Thursday, February 19, 2009


I adore an excellent series and The International Billionaires are going to be wonderful to read; along with a rugby theme. India Grey’s contribution and the second book in the series is absolutely without a doubt……breathtaking as only she can write.

Immediately one will fall in love with the sexy Argentina rugby player, Aljandro D’Arienzo. He’s a gorgeous athletic specimen, handsome, rich and sinister. Years ago he lost his position on the English top rugby team due to a misunderstanding between the coach and his daughter, the Calthorpe’s. He’ll do anything and everything to get even, so he tricks Tasmin Calthorpe into returning with him to Argentina to design uniforms for his team.

You will adore Tasmin Calthorpe, her spunk and spirit just leap off the page. Her passion for fashion and proving herself are fierce. But her past with Aljandro, her youthful crush and her adult attraction will grip your heart. Their journey is full of passion, heat and at times hard to read as they are constantly in a battle of wills and sexual attraction. Be ready for tears when Tasmin shares past secrets. Their’s is such an incredible love story, full of adventure, heat plus the two settings…… in England and polo in Argentina only add to this incredible book.

At the Argentinean Billionaire’s Bidding is like both sports, a very powerful addition to the series and trust me the ending will have you literally “cheering” in the stands!

International Billionaires Series: Life is a game of power and pleasure. And these men play to win.

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Book Description:

Argentinean billionaire Alejandro D'Arienzo has fresh prey: heiress Tamsin Calthorpe. He sees her as a ravishing but spoiled beauty who destroyed his past—and he's ready to settle the score!

What Alejandro doesn't know is that Tamsin loved him, hiding her naïveté under the guise of willful sophistication. Now a talented designer, she's working hard to prove herself, despite her pedigree. But her credibility is in the hands of merciless Alejandro, who offers an ultimatum: her name in ruins, or her body in his bed…. He’ll accept nothing less than her steamy surrender.

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