By the way, my contests are open to people all over the world as it's my passion to read and share with all of you!

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